THE TEA IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW | Winning With British TOP TIER (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

THE TEA SO HOT RIGHT NOW | Winning With British TOP TIER (War Thunder)

Music –
Hold Up – Fasion (Intro)
Wall to Wall(sting) – Rockin for Decades (Harrier Bomb)
Light Utopia – FormantX (Montage)


  1. Sumit Chakraborty

    Whaaat squire?

  2. Challenger is underrated

  3. Squertingo The famed surgeon?

    15:15 love the sound ephects phly!

  4. Kelian Le Normand

    Why not use the apache ?


  6. i miss war Thunder

  7. Belive me or not my leopard 2a6 eat this shit in breakfast!

  8. lol bless your sense of humor phly 😀 “…… I never do that, I do the StairMaster”

  9. see bri’ish

    whole day ruined

  10. The BoB video voice acting is cringey.

  11. by the Queen, is that squire I hear?!

  12. love the harrier but swap it for the brit version of the phantom and swap the g-lynx for the apache with the starstreeks and the marksman for the either the new adats or stormer and you got a good loadout

  13. I see tigor

  14. Why is there a table on your turret?

  15. They need to up sl rewards


    Attempt #62: Play the British Swingfire and suffer for us. Bring OddBawz and Benny with you if you want suffering company.

  17. Anyone hear the signs reference? “Enjoy it!”

  18. The game is toxic now, every where you turn there is a camping tank.

  19. Bri i sh top tier

  20. Please help
    I don’t know if this is a new game mechanic. Or is this glitch only in my game.
    I noticed that when you play tank like Begleitpanzer 57 or bmp 1. When you set the distance for the main cannon let’s say for example 500m to hit a tank 500m from you. Atgm no longer follows the center of your sight but goes far off target . If you want the atgm to follow the center of sigh you have to set the distance back to 0m. I think they really made it harder to play tanks with atgm as the main weapon.

  21. Challenge: take out katyusha (soviet truck) and blend in with one of the katyushas near the A point on Poland map
    Attempt #44

  22. PHLY THE MOVIE WAS AMAZING. love from sweden

  23. 18:49 most of the team is in a MBT

  24. Is the harrier able to rearm at the heli base in ground battles or do you have to go to the airfield

  25. ffs STOP J’ING OUT

  26. Hey phly, I have a dare. Play a war thunder campaign mission or two and make a video on it

  27. did you know the SU122 van go through the panthers frontel plate at 2.7

  28. Mr PhlyDarly, I guess you have many friends and fans, sp could you not test a thing for me, in those games with Two Caps you need to attack or defend to win, what would happen if a full team did straight-line to get to the point, and as fast as some die they just jump in again and drive a straight line towards the point that need to be taken, question is, how fast can you win with a team with only M22?

  29. Grigoris Panousis

    Day 32: u should do a type 93 vs po 2 race

  30. Can we please get more videos, where you just play nice lineups and chill

  31. Challenger 2 is way to underrated

  32. Go to 5:18 and put the vid at 0.25 playback and look above the tank u can see a round just miss

  33. british tree is my first one im grinding, its a hard long slog but have to to do it. British stiff upper lip and all what what lol

  34. Day-35: Please play the he-112 a-0 CAS

  35. Phly pls play the Ju-188 A2 in ground RB

  36. C H A L L E N G E R 2


  37. That intro music just freaking did it for me…

  38. Ah, Harriers curing cancer. Got to love it.

  39. who else thinks that challenger 2 looks like the tank crew was just about to finish their lunch but were rushed to battle?, LOL.
    |what is its functional use?

  40. Day 33: hey Phly please take out the Aussie vehicles

  41. How does he get that nombing reticle on screen during a battle? I’ve never seen that and would love to use it!

  42. WT now has bots?

  43. Years of playing War Thunder and I just realized that dining table on top of the Challenger 2 (2F) is not a decoration.

  44. Phlese do some more gameplay like 20:51

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