The Trading Caravan Was a JOKE in World of Tanks

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The Trading Caravan in World of Tanks was one of the worst conceived and communicated events in the history of the game – here’s why.



  1. Dude I spent over 5 million cr and have 151 premiums and almost all the styles so I kept getting the stupid tank rental for the GF Bulldog tank sometimes 3 times in a row before I got the K-1 and I have the non GF version already, of course I got the T-22 which I was 10k bonds shy and they had so you couldn’t vote to make it cheaper on the only good deals for bonds. They should pay us back for getting same damn thing 3 times in a row but they are dirty Russian cons so doubt that happens. Stuff like this is why your loosing players WG and CC’s trash your cash grabs

  2. WG confuses our love for the game with being suckers. Don’t be fooled!

  3. I really enjoy your videos but with time I’ve noticed that you go out of your way to avoid talking about the real money cost of WOT. Premium tanks cost money and promoting them only contributes to cost inflation. WG creates costly tanks which perform better than regular tree tanks and rather that spending many hours grinding for a lesser tank, it’s easier to buy the premium version. The same goes with these events, I skip them entirely, which goal is to push players to buy with real money or to deplete accounts of hard earned credits. I think you should be more clear about real costs, cash and time, to play the game at a reasonable level. There are so many cost centers in the game it’s become absurd, from the direct to cash gold, to credits, to skills, to equipment, to premium equipment, to layers of equipment, to bonds… it’s never ending incentives to speed up acquiring things for real cash and WG knows no limits. Take the 25000 bonds requirement to buy a tank… you glossed over the point, but you should clearly explain how much cash and/or time is required to gain 25000 bonds because it’s truly outrageous. Again, I really enjoy your videos so thank you!

  4. What do you expect from Belorussians?

  5. I also wasted credits on shuffling. Nothing but silly consumables and rentals. Waste of time and credits – when I didn’t encounter “technical difficulties” or “No bundles left”. Bullshit caravan. I’m not wasting any more on this event. 😡

  6. For once I agree with you

  7. I get kirovets-1 in first 1h of karavan but i spend 7mil for shuffle and 15mil for tank….sooo i just pay that 15min becouse 7mil i spent in first place!!!! I hate WG for this!!

  8. That’s crazy I didn’t even knew this event was such a big problem I actually brought 3 premium tanks from this event nd the new Russian one

  9. If you’re still playing this game and don’t like the way WG operate, then you’ve only got yourself to blame. WG will never implement a fair trade system. Their history speaks for itself.

  10. How can we, the community have any hope of changing WG’s more predatory marketing practices if we just keep buying into every event like this? Only a coordinated pre-arranged protest/boycott seems likely to have any chance of getting their attention.

  11. Yes, CCs are partially culpable for promoting this scam but only partially. New and improving players follow your advice so maybe wargaming should provide affiliate links to content. The whole game design preys on peoples vulnerabilities and should be reigned in or made illegal via regulation imho. Other class A games are going for between €10 and €20. Personally I bought nothing on this one but did roll 6 x 75k credits which I stopped doing when I got a repeat and realised how many repair & med kits etc I could be buying. My best offer was a Fosh 155 for 20k bonds when I had about 900 and apparently theres a Fosh 155 for silver when I have 93 million avaialable.Thank you anywayfor trying.

  12. Roflol QB spent 120 miljoen plus to get 2 tanks that will get played less then 100 games. That 1.2 mil or more per game. Funny, funny shit.

  13. And I thought Gaijin was a shit company, but holy fuck.

  14. Absolute Shit show…

  15. My caravan never crashed like that. But I never got more than 3 free rolls. Cost me over a million credits.

  16. Because fools keep paying wargaming…. so why wargaming would stop ?

  17. I am so satisfied that I didn’t give in to the devilish plans of Wargaming. I have successfully refrained from gambling on this game for the last 1 year. I will buy the tanks I want in normal sales or else I won’t buy them. But I will not gamble. I don’t want to know that items in the loot boxes are more in value than I paid. I just want one particular thing, not any fucking random stuff.

  18. So i havent played WOT since 2014 (when i started warthunder) and it seems to be getting worse and worse every year. The level of pay-to-win / pay-to-access was bad in 2014…let alone now.

  19. Gabinete Psicologia

    agree agree agree

  20. Took me 6M credits to see the T22, without seeing the kirovits.

    But I bought it for 25K bonds 😅
    Its a fun machine

  21. Just something interesting. Today morning (Feb.18.) I purchased the 3D style for the Kranvagn called ‘hjalpkran’. As I’m watching this video I noticed that it was sold out yesterday (Feb. 17.), at least their webpage says this. So I couldn’t have been able to make the purchase, but I still could. It means that other sold out tanks or bundles (at least they say its sold out) could still be purchased. What do you think about this?

  22. the sistem is not working, even now after so many days.

