The Ultimate Guide to Armored Warfare in Wargame

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  1. ItsBalancedISwear

    12:12 yeah that was me

  2. One week’s break and this is what you deliver to us?


  3. So balanced

    • as all things should be /s

      seriously though, because the way Eugene under estimate the ROF on blufor tanks (irl experienced abrams and leopard tankers can reload their main gun in 4 seconds), as REDFOR you can basically stun them with whatever cheap rocket you have and force them to give up their position.

      would be a much better system if your veteran/elite loader can load the gun in 4 seconds, but you get reduced reload rate when the unit suffers from moral damage, and at trained you get something like 6-7 second reload rate, that way you get a both a positive and a negative from human loaders instead of the one sided bad we have now.

    • +Artruis Joew Ya ya ya, dont forget about average ROF, physical abilities of crewman-loader and influence of terrain while reloading. Auto or manual loader is not about ROF, its about other things

    • KINO doesn’t change the fact that Eugene vastly under estimate manual loaders.

      And you never get to fire the whole ammo storage in one engagement anyway. Even in game you mostly just fire 2-3 shots before retreating back into smoke/cover, so the _fatigue_ of manual loader is a non issue to begin with.

      Oh and human loaders can reload the gun perfectly fine while on the move. That’s never been an issue.

    • Bogdan Bogdanoff

      +Artruis Joew It would be OP in a context of a game where microing your ~4 super heavies decides the winner. This unrealistic feature is the consequence of the game looking nothing like real combat.

  4. The MadTacoEatingFool

    So good so glorious. I was waiting for that atacm.

  5. i mean if you use the burrito, dont complain about the ATACMS.

  6. It’s hard to hit tank in the move with ATACMS… It’s another level 🙂

  7. Thanks Eugen.

  8. lol. Good stuff, I miss playing this game.

  9. oooooooooooof

  10. That’s second to leclerc raped by Hind

  11. Delete this crap game really the fucking unicorn units ruined it years ago.

  12. It is a feature 🙂

  13. split-regroup-pro-micro

  14. Should have split the tanks, maybe that would help 🙂

  15. Nice video. Thank you
    Hi from Russia <3

  16. Tunguzka and Tunguzka-M? WTF. why

  17. Nice split @fire ^^ Nice atacms Salthond

  18. based and artypilled

  19. what is the origin of the “just casually” phrase?

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