The Unicum’s Guide To Winning On Erlenberg

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. yeah first comment

  2. First to comment!
    Clever play.

  3. Effective scouting wins your side!Early spots are nice, but at mid and later game if you drive up and down the road by the river on your side that you push, you spot thier campers while remaining safe because their team can’t spot you because of cammo on lights, and if you do get spotted, you have plenty of coved to keep you safe.

  4. nice! thanks for the strat & gameplay !

  5. now a guide on the other spawn please 😀 This is one of most annoying maps, right after fisherman’s bay.

  6. This Chat ?

  7. Nice to see you playing best tank in game.,

  8. The meta in this map proves how lemmings are not actually bad.

  9. But very useful vid for playing the late game

  10. 8:07 “I’ve got so much support I’m gonna die”

    Super Unicum Lemmingrush 2017

  11. Noob JPE. Can’t even look at scores.

  12. Lemmingrush never jokes 🙂

  13. Can you do a unicums guide on the e50m?

  14. that team chat is entertaining to read lmao

  15. Great vid as always lemming question for you would you play the same way if you were on the south spawn?

  16. So what happens if you spawn on the other side of the map?  Would have been a better guide is you showed tactics for BOTH spawn locations…

  17. The Pleasant Pheasant

    How to play Erlenberg.

    Throw yourself into the river and go play another game.

    Erlenberg is tier 1 shit

  18. Was it the session from 1 am?

  19. Keep it up LR. Greetings from Argentina

  20. You could Also try middle spot plays (ilya Red teaches)

  21. do you like the rhm pzw

  22. sexy voice
    u should be a voice actor bb

  23. Nice vid!
    Thanks lemming! 🙂
    What would you do if they guard with couple of tanks near the northern bridge you cross?

  24. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    You play very well. Your advice is excellent. But sometimes you do come across as a bit arrogant, usually in your off-hand comments. Thx for the vids:) Your constant referals to ‘the clickers’ is pathetic and only encourages the hate/toxicity in the game.

  25. way too many games are blow-outs, the game is broken

  26. Michał Kłosowski

    Hello Lemming, it would be better to show a game where majority of enemies don’t die like idiots during the first 2 minutes of game. Nice play by the way… but… man.. seriously… showing a game like this where 4 of their tanks go south west? And your team has no idiots to stay north east?

  27. ‘that’s how scouting is done’ …..lel <3 your sense of humor lemming

  28. Not a good video.
    “Going 5,6 and 7 lines is what bad players do”… lol
    You are playing best tank possible in this map, with a 4-0 in less than 2 minutes.
    Please stop with this stupid videos, don’t call it how to win… when is applicable to only maybe 20% of the games.
    As I already said what a bad explanation on how to play a map.
    Not hating but men this is not how to play it, maybe it will get u results in randoms.
    But honestly I don’t think this is going to help people to understand the meta this map has.

  29. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Noob team we lose

  30. Meh this kinda thing doesnt happen on SEA

  31. Sarcasm is the lowest form of humour…you can do better LR

  32. What if you’re bottom tier medium on this map?

  33. How about you show us how to win a charkow map in lignt tank when its 0-6 after 2 mins, becouse thats how most my light tanks game look like.

  34. you are so humble

  35. Love your vids, but 3 ads… rly?

  36. What happens if enemy tanks are at B7 by the time you clear the 1-2? How do you successfully push across

  37. Really nice game, gg

  38. Looks solid solution for this map and how I would do it. Great video again! And I’m not saying anybody is right here, but here is bit different solution for this map from player who doesn’t care about damage:

  39. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    I swear to God side shots are bugged since 9.18

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