The Top Tier “Common” Problem – T-80UK Talking Head – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

The T-80UK is coming to the common masses, so what does this mean for the future of top tier?

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  1. I’m a 9 year vet of the game. Here are my thoughts.
    The grind to get to modern day vehicles is absolutely unacceptable. I don’t agree that this is the way to alleviate that problem, but it is our reality and how Gaijin decided to go about making top tier accessible to anyone. I’m of the firm opinion we need a split tech tree like naval has. WW2 and then post WW2. say maybe like 1955ish. made before then, goes in the WW2 tree. After goes in the “modern” tree.

  2. How do you get on the dev server?

  3. russian tanks without their variations would be nice,but because they have the variants with era and different stuff,then you can add the abrams variants,other countries varients

  4. dont do tik tok gross

  5. 1:23 “now all you have to do is spend $60 to get top tier” exactly. Devs know what they are doing.

  6. The real issue with Russia is that you have literally a small lineup of squadron viechles, for players such as me who has never touched the Russian ground tree tho I have researched the bmp2m as light viechle, the su22m as cas and with this new t-80 I have a main battle tank in the future, all without actually grinding through the tech tree

  7. 200-300 hours of grinding to top tier?? That’s awfully generous

  8. I think they should do what they did with the M-61 except for all squadron vehicles… 3/3 free backups per match so we don’t have the one death and leave situation.

  9. Hot take, Wallet Warriors aren’t going away anytime soon, Can we PLEASE have premium tanks/ Squad Vehicles get 3 spawns so the teammates I have are more useful than dying once and leaving? I wouldn’t mind new players in top tier personally if they could contribute more. Even if they’re dying repeatedly that’s still bodies in the match I can use for bait or w/e.

  10. Project Nightingale

    There are now a bunch of people who don’t want to play WW2 tanks, but are interested in modern vehicles. That’s perfectly fine. Also, please stop saying that there is something in this world for free. We all want to be paid for our work. The same applies to the developers, etc. So Gajin has to come up with something to keep the game and development alive for a few more years.

  11. I think the worst aspect of this isn’t people going to top tier without map knowledge, etc – if anything, top tier requires WAY less skill with NVD, flat trajectory APFSDS, basically useless armor, etc. The HUGE issue is people without a LINEUP playing top tier.

    I think great players like professional streamers forget exactly 50% of the players will die without a kill with their first vehicle. Guess what, that’s one less player to the team. The lineup system is the most idiotic, borderline absurd system in ANY game I ever played, but it is what it is, and thus allowing people with just a single vehicle to enter a game is the worst thing you could do for a team and unfair to all players.

  12. Just tried playing German top tier lost 8/10 games the only games that I won i felt i won incredibly cheaply as all we did was drive in get one kill with our leopards, die and spawn in out tiger UHTs and simply overwhelmed them with PLARS, even so we all died at least once.

  13. The repair costs imbalance and the spall proof armor in comparison to every other tech tree *needs* to be fixed.

  14. This tank will maybe make top tier for other nations better for a short time but after all the people who bought their way up, got their asses kicked and left, it will make the BR even stronger for russia

  15. The_Baron_von_Germany

    i mean if i shoot a t80u and hit 10 charges i expect it to be dead 100% but i guss not
    i dont have a problem with no spalling (still bs) but if i hit ammo directly i expect a kill

  16. more wallet player in top rank nice

  17. ngl feel kinda cool being apart of those 6% lol

  18. Trying to find the other 6 percent who finishes the video till the end.
    Great vid bro. Keep it coming.

  19. GG for having the balls to say top tier is on russia favor. Its lame to see a awesome game having a horrible game experience. I doubt gaijin will fix top tier.

  20. getoffmycasedarngoogle

    If it’s called UK then it should go into the Bri’ish tree, innit bruv ???

  21. Alternate Title: Justin rants about Russian top-tier imbalance and why the T-80UK and all it represents is stupid.

  22. Aurélien Costabeber

    The only useful feature of the T-80UK is the LWS

  23. Hey guys if u want another coming up war thunder yt he just hit 1k and is really fun to watch yt: HorseToothTony plz sub to him we are trying to get him to 2k by the end of this month

  24. Actually Britain has the largest top tier lineup with 4 tanks slinging L27A1.

  25. Mediocre Aim Horizon Main

    It will not reduce my winrate. I have become THE WT sweat when needed

  26. Got to the end! Don’t let that pull you down

  27. VSSR - VR Socialist Soviet Republic

    I’m excited because I love this tank. It’s a T-80U but with shtora. Shtora is basically useless but this gives me a second T-80U to play.

