The THICKEST Swedish boy | CV 90105 TML (War Thunder)

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Biggest Swedish BOY | The CV 90105 TML aka RP PIÑATA (War Thunder)



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  2. He didn’t even use the thermals…

  3. Just started playing Warthunder, if anyone wants to fly with me my profile is Ryan_Mourant !

  4. 1:26 what the hell is thaaaat , just like pen*s

  5. Everyone who uses tank this just spawn kills

  6. If thats your nuts, you need to see a doctor. Thats not normal.

  7. Kill feed at 4:05

  8. your comments were not live andduhddddd you are illiterate . un nnnjnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnbnnnn uuuuuuunnnnnsuuuuuuUNSUB U MORON

  9. Ezekiel the dragon


  10. omg the best hit on the merk omg so live bruh bhuuhuhuhuhhuuhjhuhu

  11. My stock T-64B got absolutely phlanked and spanked by those Rad90s and CV90105s lol

  12. When the War Thunder video that your watching gets interrupted by an ad for War Thunder.

  13. 0:48 dafuck???

  14. Phly:Sneezes

    Says “I’m okay, allergies”

    Feels a sudden urge to travel the world

  15. Boys how do I mark targets on simulation moreover I don’t know which option I have to settle a button to? I’m playing on ps4

  16. Phly the salesman

  17. Hey Phly,

    why dont you make a video on the AML-90? that thing is driven a lot aphter the patch drop. Idk if its BR was lowered or something because i have never seen so many oph them.

    dont get me wrong, they are not gamebreaking or anything. just phuzzy little annoying moskitos racing around.

    stay as you are,

  18. That feeling when you drop piping hot pepperonis on your cleanly shaven nipples.

  19. I’ve been watching you for over 2 years now and I finally got war thunder! Its the best and most realistic war game out there!

  20. Trump 2020

  21. Trump 2020!

  22. My favorite fly moment “BOOOM HAHAHA YOUR DEAD”

  23. Phly: how can i hide this thing?!

    Me: pretend to be a building!

  24. your a wizard Rad.
    I’m a what?
    A wizard!

  25. “Very comfortable until you die” well yes but actually no

  26. god phly why always this company

  27. 12:45, howling! 😂😂😂

  28. id like to thank phly for letting me be in his ad to help him show off sponsors product, i can confirm it works wonders on the nut sack

  29. Corona🤧🤧🤧 you have corona

  30. When you joked how to pronounce rooikat it was actually a bit closer hahaah

  31. Shooting player named LadyCrona, while didnt realize that he is using CV 90105. Remember guys, CV 90105 stands for “Corona Virus from year 90105”, so basically we got the most dangerous virus in the gamr

  32. 7:31 “dont die too quickly”

  33. Damn my mans balls got him lookin like rapunzel

  34. 4:02 yes she is finally dead <3

  35. Be more “serious” dude. 😛

  36. Shave daily (2020)

  37. Why are you geh?

  38. 0:58 bRO you just made me die in War TRHunder

  39. This is such a cancer vehicle… sweden and italy were mistakes in ground rb atlest


  41. 9:44 ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ CORONA BOYS

  42. too bad manscaped doesn’t ship out of america.

  43. Swedish tech tree is probably the closest I’ll ever get to my Dutch bias.

  44. No, its not pinjata its a IFV actually!

  45. Seriously, is that a D*ldo?


  47. “I bet it’s really comfortable until you di-PHLY!!!”

  48. Phly: *lands critical hit on tank*
    T-64: *yeets Phly*

  49. Thanks for the recommendation. My taint is hairier than I would like.

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