The ULTIMATE Sniper Tank in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The is the ultimate sniper in World of Tanks and today Zews_Really shows you why!



  1. Actual first

  2. first!

  3. First comentand, BTW when will you make a vid about steel hunter

  4. Sniper tank, OP

  5. maybe it does not bug us??? duh

  6. Damn you guys are fast..LOL….Rock on QB

  7. Love the Strv 103B. Would love more of it on the channel.

  8. Honestly I hated the entire td line for the sweedes until tier 9 and then everything just clicked. While I had a blast with the tier 9, the tier 10 is just a blast to play. This is honestly one of my go to tanks these days.

  9. Uhh, nothing like calling teammates cancers in the game. Good replay but come on.

  10. Bruh another game where the dumb enemy team could have just won if the AE phase I and SConq cap the base while progetto do some delay.

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