    Also top tier squadron vehicles are here to stay for good now. I don’t see too big of a problem, especially when new players see modern tanks in the loading screen, want to play modern tanks, but realize you have to grind through dozens of WWII and cold war tanks to get them. This gives them a way to circumvent that if they only like modern. Modern tanks are also so vastly different than old tanks that the argument that “they aren’t ready for top tier” doesn’t hold. I think it’s more “they need to learn WT’s mechanics”.

  28. i personally think those top tier squadron vehicles are on their own a bad addition, however i have kind of a hot take on this and i can already see, many will disagree with me.
    I think its just fair that russia got the UK, since the other two major nations already got a tank at the same BR. I feel like gaijin is trying to make it “fair” for players of the big 3 nations so that all 3 get to have a squadron tank at top tier. I’d prefer to not have any of those tanks in the game tho, most of the reasons are already named in the video anyways.

  29. bro the t80uk is literally a t80u with a useless addition and less armor tf

  30. the fact the russians need a crutch to win is fucking hilarious.

  31. start of the video:

    *That’s just my unfiltered nature*

    End of the video:

    *I will shadowban people for speech*

    The irony

    • Way to go by not revealing the context.

      Civility is key, outright attacks on others characters and opinions with “haha you suck, git gud, ur mom” comments are the ones I aim for.

      Nice try.

    • @JustinPlays I wasn’t unaware of the context, you just can’t stifle some speech while bragging about being unfiltered.

      Way to miss the point.

    • @Rolaids So removing insults and unconstructive comments aimed to garner a negative reaction for the luls is silencing speech, got it.

      Oddly enough, I have yet to remove any comments on this video.

      However, I will cease responding to this comment.

    • @JustinPlays because you’ve got no ground to stand on.

      I’m simply calling out your bs. Don’t get offended. I’ll still watch your content.

  32. Hmm you forgot 4 abrams at 10.7-11.0? And there is high chance to get M1A2 Sep V1 at November update.

  33. Ok, so, T80UK gonna lower russian win rates which gaijin wont like so they gonna buf ussr even more, totaly what we need. Also, i went a played some ussr 9.3BR and oh boy ussr get stomped there sometimes, what did gaijin do? The added su25

  34. I love your reviews on new vehicles, it really helps, and as a Russian main myself, idk if i should even grind for the T-80UK since i already have the bmp 2m and TURMS (and im at rank 5 in the tech tree, so i am fairly decent at top tier)

  35. Ive been preaching the Russian lineup problem for like 5 months. Anytime a nato nation is over performing against Russian tanks, it gets nerfed (IPM1, M3A3, etc.). But when an entire tech tree dominates a singular mode no contest, its no problem. As someone who has both US and USSR maxed out, its so much easier to win with USSR. 3-4 top tier options, with a potential 2-3 extra backups + best heli + top 5 CAS + cheap rep costs = unfair nonsense. I lost a game to the soviets in March with 11 kills, 2 base caps, and a squad mate with comparable stats. Absolute nonsense.

  36. If Gaijin could somehow split Ground into two groups like they did Naval, players could play the eras they want to play more easily while still keeping the BR ranges. Sure they make less money so we almost certainly won’t see it, but I at least think it would be very nice

  37. when does update come out?

  38. If anyone remembers this all started when the Magach and F-86 premiums came out. That’s also when the term “wallet warrior” started to popularize. But yeah blame people who bought the Magach then the Sabres.

  39. Doesnt give usa a modern mbt

  40. i have 700hr on wt but i only play 4.0-7.3 bc i have most fun there and bc of that i dont have a single top tier and i dont buy

  41. Just your average top BR Italy player here. Laughing at literally any complaint at the game while my top tier jet is a bloody f104 and my best tank is 10.7

  42. How do you get access to that win rate by br/country chart? I have never seen that before.

  43. honestly russia does have a high win rate but that’s cause they have more mbts that are cheap and they aren’t afraid because of the fact that they have so many tanks in their line up and they help their team more also cause they snipe but russian tanks are verry easy to kill but they have more tanks than us

  44. Also the turret speed is slow so I will enjoy killing it

  45. wow i just wasted the money on the t80u and I was going to spade it, so this is just better lol

  46. where did u get this win rate ?! since I’m playing on Russians, all of us crying in forums, that our tech tree sux except few things

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