The ULTIMATE Sniper’s Nest in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger. Today ABRISHU is going to set up the ultimate sniper’s nest and show you perfect bush mechanics!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Take a shot every time qb says bush in this video. 😂

  2. Half his team dealt no damage, that’s what my teams look like, except without the part where I carry LMAO

  3. Props to that m44

  4. So glad you showed this. I love this TD… it was free Tank Rewards tank for me. It can shoot like a laser though.. and for a sucky player like me, a 2K game is rewarding.

  5. What a suprise, after my premium time gone, my winrate go down 20% and only bullshit matches…what shalls now i am only the gunfood for the premium /pay players !

  6. I wouldn’t mind this TD, if it didn’t have those two extremely annoying blocks on the front that block your gun depression

  7. The first pancake is the bad one, and also the last. But u r de the best qb

  8. Namegoeshere Orhere

    While the M44 did a good job at the end is he playing with a 50% crew? That guy couldn’t hit the side of a planet.

  9. Give me these kind of enemy teams PLEASE……….., on the bots-infested Hong Kong server, where I (am forced to) play, you’d better forget about getting such ignorant enemy teams even at tier 3……… Even the bots are better programmed than this enemy team, would you believe it………

  10. Incredible considering that six of his team did no damage.

  11. still tho the m44 helped in my games spg’s don’t know what wasd keys are for

  12. You want a disgusting tank to play?

    Kit an E25 for scouting, and take it into a match that has no light tanks.

    Laugh at the enemy team’s complete inability to do anything to counter you.

  13. QB …. next video on a Light Tank …( The Bush spotting Equipment) you no…thank you

  14. Bush work 101 = Happy wife happy life ; )

  15. tbh while his understanding of the game mechanics was good his markmanship/lead was pretty bad. The real hero was the M44

  16. I think this gun is the most accurate gun in the game . Yea yea i know its the strv but to me this seems to hit way more then that td and i have played them all.

  17. Geez will you unicoms just face the fact that some players just like sniping . I like to be those long range shots on tanks on the move . And btw the last patch they have removed or made useless tons of td bushes.

  18. Well done and great job learning the game and mechanics.

  19. Oh, Quicky…he was Spotted in the first 3rd of the Match one Time…

  20. Au venit că și gâștele la tăiere,normal că e ok meciul

  21. His camera handling gave me nausea

  22. this seems to be a prepared battle… in a normal one you nevere see this rush in an open field

  23. M44 gave him the victory!

  24. Damn, quickybaby just admitted that he thinks his brothers were better than him. I feel that


  26. With all the extra stuff available to PC it’s laughable this is cross platform.

  27. Patchouli Knowledge

    no they are not trying to make up a tank
    this tank is real

  28. My tier 6 Jackson is my favorite tank in the game.

  29. Manuel Monroe Legal Jr

    Thats my favorite premium TD tank!

  30. Really nice to see some less commonly used and often seen as underpowered tanks getting featured, hoping to see some good games in the panther 88, jadgtiger 88 or even the tower 7 german heavyum vk thingy

  31. Good God, that zoom in/out is too much for my bourbon blessed brain.

  32. Respect for that arty player

  33. the way this guy uses zoom made me throw up

  34. i have zoom sickness now

  35. I dont think we can praise the M44 enough in this situation. He recognized that his surviving teammate could be trusted not to derp out, so he changed a very dicey 1v1 with arty support into a layup by sacrificing his tank. 99% of arti players would have been perfectly content with sitting back, waiting for the TD to spot, and ‘claiming’ the kill.

  36. awh the first brother was the best one *sniffle* awh quuuiiicckkyyyyy

  37. Damn this guy’s zooming in and out constantly with the mouse scroll is irritating…

  38. woah :O that is amazing

  39. ABRISHU here.
    This tank is a hidden gem in my opinion. It’s gun is far from bad, it is a decent gun and what people don’t consider is the DPM. 5,7s reload i think. Also I prefer the camo net, because it allowes me to stay hidden whenever I want to. Let them pass and shoot them from behind.
    Anyway this was obviously a favorable situation and they just kept coming at me.
    Thanks QB for featuring me
    Greetings from Hungary

  40. One of Quickybaby’s strongest skills is his ability to pronouce all these tank names….

  41. Finally a new steyr WT video, I love that pos lol

  42. This vehicle has only 1 problam: speed. It should be 45 not 35

  43. I absolutely LOVE this TD, so… guess I’m a weirdo :))))

  44. His aim is kinda off for staying still and not moving at all lul

  45. I started playing this game when I was 12. I am so glad I grew up with it. Lots of good memories.

  46. I hope every German tank with this 88mm gun will have changed and they will have standard 280 damage.

  47. wow a SPG that is not a moron….

  48. what an IDIOTIC BOT GAME FFS … what is good here? He missed and missplayed TONS of shots. Just bots driving infront of him. Baaah

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