The Top Tier Scout – Live T100 LT Gameplay

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. JokingHazards [XTRA]

    First -_-

  2. Hi lr which are your pc specs

  3. YES! We do love these videos! 😀

  4. I’ve been waiting for this for ever!!!

  5. I admire you bro!

  6. RRRRUUUUSSSSHHHH ! ! !!! – I love your game player skills, vids are always GREAT, don’t change perfection ; )

  7. BRO THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN CLUTCH IF U COULD HAVE GOTTEN THAT KILL AFTER THAT FV I felt like on the edge on my seat for some reason. I thought u would have died mitch earlier

  8. finally a new video of you 🙂

  9. World Of Tanks Best Games

    Maybe going for the track on the E100 at the end
    Great map awarness as always and great content keep it going 😉

  10. Your commentary is great. Always love watching your videos and seriously helps me improve as a player.

  11. Thx so mutch for the example

    I just made my first purchase

    I bought the light tank the LT 432 and I have had trouble working that tank these is a huge help

  12. The plays that you can make with the camo and speed of this tank are awesome.

  13. Why do you play in EU as a Canadian with shit ping?

  14. The 1st game shows how bad tier 10 LTs are. You basically had no impact on the outcome of the game, just sad.

  15. Nice games fellow………….love the training vids

  16. Dude the laugh gets me every time lol

  17. just to try and clarify something of no major importance…….a line is horizontal,yes?……than, a column is vertical?…….so when u say 0 ligne,u actually saying column?……..cause that’s a grid so the rules from any map applies,like in a chess board………lol

  18. f good !!!!

  19. How are u able to cope when its 0-9 after 2 mins 3 times in a row ? i rage quit.

  20. Good video LemmingRush. I love to play lights and it’s very useful to see how good players are playing them, very educational. Cheers from New Zealand.

  21. Light tanks
    Prevent camping

  22. Overlord is won/lost 99% of the time by control of the 0 line.  How can tier 10 players not know this???

  23. Are you glad to finally be done with the T-54 lwt.?

  24. I was never been on the 1 line in proc so yesterday after they pinged a lot on the start of the game to go there. I went there in a tear 9 HT. After sitting 2 minutes or so in a bush just like the others, I asked if we are going to do anything else as camping. No response, so I drove forward. I did not come far… I was hit by the 3 artis and every TD camping on the 1 line while an annoying Progetto 46 held me perma-tracked. So then I know what you can do on the 1 line; suicide or camping.

  25. tier 10 is so… old man, get with the real world in tier IV.

  26. You didn’t ‘win’ the hill.  The enemy ‘gave you’ the hill… They sent 1 tank…

  27. This kind of active switch-from-flank-to-flank style is something I’m still trying to get used to. Thanks for the examples.

    Hopefully, they’ll work in the AMX 13 105 when I get it. The LT-100’s camo is insanely good.

  28. Hey Lemming! (LTNS JB)

    You’re a great reason to waste 20 minutes that I should be spending working.

    Some stuff. In the first video, you talk about how arty focuses lights. I think it makes sense on a number of levels. Lights provide early spots for arty and getting rid of a light tank ASAP robs the other side of the ability to do the worst things that arty can do to your team (free damage!), while eliminating what is known/believed to be the primary threat to arty in the latter stages of the game. The fact that you personally killed one of them in the endgame stage bears this out.

    Very cool driving in that game. Seriously. I specialize in TDs (dad reflexes and all), but watching you play lights is inspiring even if I don’t fully understand or cannot do much of what you do.

    The game on prokherovka was a wonderful thing.

    I’ve found that most people’s vision and my own tends not to extend to overviews. We tend to miss the big picture in the details but in that second game, you demonstrated the strength of the mobility of light tanks by going everywhere with the tank with the full path that your vehicle described resembling a golden spiral as you go from spawn to to the crossing point, up the hill, back down to one line and the back up to the higher numbers in the north.

