The two BEST tier 9 tanks in World of Tanks!

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Today the two best tanks in World of Tanks will SHOWDOWN to show what they’re made off. Which is best the Concept 1B Kpz 50t!



  1. Love the Vids!

  2. Rogério Barbosa Sant'Ana
  3. As expected

  4. we need arty gameplay 🙂

    or doctor_nix will send you to the hellfire.

  5. Concept 1B is overrated. Kpz 50t on the other hand is very strong.

  6. 1181 dpm is very low QB, even for t4. 7:51

  7. Using a Turbo is a issue for me, once I have played a few games with the Turbo using the same tank without it feels painfully slow, I have ended up with a Turbo on almost everything, same with improved aiming, I have that on almost everything so the only slot choice for me is really is if the 3rd one is rammer or vents, only the terrible dispersion tanks get vert stabs now like the abysal gun handling WZ111114

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