The Tiger Tank Deleter

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Source: Spookston

2S1 is a new self-propelled howitzer in Thunder. 's like a mini version of the 2S3M, having a smaller cannon worse protection. It is pretty , though you can get some moments.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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The Tiger Tank Deleter


  1. The leopard 2 pzBrl 123 is good? Idk

  2. Day 3 actually four but this is the third day of me asking for the Panzer III M

  3. Hey spookston a trick Iv learned with Arty tanks, if you hit the track underneath the hull the explosion will blow up the tank. Think like a land mine. Shoot the inner side of the tracks and the hell will sent it all sky high

  4. Play the comet 😀

  5. Can you play BT-42 it is a swedish tank destroyer tier one

  6. Day 12 of asking Spookston to play the YaG10 29K

  7. Day 57 asking for the Breda 501

  8. Day one of asking for spookston to play the challenger

  9. Spookston you should try out the ZTZ88A, a very good chinese 8.7 mbt, its very agile and its ufp is immune to 3bm25 and i think m735 at longer ranges

  10. Day one asking for ctcv 105

  11. Can you play IS-4M

  12. hi like your content

  13. Requesting AGDS with A-10 CAS support plz. Also requesting Merkava 4M

  14. Day 31 asking for DF105

  15. Day 3 of asking spookston to play AML90/ eland

  16. Stalin, Your Leader

    play the M42 duster, thing is really fast and trolls side armor wonderfully, would make for a good video

  17. I would like to see the Churchill I I think it would be very Churchilling.

  18. (Sorry to ask but) Video 94 of asking for AMX-50 Foch or CA Lorraine Gameplay IM NOT GOING TO STOP

  19. Day 47 of asking spookston to play the bri’ish 5.3 challenger, its fast, good turret traverse, and really good pen, really underrated.

  20. Hey Spookston, can you play the “Panzer Kampfwagen IV ausf H”? (Aka PZ IV H)

  21. Day 37 of asking for: m6oa1 (aos)

  22. Day 8 of asking if you could play the Chinese M18. It has twice the turret rotation and just under twice the horsepower as the American M18 but it is at 4.7 rather than 5.7 for the American. Might be just a little bit broken

  23. Spookston make a comp of all of your gijan moments

  24. Spooks STA3 when? Autoloading 90mm _with M82 shot_ at 6.7 is pretty damn good

  25. I’ve also gotten the case of Spookston syndrome when I somehow am always the target for CAS I only wish CAS was easier to shoot down

  26. Why did they use a hamster wheel for the horizontal turret drive.

  27. Day 3 of asking spookston the play the T28E

  28. CT-1902 Captain Madsen

    Am I seeing things or have your graphics gone down?

  29. How about the original Tiger destroyer, the Churchill III. That’s right, this is video 60 of asking for a Churchill.

  30. Man, this thing is so annoying. turns out the fuel tanks in the side are just made to stop HEAT shells. No explosions, no fire and the tanks just swallow the shell.

  31. Day 42 of asking spookston to play the t-35

  32. I shall go back and make a stonger tiger tank
    I will call it….. Tiger 2

  33. I am using this tank in BR 9, it has a heat munition with 400mm pen

  34. I would love to see the JPZ 4-5 from the german tech tree, because in the line up at its BR it is one of few things along with the Bulldog to be able to penetrate the russian tanks at 7.0 or 7.3. And what I especially love about this thing and the Bulldog, is that you can flank, which most people playing against Germany don’t expect and because of that you are able to get ridiculous amount of kills. Anyway great video, live your content, bye! 👍🤙👋

  35. Can you also try wt mobile? Not surewith the number of bot names I get demolished by.

  36. I think it would be nice if you tried the Conway (if you haven’t yet) It’s a pretty fun British (being British is the major downside) tank destroyer with 487mm of pen
    It uses APDS but it’s still fun, at least for me

  37. I wonder if we can get a 15cm Sig video soon, I don’t know if you made one on it yet so that’s why I’m asking

  38. how much they pay you spookston

  39. day 3 of kindly asking spookston to play the Jpz 4-5

  40. Day 15 of asking Spookston to play the italian P40

  41. day 32 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  42. apachehelicopterdotexe

    Fun fact about the Tiger I: Hitler ruined it because he wanted to be involved with the development and didn’t understand that too much armour would break the transmission often

  43. Hey Spookston, fun fact! Did you know that if your enemy is close to a cap point that you can use the range of cap point to you to accurately fire at the tank in question?

  44. sussin hard rn 😏

    10:30 “Bitchgaming86” 💀

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