  23. I rolled 7 million didnt get anything worth anything and quit on the whole event before I got anymore frustrated. Not going to play the game for some time until my frustration passes if ever…
    Commented before watching the vid, didn’t even know tanks were on limited offer, WOW, just wow I rolled in hopes to get something good thankfully I stopped before spending 30 mil credits I accumulated over the winter.

  24. I looked at the first 3 (free) bundles and have not gone back to this disgusting event since.

  25. it’s still noch available in the evenings when i can play the game

  26. I have mixed feelings about this event. I am a nearly f2p player, i buy the Battle Pass sometimes and some lootboxes every year. I could buy a Cromwell B for skirmishes and some nice styles also for credits, and a long time sought-after tank for me, the AMX 13 57. This latter one came from the gold i got from 11 lootboxes (less than 20 Euros), where i got a 122 TM as well. All in all, this event was worth it for me taking into account the 15 million credits spent and the lot of frustration for the seeing the same shitty offers again and again or not seeing anything at all too.

    Although it is kind of alarming how WG is trying to profit on the “whales”, or i could say, addicted players, not to mention the gambling addiction such events and the lootcrates could trigger (personal experience).

  27. read my comment on ur last trading carvan video and u will learn alot.
    in short-this event isnt made for u,this event is made for WG and the way they need 2 take ur christams credits that u bought with the loot boxes. WG gives 0 attention 2 the fanbase anymore(not like they gave alot befor). this is about making as much money as they can befor this game will become dead just like WOW.
    keep ur money 2 ur self. dont spend, thats the only way 2 get them 2 listen. im afraid thats 2 late already…

  28. Wargaming has turned lots of people against them with this event, some left, some will come back later, still the inflow is lower than outflow. You do the maths 😉

  29. Thanks QB, you are spot on there. Paid to roll 3 times and decided that was enough….f’ing useless WoT idea.

  30. bang on! WG are a bunch of shysters and I hope they are drawn over the coals by financial authorities in countries that don’t alow gambling as this is exactly what it was. Terrible offers. I lost over 1 million credits just trying to get a roll on the T22 which never came and then found out it was 25k bonds which I didn’t have anyway. what a bunch of B*stards

  31. Event was ok … Got T22 and Type 59 … which was last tier 8 which i really wanted (not golden version, not interested)… Probably one event which was doing right for a change with no unnecessary communication. Good job WG. May be will buy T77 … not sure yet (saved)

  32. You are 100% right.

  33. this is only greedity

  34. I twitted to WG suggesting filter with categories like equipment, rentals or premium tanks but nothing… they went directly boot into the face show me your money attitude listening zero feedback from the fans… and all I wanted is to buy some premium tanks… and I can’t even shuffle those without spending millions on useless offers that I am not even interested in… I think they went to far with this event!!

  35. never donate…and buy 5 tanks premium for credits…vk…kirovet…rudy…isu122s…and astron rex for 3 credits :v … i farm credits all year is easy to have money in events….

  36. I went to this event with very low expectations, cause I didn’t have much currency to play with. So I was just gonna spend my free rolls and see if anything nice popped up. But now after seeing how it works, I gotta say it was a really bad event. Too much RNG for things you might not even be able to afford.

  37. Every day I rolled the Kirovets with just the free re-rolls. It was actually the most common one. Of course, I couldn’t buy it. Not near enough credits…

  38. 10 👍min only day one sold out what you had 3 hours USC is crap

  39. I got it on my 3d roll and got the tank and not really that great of a tank sadly so I’m passed

  40. Better than, black market, at least in between crashes you got some stuff I had a chance at all tanks and consumables. Couldn’t afford any lol

  41. an adult tells children about this manipulated lol pixells game …..

  42. Suprise mechanics

  43. Finally QB got your nose out of WOT rear end. these are nothing but a Greedy Money Grab and if the people playing would quit throwing money at WOT maybe they wouldn’t try to screw everyone. This game went from being fun to just pure frustration. Wish I could sell my account to someone would love to get some of my money back and quit playing this game.

  44. Why no one talk about the astron rex for 1 cerdit

  45. confused .. T-22 shows on main site as sold out .. I just rolled it in as an offer ??

  46. Didn’t have 25000 bonds, to get t22 you didn’t get discount on t22 or kirovits

  47. Spent about 10 million on the NA server…never saw the Kirovets-1. I did get the T-22 deal but decided not to buy it. This game’s business model is designed to frustrate you into spending cash/credits. It’s not even that fun. The new modification system basically means that people who are willing to spend more time in the game will just have way better tanks than those who don’t play that often.

  48. I’m all done giving WOT my money after the this year’s loot boxes. They’re nothing but a bunch of money grabbing thieves. This event just re-enforces my beliefs. I’m glad I avoided it. Thanks for your honest opinion QB.

  49. I couldn’t afford anything anyway, The T22 at 25000 bonds, give their head a shake

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