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Source: Circonflexes

Honestly enjoying this medium tank so much!


  1. TY I need more!!

  2. Hot damn I’m early . Anyhoo have you 3 marked your Leo (the swedish one) already?

  3. lol that shotgun M53

  4. Snupps Synth channel

    I love my Indien Panzer, its among my favorite tanks in the game.

  5. Still number 1 for flair and belly-laughs. #ILikeRedshire

  6. Im here under 300 views nice

  7. I grinded that thing a few years ago and the tank was utterly frustrating, pretty decent but the gun. I’ve come back to the PTA and damn, honestly surprised at how good it is nowadays…

  8. Nobody ever looks at him. I know 100% if I was in that same spot, I know everybody would only aim at me ignore everyone else

  9. Ground through almost all of the T5 Leopard yesterday, can’t wait to get this thing by the looks of it. Hopefully the VK 28.01 and SP 1C aren’t a complete pain to play.

    • 2 words: potato launcher

    • VK2801 was fun but WG removed the derp just before I got it. I sucked so much in the SP1C I went back and through the VK Ds to get the Indien Pz, which I enjoyed. Great gun but armor is very troll.

    • As Jordan said, vk28 used to be fun as hell with the 105 howitzer. I just finished the last few k’s on it with the 75, and it’s not that bad of a tank, just maybe a tad too huge. Have only played a few games in the Sp1 c, and I’ve gotten pretty wrecked by getting caught out a lot. Not fully upgraded yet, but 2,5 skill crew and stuff from other German lines, like the top gun. It’s a good gun, it’s just got one fundamental problem: the shells are potatoes with their travel speed. Its so frustrating at any range but point blank, and it’s why I don’t enjoy playing the m41 GF that much anymore.
      It’s not that bad all in all, but compared to wheelies, ehh, but you can live through them for sure. Don’t go for the HWK instead of the Indien afaik, on your way to the Leos, since it’s pretty much a bigger Sp1 c, one tier higher…
      Edit: I tend to play too aggressively in my LTs due to playing wheelies aswell, and therefore used to be able to fall back from more forward positions. This is not for German LTs

  10. lmao at circ screams xD

  11. Nice to see you having fun circon!

  12. Loving all this IndyPanzer action! <3

  13. I unlocked the idn.pz yesterday and I am kinda in love with it. The gun accuracy is so damn good I will be sad when I have to move my crew out into the PTA.

  14. 430U yoloed and died first. Needs a buff

  15. I just got this tank yesterday so i am happy that its the next video 🤣

  16. that is what is called “hold the line”
    bravisimo maestro

  17. Italian spaghetti tank gets bullied by German tank with a weird turret, circa 2020

  18. Fun. !!!!

  19. Fun police? I would like to report a crime. This guy had fun in a +2.

    • We have the balancing team on it, don’t worry. The required nerfs are already being coded do this won’t happen again

    • @frealms amazing response time! could you Nerf the premium pen of all tier 8’s to 130 and make them twice as expensive just to make sure? I’m sure its feasible

  20. now try that again in the panther 8.8 please

  21. Now try the mutz as a challenge. Bet it isn’t far as good as the indian panzer

  22. Indien Panzer is one of the most sexiest tanks in the game.

  23. the panic in your voice is glorious 😛

  24. That Renegade MVP though

  25. Is that “lorem” in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail? 🤔

  26. Insane – really enjoyable replay and your energy was excellent! Glad you are feeling better!

  27. circon: someday… i’ll hit where i aim…
    me: nope. you are in a german tank. not gonna happen

  28. Why do you load standard ammo anyway?

  29. Fun in +2 MM? Reported

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