The Underdog – IS-2 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Always trying to get the most of off your game.


  1. I know this isnt the most normal replay to feature, but i hope you appreciate it anyway!
    Dont forget i stream a lot on: give me a follow there and hope to see you in twitch chat! <3

    • Yeah I post a few good defeats here and there because you can’t win them all, but you can at least get a good result out of a defeat, and sometimes that’s all you can do…

    • Nothing wrong with this at all – we’ve all been in these hopeless situations where we don’t know what to do. Seeing how a pro approaches them (in a tank he’s unfamiliar with, no less) can teach you a lot.

    • Can you check out the new changes to HE? They buffed the dmg by 75%, so the KV-2 now does 580 and the T-34-85 has 10 more alpha on the HE than the AP, and you basically don’t need to aim. It must be a joke

    • BestViewedWithCable

      Im stuck on the Skota T50

  2. Enjoying the more frequent vids. Keep it up!

  3. Hi Circon,

    Keep up the uploads. Loving it, best part of my day

  4. Quit playing, still enjoying the videos though. Can’t help but notice that yet again a good heavy replay requires no artillery in the match, which is why I won’t reinstall this god forsaken game.

  5. I quit this game 2 months ago. Sorry for being a pussy, but RNG, ghost shells, hidden statistics, bad players and bugs in the game killed any fun i could have.

  6. The Sanity Assassin

    I’m still trying to get my first mark on the T40…

  7. My skill level isnt quite at the “3 mark a line” yet.
    Only one so far is my KV13 (you understand the attraction to that tank don’t you Circon).
    Pretty close on my A43 and my Comet, although i have a fairly aggressive impatient playstyle which doesnt help. Not to mention platoon mates who wont take risks to help me out, but happy to farm away when i make the push.

  8. I’m actually 3 marking a few tier 7s, the t25/2, the t34/100 and the p43 tier. I just 3 marked the tier 7 Leo and I never want to play it again lol

  9. I only have 2 tanks 3-marked (of which one i am consistently at 100%), but i often try to go for 2-marks on other tanks. I have tried for a while to 3-mark the t-34-1, because that tank is so fun especially against heavy tanks, but this last couple of years i haven’t been playing much so it’s become very hard 😛

  10. Any one else get the blues clues commercial ad for circonflexes? Now I got this image in my head of circon with big blue floppy ears,,,,,,

  11. Michael Hildebrandt

    I like videos of super unicum player how fail or lose just because they can tell why they lost.
    You can explain the situations and I can learn from the explanations.
    And of course it gives me a good feeling to see how these players sometimes fail 🙂

    Please more such videos!

  12. Well tbh I don’t even play WoT anymore, haven’t from before HD update. Still I enjoy you vids, so I am gonna keep watching either way.

  13. I’m 3 marking the t57 heavy and stuck on the obj 277

  14. i dont get it………

  15. I’m excited when I 1 mark a tank, best % i have on anything is around 77% and I was up around 82% before some really REALLY bad games dropped me hard… Someday I’ll get a 2nd mark, not in too much of a hurry to get there, still learning.

    Also, has anyone else had a giant surge of +2 matchmaking lately? I haven’t kept precise track of it, but it’s around 50%+ for me anymore… And do they not do the “first drive of a new tank is top tier” thing anymore? Bought 2 new tanks is the last week, and both times i was middle tier in a +2 matchup..

  16. Just 3-marked my T-34 yesterday. My 1st 3-Mark

  17. Fixed mm right? 4 t9s? Prty fair 😉

  18. Im actually disappointed, thought you gonna kill them all 🙁

  19. Basically it has the same gun on 112. On 112, I have to spam so many HEAT that it is not even funny, losing credits for most of the time.

  20. I’m trying to 3 mark my t3485m

  21. I love the games where you play this good, and still don’t win the game. It way more relatable than a clean sweap game. Love the daily upload!

  22. I’m try to 3 mark the Maus but man it’s rough it’s really rng to play cause either you get a game your team steamrolls and you get no damage or Everyone dies before you get there so your left 1v6ing people

    • Krystian Olszański

      i m no marking tanks at all better fun of the game and much healthier for me, usually 2 cond mark i have anyway, mostly i start game and i m like i have 2 stripes on barrel of this tank how/when 😀

  23. My first higher tier 3 mark was on SU 101 which I loved. It was after the changes to it and people said that its still not very good but I don’t know I had very good stats with it. But I tend to play tanks that are known to be weak or underdogs better because I’m more careful and tactical then. Thinking bout rebuying it 🙂

  24. Comrade! You make best situation of no situation.

  25. Lol, Circon’s losses are better than my Ace tanker games =P

  26. This video has the perfect length. It’s exactly long enough for me to take a Nice and comfortable shit. Which i thought had to be mentioned since there is a lack of attention to these kind of details lately by content creators. You’re appreciated circon

  27. I really like content like this because I often end up in situations like this. Plenty of times I just get lost not knowing what I should be trying to do. Seeing this helps a lot in trying to formulate a thought process and helps me see some angles that I never thought about.

  28. I would hate a heavy tank running away that doesn’t help the other heavys

  29. reminds me a lot of my situation.
    often I feel like I just run around trying to find an opening because the MM i was put in doesnt allow me tank to make a play.
    Damn balance and MM issues…

  30. oof I’m 666th like <3

  31. Just want to say, I love your content, anything you put up makes me nostalgic for your old videos.

  32. These games when you did everything and lose is what made me leave two years ago… how do you manage to still play this game after so long.

  33. Yeah Im 3 marking ALL THE THINGS, but Im also stuck on all the things. I just play when I can watch a tv series or movie on the other screen cause I dont feel there is enough GAME or map space to call this a full game.

  34. Chinese is2……. OOOF

  35. My only tier VII HT’s are the Tiger P, IS 2 and Black Prince. So all in all I like to make my own life miserable ahahah

  36. Awesome video as always. I have a tendency in being to aggressive while playing WoT. Being patient can be really hard, but watching your streams are making me a better player though.

  37. Thank you for showing that replay

  38. Krystian Olszański

    i m 3 marking t67 :POG: i 2 marked it in like 130 battles with grinding normally parts of this td without premium time, i m not 3 marking any tanks i dont see a point in that i m here for the fun lolz and memes not for a headache

  39. Kv-1 is close so trying to get that three marked. Nothing else really. Only tank I really wanted all three MOE was my T-29 cause she’s ma baby lol. Felt good when I achieved that one.

  40. I’m trying to mark the T54E1 and I’ve apparently forgotten just how terrible that tank is.

  41. What shell I do

  42. Good to have you back on YouTube circon

  43. I’m mostly stuck in the German tier grind. Indien panzer, PanzerII, etc. Always try to maximize damage only to have team mates yell at me to go where I’m supposed to…sometimes I understand, but most times, I’m just looking for a game like this where you can maximize your damage. Nice replay. Just because you are a heavy tank doesn’t mean you are a heavy tank, I think a lot of people misunderstand that when playing. Good to have you back, loving the daily content. You were certainly missed. Stay chill my dude.

  44. I’m sort of trying to 3-mark the E25, but I doubt I’ll get it. Maybe if I ran food for 100 games, but I don’t have a premium account so I’m stingy with that sort of thing.

  45. Happy birthday Circon, whenever that was. Hope you had/will have a good one. May RNGesus bring you good luck as a present 😀

  46. not even an ace

  47. Luv ya circon…keep on

  48. Want to try this tank!

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