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Source: Mighty Jingles

This weekend, Saturday 30 November, Quickybaby and I are giving away 20,000 TOG II Rental Codes so you can all join on his Twitch Livestream and make the dream of massed TOG battles come true once again.

Whatever happens, it's going to be glorious!

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  1. E50 M is Weak incorporated Can’t wait to get back in TOGs with you Jingles! Dreamteam is back baby!

  2. Tog tog tog tog tog tog tog tog tog

  3. sigh…. it’s almost 2020 and Jingles still thinks anyone still plays a Tog.

  4. What time zone does the Twitch live steam start?

  5. Can please put the stream on your channel????

  6. Tog-tastic!

  7. I’m a simple person, I see ToG, I like!

  8. Checks calendar: Oi it ain’t Christmas yet Jingles

  9. I has no TOG , I cling to sanity, not good ,but I try. Maybe I not try TOG.

  10. I’ll be using this to complete LT-15

  11. Can we have a star citizen video?

  12. well shyte.

    now in addition to my shift at the salt mine,

    I have to download the EU server link and pull a double shift in a TOG.
    thank you, my Salty gnomish Overlord.

  13. To the Togs men to the Togs!
    Zulus: we had so many troops to attack the British they will never see numbers like that again.
    Quickybaby and the Tog drivers: hold our beers

  14. I’d make a joke about the TOG, but it would be too long

  15. Just played a game where a tog on the opposing team got across the field on derpenburg without losing any hp. How badly do you think my team lost that game.

  16. TOG, you’re it!

  17. Do I need to be on the EU servers for this?

    *distant echo* Tooooooooog!!!!

  19. I’m sorry. But that’s Her Majesty’s Ship, the land battleship Tog II. And Tog is a Party Ship.

  20. Shame you couldn’t snag a few codes for PERMANENT TOG ownership. And also have someone else doing a stream for KV-2Rs. Get both sides of derp going at eachother.

  21. The TOG is the ONLY redeeming thing in WOT. #ChangeMyMind

  22. 34,539th! Oh.. Shit.

  23. Now this right here, this is what it takes to get me back in WoT. (if I remember by Saturday)

  24. Dusting of my old HDD and putting it back inn. Just so i can patch WoT and take part in the inevitable carnage.

  25. queues up in O-I “now this is where the fun begins”

    • O-I….. Tracked in the Open Because it meets 5 TOGs.

      You get off what? Two Shots before you evaporate into a couple meters of bonus Armour for the TOG swarm?

  26. Jingles are you going to stream again?

  27. Havnent played WoT in 3 months. Im logging on to play my TOG II this weekend

  28. *sad asia server noises

  29. I want to see you do a tog roadblock again Jingles!

  30. It has begun. Everyone to salt bunker

  31. Might have to create an EU accout and get up early to join the fun.

  32. For you, Jingles, I will reinstall WoT and be there Saturday. Don’t need a TOG II rental. I have a TOG II in my garage.

  33. Don’t give a damn about what tanks you’ll be playing. I just watch to see Jingles back on the battlefield. Old warriors never die – they just smell that way…

  34. The dislikes are from tier 5 players

  35. Jingles, I really like you, but if it’s going to be on QB’s livestream then I am afraid I will not be joining. I used to watch every his video, but his behaviour during the last year is just outraeous. Not only he tries to actively “punish” every other CC (see skil4ltu cause, or Matt Brand’s video) but he also started to feel like he is the only important player of the game, and no-one else matters (see his video about the anonymizer).
    I don’t doubt he is a great person IRL, a nice guy and everything, but as a WoT ambassador, he is a disgrace, most of the other CCs cannot stand him and that is just not professional. obviously you do you, you choose who you partner with, but maybe you should look into partnering (assisting to events) with people that are less toxic for the community.

  36. Can we get Captain Jingles as our commander too?

  37. I lament only that this sounds like a Euro server shenanigans that my NA arse cant partake…

    Ill drive out the ol’ Togger and ransack a few of them Canadians for ya! That’ll show them for being French…ish…kinda…only in one place…sometimes…

    Ill see myself out

  38. Why rent a TOG II? True WOT players already have one, with full kit and crew.

  39. I def need to join this! Luckily, I am already a proud member of the TOG owners club.

  40. At what time is this supposed to be happening?

  41. This sounds epic. Wish I could be home to participate.

  42. Look at the passion jingles has for it xD

  43. Does play the TOG make you a TOGLODYTE?

  44. KV2’s around the globe: “hold my beer”

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