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  1. *20MM was suppose to be the main theme of the video, but trumpet took the show*

  2. i love sweden for all that ikea tanks and planes 😉 Last days i killed pz.4 f2 with it.


  4. Where is new ULQ video?

  5. Use sturm panzer

  6. I think Japan has some of the strangest tanks. why have a normal gun, when you can have a naval gun. Also a low tier japan video would be cool

  7. Phly now that .50 calls are fixed you should bring out the m22 with sbd-3 with gun pods. It’s orgasmic

  8. Pbv 301 In service: 1961 – 1971
    …fk it off to 5.0+ then. It’s too cack to do anything of value there (apart from actually being AAA) but it shouldn’t be near even 3.3 stuff.

  9. What is the name of the song in the intro?

  10. Haha the intro had me laughing hard😂

  11. Thanks for your new subs ply brrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttt thanks jo,bo,sco

  12. Whats funny is that the HO-RO in japan has more explosive mass than the trumpet, guess war thunder just wants more derp cannon.

  13. Soft “g” in “vagn”, say it like vaggggggggggnnnn.

  14. The Pbv 301 cant even play with its coldwar brothers but its granduncle even stole its videotitle. Poor Pbv 301!

  15. Heimvar the Apprentice

    I do the engine angle theory with the su100p and it is so fun to take a shell to the engine blocc and then return fire like nothing happened 😂

  16. About the stormpjäs or trumpet as he calls it, I’ve killed IS-7 in that thing, and could probably take down an abrams if i had to

  17. day 40 : play the tu-4 with da bois and bomb jack

  18. I-16 type 10 prepherably with some historical inphormation please Phly. Requesting since Sept 2018.

  19. SHOOTER MCGAVIN JUST SAID OOOOHHHHHHH MYYUYYY GAWODDDDDDD!!! Ur that GUY! Waiting for me in the parking lot! That’s what this damn vehicle is!

  20. Daddy phly speaking spanish now 👏🏼 keep on surprising us.

  21. The word “vagn” has a deceptive spelling and is actually pronounced more like “vang’n”.
    A bunch of Swedish words are silly like that.

  22. So they put a 1961 vehicle in rank 2. Wow, wt proved that is a shit game that doesn’t want to balance the game. Hope this game dies already.

  23. So that thumbnail was a lie

  24. probably gonna botch the spelling but the swedish kranvagn was a pretty odd tank

  25. Tradadada capitan cat shooting enemies))))

  26. yo the song on the intro honestly is fire
    I need to know the name of it

  27. I feel like it should be a light tank with spotting ability

  28. Hey phly get the nuke with the type 87

  29. Moral of the vid never challenge tigor

  30. Personally don’t see how this has any place in War Thunder. At this point Gaijin might as well add similar things like the M113 with a .50 Cal as an american 1.0.

  31. Are you gonna be at tank fest tommorow

  32. How can i get that little tiger that you have in on your tank? 0:02

  33. Gustav rail cannon: “I fear no man…… but that thing… *Derp trumpet cannon* IT SCARES ME.”

  34. Did anyone else notice that there is a Breslau map now?! I’ve played on it yesterday and was like wtf I live here XD

  35. Maybe,it s the only normal swedish modern tank.Pbv means ifv.But in Warthunder,it s an AA.Unnormal again……

  36. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    Tigor woke up today and chose Violence.

  37. Make a video j7e or ztz99III

  38. I really hope they add the STRV Fm/31 to the game. It’s essentially an STRV M/31 with deployable wheels mounted on the sides

  39. You reckon you could play Swedish THICC BOI TANK

  40. gaijin: it’s a spaa
    players: but it only has 40 degrees of elevation…
    gaijin: so? It’s not in the light tank section.
    players: maybe B/C YOU DECIDED TO NOT PUT IT THERE!?
    gaijin: ugh just uninstall then.
    players: … no…

  41. That thing was literally an APC. Not a tank, not an IFV; but an APC. They just took a hull and stuck an old cannon from a retired jet on it. Wtf warthunder.

  42. LOL when the old doom GUI shows up, i laught so hard, that my stomach, mouth and head where hurting really badly

  43. can you bring the swedish 1.7 derp to 7.0 . it does a great job against british centurion and t-54’s

  44. The “pansarbandvagn” pronunciation was quite accurate 🙂

  45. Day 12: Hey Phly, ive been watching you for nearly 2 years, but i downloaded the game 4 weeks ago, im grinding the Russian tree, BMP, T-80 and T-90. I play RB, and ive reached the PT-76B along with the T-34/57. I get 1-4 kills each game. Ive noticed that extremely many of my controls, especially in Air battles are unassigned, and im unsure what every one of them do. I cant seem to find a video where you show all your controls and keybinds. If you have made one, would you link it for me? If you haven’t made one, id really love to see one!

    PS! Mini Phly is so cute! Love from Norway.

  46. Phly check out the UDES XX-20, hope they add that to the game soon

  47. Would you agree the American spitfire is the best 5.7 range fighter?? Day one asking you to play/ review it

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