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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. You can download Warpath now from Google Play or pre-register in the App Store: #ad

  2. Lol is that Mariocart Double Dash track music??

  3. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the amx 32. Thats the next vehicle I’m researching.

  4. What the hell a nuke just detonated in my hangar?!


  6. ZdrytchX -{Reference

    next challenge? In the future if you want to play the type 93, do it in sim tank battles, where it doesn’t get the scouting feature.

  7. Misles.

  8. Колбаска Бах

    How to get your sticker in WT?

  9. Congrats on 1m

  10. Happy 1 mil bro

  11. Now that SPAA having scouting is a thing, they need to give scouting to the R3 T20, and put it at 6.3 with the other go karts.

  12. The updated dropped boiiiiiiiis

  13. Phly: plays fast and small vehicle


  15. Phlydaily now has to make another video of him completely war thunder after this update
    Maybe he’ll do it while eating his grilled cheese sandwich :O

  16. “Not engaging” *me, leaves,

  17. howdy from 7:10 🙂

  18. Phly you need to try sea hawk 100 it is so fast now

  19. hi guys i have started playing war thunder and i already started watching phly videos

  20. hey phly the new update is here go and downlowd it

  21. 1.000.000 congrats


  23. Hey phly, There’s a Video 3 Years ago where you controlled a tank with your voice. Will you ever make a video of you controlling a tank with your voice in the future?

  24. Hey the new update came out for war thunder is call NEW POWER

  25. Hey Phly great video as usual, strange request, would you consider turning grass off for a couple of videos, Youtube compression really hates warthunder grass and at times its even compressing hud elements like the radar even when forced 1080p makes it very hard to see what is going on at times especially when you’re on the move. Have a good one stay safe

  26. Ur new profile pic… erm what exactly am I looking at right now?

  27. Phly you need to play the wehraboo bathub, Sturer Emil it has 128mm at 5.0

    Attempt #1

  28. PHLY play the seahawk right now it’s bugged and has 2x thrust

  29. Sat waiting for flop wop to drop. First vid on the live server going be epic I suspect 😎👌

  30. Phly, you’ve been sent back in time as Semyon Konovalov; his KV-1 tank crew destroyed 16 German tanks, two armored vehicles, and 8 trucks in a combat action.

    Setting: a Custom Realistic Battle or Sim Battle for you against some other Youtubers/community. (Sim would seem better than Realistic in this case via limiting view like in an actual tank and making it like the historical battle situation, but pick what you prefer)
    You (or whoever is the KV-1) have a few minutes at the start to position wherever you want on one of the large forested maps, and then 16 others begin a search how they want.

    Attempt #28

  31. That truck is so damn fast, it’s unbelievable

  32. 00:5:58 Phly: “Wu..Where are you goin’?” The missile knows where it’s going because it knows where it’s been. It came from the ground so it goes back to the ground.

  33. Gotta love these broken shit servers.

    For some context the servers on 11/17/2020, are broken.

  34. Why did you cut the footage of shooting down the UH-1B at 14:45?

  35. The harrier has a active map in the cockpit that displays both enemy and friendly blips on the map in real time

  36. There is a new swedish jet at 7.3 i believe called the sk60b its like an A10 in my opinion or a Frogfoot its a powerful ground attacker and the first jet bomber for the swedish in this game.

  37. New video? Anytime

  38. The new update on xbox 1 ruined the game

  39. The Wii music is killing me

  40. Hey phly you know you can control the airplanes on world of warships now

  41. Gotta love that olive oil at the end lol

  42. i love the mario kart music in the background

  43. I wish you waited a couple days for this video phly, they fixed the terrible launch arc of the missile this patch. Still has bad G tolerance but much better. I can tell after only a day of using it.

  44. i bloody love these videos XD

  45. Play top teir abrams and premium Apache

  46. Gaijin, please remove the anti-stick spray from my tank tracks. I would like to be able to climb small hills again.

  47. whats wrong with the video quality here? Looks so fragmented at times.

  48. The compression is atrocious…

  49. Does anyone remember baronvongamez? What happened to him ?

  50. Should try the PE-8 nuke with the new graphics

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