The UDES 15/16 – Master Class – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The UDES 15/16 is the hardest hitting tank with the 3rd best in World of . The result is a ridgeline scout – here's how to master it!



  1. let me guess somebody will say “first!”


    Thank you for this. I couldn’t make the UDES 15/16 work, I found it harder to use compared to the STB-1

  3. do a master class for stb-1!

    • I’ll tell you it rn: turbo vents rammer or he’s going to somehow turn it into a light tank. You need v stabs tho for stb, so if u use turbo, plz do turbo, rammer, stabs

  4. Please stop using CVS and exhaust on med tanks.

  5. 9th comment btw great vid qb

  6. and the top 3….premium……wooohoooo….

    • Tomáš Koňárek

      they are not premium they are rewards tanks. and for example the carro isnt even that good its just the players that make it seems like it.

    • The reason the carro is so high is because only very good players have it

  7. Rick Van Garderen

    Who would have guessed it, using cvs and exhaust on meds

  8. Анди Василев

    So, I’ve played around 300 games in this tank and it is one of my best performers. I have to clarify that I’m playing on console where this tank’s DPM is a lot worse (I’ve managed to reach only 3000 with very skilled commander and rammer). This is one of the tanks that I tryhard the least and I seem to get the best results in. If you are considering to get this tank, DO IT it is insane. Equipmentwise I would recommend rammer optics/vence (depends on the crew) and turbo
    Also, this is one of the most hilarious vehicles to play when your opponents just can’t pen you (you can have very good laugh)

  9. I appreciate the different loadouts of the tanks, I like showing off some aspects of a tank that a lot of people don’t utilise to be able to play a tank the way that suits your playstyle. Showing off the good variety that modules allow, even if they take a while to grind

  10. I just watched a video of yours from 2013… how far you’ve come. Awesome video and content man!

  11. I’m on my way with the 16. Shit tank. I’m just dying through and will sell it as soon as possible. Never going to play these awful Swedish meds again.

  12. “You can’t be able to”… WTF!!????

  13. Jonathan Falkman


  14. My favourite medium tank! Thank you for making this video Quickybaby

  15. Insane camo + great alpha + disgustingly troll armor make this tank what it is the amount of shells that I’ve eaten in to the Jerry cans of the void on the side is dumb.

  16. I hope your Azov pals are watching this. Should really help them out on the battlefield 😉

  17. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Nice gameplay!

  18. QB masterclasses in a nutshell:
    – LT: go spot
    – Meds: I can’t do enough damage in them to mark them….so just turn them into a LT and mark by spotting!
    – TDs: turbo, rammer, vents (idk what he’d going to do about the grille 15)
    – spgs (probably): they have bad cammo so use rammer vents….turbo 😀

  19. @QuickyBaby would you recommend that build for k-91 too?

  20. Ryokajimo Sensei

    This is why I sold the 430U for the UDES. It just works so well in this meta.

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