The TOUGHEST Tank Made Unstoppable | World of Tanks T110E3 Epic Build Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T110E3, 0 American Tank Destroyer Epic Battle Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Equipment Build. World of Tanks Best Battle in 2021. World of Tanks Epic Battles and Epic Replays.

Today I am going to show you an equipment setup made me very happy, couldn’t stop playing with it.. Let’s make already an extremely tough tank to take out more tough!

What do you think?


  1. I am first…yeah!

  2. Morning now complete!

  3. Happy holiday Dez!

  4. Patrick is first noob 🙂

  5. well, guess I have something to try out when I log on today, I’d stay off the NA server today guys 😏

  6. don’t know why we could this cute a smile on the lower plate, it would be nice if the opponent get the shot with a smile

  7. This is the same build I use on my T95 and it’s a beast.. W key all the way

  8. got the t95 a few weeks ago looking forward to the E3 (only did this because i was miles from the 268 v4 but its turned out to be very worth it)

    edit: been using rammer hardening and turbo to great success going to use the same on E3

  9. Lol have to try it!

  10. They see you rollin’. They be bouncing.

  11. Man f this broken 15-0 shit game

  12. had this simular build for my clan. instead of turbo, use rotation mechanism. that way you cant be surrounded. works good for a 268-4 also

  13. I’m pretty sure module damage (including tracks) is determined by gun calibre not alpha damage.

    • Big alpha means big caliber

    • @Du K not necessarily. The Maus has a 128mm that does 490 and the Pz7 also has a 128mm but it does 560 and the WZ-111-5A has a 130mm but does 490.

      And the Badger has a 123mm that does 480 but the IS-4 has a 122mm that does 490.

      So gun calibre is pretty disconnected from alpha damage. It’s just whatever WG decided.

  14. shoutout to the driver: Captain Chad 😀

    cant think of a more fitting crew name for this build

  15. I’ve got a build recommendation for you Dez. Ventilation, Rammer, Coated Optics, and no food or fuel. Not a turbocharger in sight.

  16. Marty in Canuckistan

    Left their dungeon 😂 classic Dez….

  17. nice video love it would love to see some sexy e4 game play / builds

  18. Crazy Idea: Show us the lootboxe-lowtiers😂

  19. The T110E3 was my goal from when I started. I enjoy it very much. Looking forward to trying this build. I had previously only used super hvy spall liner, which frustrated many SPG players lol .

  20. autoloader amorack done

  21. not a good tank for me i lose more than win in it

  22. Day 122 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  23. Your fellow E3 in your first game was a complete idiot. Any chance he had to get in front of you lol

  24. Thank you , Dez .


  25. this game is to complex now, im going back to sleep.

  26. 12:23 look on right of screen – I think Artie hit the minirete

  27. bro the vid description looks like all my essays💀

  28. yes red arrows are back

  29. 50km/h top speed unstopable 279 (e) next ?

  30. Play HEAT only Hetzer with 105mm gun.

  31. Grinding up line for that one…great video.

  32. I say good,good ,goody

  33. i really like how dez says Toorboh

  34. Great to see my favorite tier X TD reviewed. I run it with rammer, vents and turbo for field mod 1 and with rammer, improved hardening and improved aiming device for field mod 2.
    The 2nd field mod gives me usually the best results. Funny enough I use that position on Safe Haven (bridge) too. It’s an excellent starting position. Now I’m gonna try your built but unfortunately I don’t have any bounty equipment.

  35. I swear just your accent alone makes this gameplay even better. Thanks for the good content.

  36. You rounded 2.48 to 2.4. Disgusting.

  37. Speaking of light tank MM, you should see tier 6 MM Dez, there’s about 6 or 7 lights per team. It’s disgusting.

  38. Go on my channel pls i take video on wot

  39. I got the e4 first but I now have the e3 I like them both but e3 is better

  40. Last day I had 6.1 million credits and 3 options of TD to buy. Jags Pz e100, E3 or E4. For some reason I took E4. And I think it was best decision ever.

    • I’ve got jgpze100 but not the other two. My brother has the E4 though.
      Honestly I think either E3 or E4 would have been a good decision for you, both have good strengths.
      The jgpze100 however is just a meme tank at this point. Every tier 10 can just load gold and pen the superstructure so easily, it’s just not fun to play at all.

  41. Brilliant stuff Dez

  42. Games are manipulated through the matchmaker and RNG for specific outcomes namely premium tanks.

  43. Nice vid by Dez, as always. Already unlocked E3, want to grind field mods for my T95 first before buying the E3 and moving the crew. Looking forward to start playing this top-tier battering ram;)

  44. Try that on 279e

  45. I use this build on T95. Hilarious

  46. Hey Dez i have a challenge for you, how about you make a build for tanks without being maxed out with having copious amounts of gold and bond equipments… aka make builds for standard players…personally i will never have the same amount of exp to level like you have….

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