The UDES 14 Alt 5 – World of Tanks

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  1. Really liking the new swedish medium. Only played the tier 8 so far, what do you guys think of them?

    • I like them also but you need kind of patience and I think it’s not everyones playstyle. I like the fact you have to think about what you could do how should your next step. It’s not a yolo wheeled vehicle tank or a moron prove 430U.

    • Kapitan Muahaha

      Agree – I thought it would be able to bounce way more than it does. I’m still liking it though.

    • I skipped the tier 8 because apparently it wasn’t any good. but the tier9… I should of stayed with the tier8 haha. The tier9’s gun is basically a derp. It loves to fly into the dirt or launch into orbit.

    • I like it. Brit tanks hate it. Cromwells, TOGs, anything with a 90mm or less gun you can bait into shooting your hull instead of your turret and then blap them….

      I’ve always hated Cromwells.

    • think its hella fun as i’m making my way the scrub mode throught the Tier 8 atm so i’m still using the 2nd 90mm gun xD

  2. I like it , its a challenging well balanced tank , good gun handling, decent alpha . its just a fun tank to play . however now that youve played it I will give up on getting a gun mark for awhile , lol

    • lmao that decent alpha killed me, if you compare this shit with rest of the t8 mediums tanks its obiviously broken. High alpha, high dps, excellent camo, excellent mobility, broken gun depression also hull armor can bounca quite a lot but lets call it decent becuse it doesnt have turret armor

    • it’s just OP

    • Emre BAHAR I hesitate to call it OP this soon, just not enough playing against it yet. Once you learn how to counter it it could be absolutely trash, you never know.

    • Overpowered alpha, t32 does 320 alpha with a 12 second reload, this thing should to less alpha or have a long reload

  3. “Send UDES” i remeber that title thoroughly 🙂

  4. ok, i mostly play the chaffee, it’s a fun little tank. I put bees on its side and name it honey.

    • Have you been around when the Chafee could meet E100s and other T10 tanks?It was so fun derping around in a Chaffee,tracking such behemoths,running rings around them and slowly whittling down their HP (it had a better gun back then).

    • +tunnar79 I think they changed the tank as soon as I got it, what’s new.

  5. UDES 14 Alt 5? More like UDES Alt F4 amarite?

  6. New nudes eh ?

  7. I love it, I’m only on the second 240 gun but it is just so good, but not OP, which is such a refreshing thing. Great job WG!

  8. so i played for one day after update dropped and already hate these things to the bone

  9. Dude wot is in such a better place than it was a few months ago. So many new great features and the new mm ohh boy.. new balanced meds as well. gj wg.

  10. hey circon. like your videos. awesome match too. you mentioned that one of the mods messed up your gun depression. which one was it?(I also use aslains pack and got curious)

  11. Your team was like “you first.. no you first.. no ladies first…”

  12. This tank will rule Frontlines with the EBRs. I’m only on the 2nd gun and having a blast. Seems very well rounded.

  13. Circon use the “such camo much wow” camo on it..

  14. gotta love the exact length of that video

  15. “NewUDES”

  16. Nice stream sniping from the wz

  17. Hey, your team wasn’t completely incompetent this time. That’s kind of amazing.

  18. True Circon fans watch in 240p

  19. more like NEWDES

  20. Matthew Sinclair


  21. 1:51 it’s a VTU, it’s commander shot himself the moment he heard he has to drive that thing

  22. New Udes? Nudes you mean

  23. Arturas Milasius

    oh u got lucky couple times 😀

  24. Does the 357 on the side of your tank stand for the matchmaking?

  25. Would be quite good if you could transition into the medium line via the UDES 03 – they are related…

  26. Hey circon l have a fun lil game mode for you when you start streaming again….play any kimd of historical tank….like ldk tigers or t3485 or smth and have this in mind, l think every onr of those tanks have 5 crew that consists of a driver, gunner, commander, loader, and radio guy. This challenge is to play the tank normally as you whould but if some of your crew is nocked out play the tank as it should work without the injured crew….for example, if your gunner is dead you cant shoot till you get him back on with a medkit, if a loder is hit you can load(or in this case shoot aswell), if a driver is hit you cant drive and so on you get the point, ofc this is just a challenge of mine you dont have to but l just though of commenting this cuz l saw that you love having fun and trying new stuff in world of tanks, in any case thanks for reading if you did 😀

    • Correction for the gunner and loader!
      When the gunner is hit you cant move the turret but can still fire , and if loader is hit you cant fire but you can move the turret

  27. damage log shows HEAT from the other UDES 14 5 but circon’s ammo loadout shows APCR… hmmmmm

    • FireShorts the other udes was also going less damage per shot so I’m going to assume he was using a different gun

    • Both the 90mm guns this tank gets before the 105mm use HEAT as prem.

    • +KingTrygon ah ok I hadn’t considered that he was using a different gun. I don’t have the tier 8 yet so I’m not familiar.

  28. That end time though.

  29. Valhalla Knight

    Why do you have the norwegian flag on a swedish tank?

  30. Confles…
    Please nder stand an simple thing…
    START at the basic no money, character.. sorry bait drunk…
    SHOw me whta it take to get from beginning to end…….NOT no pay, but also PAY FOR..

  31. This video is of the perfect length and is a great preview of the meds gameplay awesome stuff

  32. coolbreeze12013 z

    The content is the quality duh 😛

  33. i think its good that they have a medium without turret armor at t8, then add the armor at t9 t10 so people can learn to stay safer instead of trying to rely on armor all the time

  34. What is the being said when someone subscribes to his twitch?

  35. Started playing again and still seeing mostly +2 match making. Thought ok I’ll play tier limited prems. only to have them play +1 consistently. No thanks WG

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