The Tipping Point – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

I’ll be livestreaming for my Birthday this Friday, October 26th!


  1. Multiple Different Aliases

    Absolutely magnificient

  2. wow hello mr rush ?

  3. I’m thinkin you’re really awake – kewl ( Y ) < -- new g/f

  4. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    My oh my, I come from work and LR just uploads. What a lovely timing <3

  5. Thanks for the vid dude! I love all of them

  6. I leik squeaky chair

  7. Nice video. Your luck with situations is very much like mine, but your attitude to setbacks is way better =P GG with that ping, why is that so high?

  8. Face reveal at 100k?

  9. Yay! Happy early birthday lol

  10. You been pumping visa out and I love it any chance I can play the batchat. Keep it up

  11. 13:37 video lenght x)


  13. You are my new favorite WOT youtuber, love your content! Btw I am exactly one month older than you 😀

  14. Good job on vids & skills displayed, thank you for recognition, it is greatly appreciated : )

  15. Happy birthday 😀

  16. Good video man

  17. Do you always play with about 200 ping

  18. FF Directives are your friend 🙂 ( if you have the bonds to run them of course )

  19. Notsogoodguitarguy


  20. Love watching videos of a master at play.

  21. you think 150ms of ping is bad im on console and i know for a fact my ping is around 380-420ms on the NA server which is sadly the only one left besides european. ive still managed to get a 60% win ratio on some of my better tanks somehow. i dunno if its my experience with around 13000 games but i make a lot of people look bad with an excellent connection. xD

  22. you should have made the video 1 second longer.
    13:36 is just too close to 13:37.

  23. Your upload is 13:37 long…wp

  24. I love how you show your mistakes and don’t just show your best games. When people show their best game of the week, it’s just bragging and is no help to their viewers. Good job

  25. What to say, in the replay, after you’ve blocked someone’s shot, ‘I don’t want to block his shot’.

  26. Lemmingrush birthday reveal… took you long enough.

  27. have you ever thought of getting an e50m ?

  28. I appreciate the recently increased video output from you. I like your play style and try to note your tactics to try to emulate. I’m almost at the M46 Patton myself, my 1st tier 9. You played it well and showed its capabilities nicely.

  29. Thanks for the video and you’re tips are useful as always.

  30. Do you have a video about your sensitivity settings and your mouse settings? Like DPI and such? I notice your reticle stays so smooth at all times and hardly goes up and down. I am willing to set mine lower, though its tough to do and you have to work at getting used to it. I am trying to keep my Corsair mouse at 1200 DPI and eh, I shake a lot, nerve issues, and just want to try to help that out. Thanks

  31. Rewatched the fire, panther hit you first and did no module damage, it was the wz131 shot that immediately broke your completely healthy fuel tank and set you on fire… I’ve just started the grind on M46 and it looks as if it will catch fire easily… luckily I have 4 crew members that have 50ish fire extinguishing skill, so running food is still an option.
    I’m also grinding the TVP VTU and boy does that tank take module damage! Like those engineers put the ammo racks and engines 2 meters in front of the tank!?!

  32. You did not understand the Minsk map. Help your team and forget the stupid damage farming. The next time go to line 1 and help there and decide the game. You will not have a close game then.

  33. funny how little he knows about the game, but he is still an unicom. 😀

  34. The video is obviously 13:37 long.

  35. Ty for not crying about your team capping like rest of yts and streamers

  36. echogameadventures

    why leave the NA server? I realize pubbies are bad on NA, but i didn’t think they were play with 200 ping to get away bad.

  37. 13:37………….illuminati confirmed…

  38. Thx man gr8 vid as always, was 2k wn8 when i started watching u now im 3,5k recent thx alot

  39. I always love a refreshing LR video in the morning….keep up the good work!

  40. A year closer to death. Time is running out.

  41. Hey Dude, I usually Dont comment But I made an exception for once. I wanted you to know that your content has got better And better. And I wanted to compliment you for that And putting out constant videos, Which also for me (a 2.4k wn8 player) has helped me a lot. Thank you And keep doing What youre doing Because youre killing it rn. 🙂 – greetings from The Netherlands

  42. Happy BD 🙂
    And about the ~10 sec unspotted rule: I only use one mod, which changes my sixth sense icon to stay up for 10 seconds, this way I know that how long I have to wait (at least, that is), I found that mod very non-intrusive, you might wanna give it a try.

  43. I heard I’m finally getting a cleavage cam on stream this Friday lemming.

  44. Do more in the patton! <3

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