The Unbreakable Type 5 with New Bond Hardening | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy With New Bond Hardening Equipment ( Shell Resistance). World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy, Tier 10 Japanese Superheavy Tank Gameplay.

More than a year has passed since my previous Type 5 Heavy gameplay, and it is time to revisit the unbreakable, indestructible build. With the new ranked season, they are adding one new bond equipment unit, bond Hardening Shell Resistance… Let’s see how this pans out.

Enjoy the show!


  1. It’s been too long since my previous Type 5 Heavy’s video, so let’s remake the indestructible version of it.. Which in now-a-days World of Tanks is quite hard, but with the new Improved Shell Resistance equipment unit, it’s quite durable. 😛
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    Have an absolutely fantastic day and stay safe!

  2. Much HEAT, such magnet…

  3. Dez Dez Dez….. tststs
    If it’s “unstoppable”, then it MUST be the Mauerbrecher.

  4. When ultimate MAUS build with this new equipment?

  5. I really do not like the idea of putting new equipment behind ranked battles. Tanks, fine, but equipment should be available to all players. Or at least make the new mods available in battle pass as bounty clones.

  6. I love the creativity of you ad. Your channel is one of the best. I am glad you are feeling better sir. and….about that artillery video when ?:)

  7. where’s the almighty maus

  8. Enemy team be shooting him forever…
    I play heavies and my number goal is make it so the enemy team doesnt have enough ammo to kill my team. I’ve seen 5 enemy tanks just drive and die as the my clan kills them

  9. Best Ad ever

  10. Type 5 heavy may be a gold magnet but at least gw have promised us to deliver a gold ammo nerf for the 2019.

  11. Honestly, is there a point in driving the t5h?
    The maus has better gul, better armour, more hp, better penetration. But its only slower than the t5h.

  12. that ad was awesome

  13. Dislike this coment


  14. When I get my community contributor account I will definitely try this…

  15. I think you gotta get a mod to zoom in the ui. It’s hard to see the map or even your reticle on mobile phone screen.

    It’s not unwatchable but try it and see

  16. The latest influx of Chieftans has made the game just miserable. I’ve been in games with six of them at once. Wargaming has made a conscious effort to make these tanks ridiculously OP not only by their design but when combined with HE nerfs it’s just a big 🖕to casual players.

  17. Never mind the phone – nice looking santoku used to open it 🙂

  18. I hate adds

  19. wife name Deza?

  20. Great battles! However I never experienced your luck of opponents shooting 90% regular rounds. After the Derp gun nerf I sold my Type 5 because I was a huge gold round piñata and I could no longer damage even hull down mediums consistently.

  21. War Thunder when? 🙂

  22. With this world cituation, dont advertice botoxputler allies. Redmagic from china and china is winnie the poo.

  23. Great video Dez. Incredible to see these big tanks are still playable in this meta. Great to see they can still work!

  24. I would love to see the maus with the bond hardening. I wonder if you can get to 3600 hit points with it. The unstoppable maus could be made even better. Maybe this is an idea for a video. Great video Dez.

  25. I’ve taken 450 meter plus snipe shots because the tank is so solid that once it is aimed that is pretty much it.

    Nothing makes you feel better then firing back at an arty barely in render range. 😛

  26. francesco toscano

    on console it is very fun, 85mm from 1300 alpha and 330mm from 750 … pure fun!

  27. These titles are cringe asf obj279e will steam roll your type 5 heavy.

  28. Look good , thanks!!!❤

  29. I love my type 5, I play it with that setup; unfortunately my WN8 numbers aren’t that great, but I’m at 52% WR in it; the sheer fact that you can eat so many shots before you die, and have a gun that’s not half bad, is very fun to play! I would take type 5 over Maus any day because of the sheer trading potential of that gun; it’s very annoying that premium ammo exists, but.. whatever…

  30. The ad was quite fun! It is nice to see these kinds of little funny clips instead of just a basic ad! Keep up the good work, love ya!

  31. im still pissed about the nerf to that gun

  32. 19:17 well, that’s awkward…

  33. One of the best adverts I’ve seen in a veeeery loooong time 😀 nicely done Dez👏

  34. Shinyone Incarnate

    I got to Type 4 Heavy when it was Top of the Tree, then they nerfed HE, so I never outfitted nor played it. I like Dez’ crazy builds, so maybe I’ll try it with my Type 4.
    I do have this build on my VK 100.01 (P).

  35. Well, better than LAID SHADOW REGENDS.

  36. Heh O-Ni is the big little brother of the Type 5 😝

  37. Arty magnet

  38. Retropaintball clips

    This in t110e3 and bond turbo and bond gun rammer…

  39. with all the field mod and spall liner, you can drop med kit for oil to improve the mobility a bit.

  40. Type 5 is unplayable since 1.16 because they changed the name on the battle chart from “Type 5 Heavy” to “Type 5 H” xD

  41. I would like to see Mouse with thiz broken equipment.

  42. type 5 is a joke
    remove gold ammo or put it on gold then it will have sense to play that garbage tank

  43. Actually looks like a fun gameplay with Type 5

  44. Best thing is to give this equipment away in ranked battles , great move wg😊👍

  45. Great add lol 😂 not into phonegaming tho

  46. I hope they add bond turbo and hardening to regular bond shop soon. It sucks that only the best players can get them at the moment from ranked, which playing through is absolutely horrible.

  47. Great video and smooth add integration, well done !

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