    I see what you’re doing and learning to think similarly “on the fly” is one of my goals in this stupid game.

    Definitely not a matter of hiding in a bush all game.

    German vehicle names.

    Yes, this annoys you, but there’s a point of interest in it for me.

    As an old fart, I’ve been exposed to some really weird bits of information. One of those bits is the sheer scale and influence of the Roman Empire which you can see in the use of the Latin Alphabet (used even for languages like Polish and Vietnamese which have sounds in them that have nothing whatsoever to do with Latin-based/Romance Languages), and in taxonomic names derived from Latin—this goes so far and so deep that you find languages that have obviously common names for things as common as insects.

    The Latin name for cricket is “”gryllus” (“grih-luss”) and, to this day, if you meet someone of Italian ancestry with the name “grillo,” you can smile at him and say, “Hello, Mister Cricket” and have him ask how you know so much Italian. The name has made an odd little march through languages: “Grillon” in French, “Grilo” in Portuguese, “Grillo” (again) in Spanish, ”

    This brings us to the German vehicles in the game with the name “Grille” in them. It actually does mean “cricket” which indicates a Latin derivation which means that the name has been around for a long, long, long time.

    Now, as someone who once took Doctor Ernst Hoffmann’s Rilke challenge (“if you can explain Rilke’s line in the ninth Sonnet to Opheus, “Nur wet mit Toten vom Mohn aß,” I will give you an ‘a’ period: you needn’t come to any more classes for the semester”), I feel it is part of my life’s work to offer Americans (and Canadians of worth!) the opportunity to know how to say words like “Grille.”

    “Why is this?!” I hear you asking, in a tone of raw annoyance: it’s because hearing “Grill” is as annoying to me as a German student as hearing someone look at the French word for pepper and saying “Poy-vruh” would be to you as someone who learned French in an officially bilingual country. It’s because I can’t hear it, without visualizing an especially hairy dude from the ass-end of Brooklyn, out near the last stops on the trains, scratching his sweaty nuts while he tortures a poor, innocent word in a language I devoted a good-sized chunk of my life to, and which, at one job I had, I translated professionally.

    So, with all that said, I’ll end by saying, “great video,” which probably sounds like ass-kissing but it isn’t. They all are, you disgustingly skillful fucker, I’m definitely thinking about dusting off “little Igor,” my LTG, seeing what wickedness I can get up to it, and if I contribute massively to a win, the enemy team will have none but you to blame.

    Last things: Great to see your vids and hear you sounding a little less like you’re knocking on heaven’s door.

    If you ever blow up a Grille 15 in a video and call it a “Grill-leh” (don’t even try the ‘r,’ stronger men than you have choked trying to pronounce German ‘r’s), I will consider it a shout out to me and I will raise a glass (of tea) to you on your birthday.

    Keep ”em coming, Lem!

  29. you are so funny dude,i m lucky to find you!!!

  30. I like your beginning play on Prokhorovka. I tend to play the hill no matter if I’m in a light, medium, or heavy. If I’m TD then I’ll play the field.  But when I am a light I usually go the normal way up the hill. I’m definitely going to have to try your technique. It spots the enemy so much quicker and could prevent them from coming to the hill. I like the hill because I can get a lot of shots on the enemy tanks out on the field. But it’s a pain when I have to deal with enemy tanks coming up the hill.  If I do your method then maybe that’ll scare them away, or at least slow them down a bit so that my teammates can take the hill.

  31. MAN I`M OBJ 430!!! I love your videos and I didnt see that you are the t100lt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love u and verry sorry. If I saw that I play with you I will never shot at u!!! Niceeeeeeeee. My whole statistics and progress are from exactly u! This made my day, rly!! Look every video.

  32. Its t100 light tank not light wight

  33. Well, fuck!
    You tried Mr LR. WG & the corridor maps…….. Would be awesome if you could select maps which are suited your class of vehicle.

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