The UNIQUE ability of the UK Lights! LOL

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Source: Circonflexes

The incredible, unique UK light tanks…. This time, the Setter..


  1. UK Lights do nothing, beter then any other light tank. *cough*

  2. not even one in the bush, rather my own hand,,,,

  3. hahaha

  4. Oh WG don’t ever change. I need more useless tank line roll outs like these so I can watch and be entertained by classic Circon commentary.

  5. open Map, OPEN, Maaap, maa,mmap, ur stupid
    , but ur cool BroHam?

  6. 1 smart player that knows about bushes…. Shoot at them at LEAST 2-3 min after start..

  7. So much judgement… I love you Circon, I really do, but this one was a little bit annoying

  8. how do you get notification of what you are spotting?

  9. Fun and engaging gameplay!

  10. tfw when the e-25 could have done all this and more

  11. How do you like the Up-setter ?

  12. Circon you should have included a warning in your preamble regarding the large amount of Sarcasm in this vid man! 🙂

  13. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    No joke this made me fall asleep


    god he’s so arrogant

  15. I thought the rant you posted would have been the last we would have heard from you on this new line, but here you are playing them?
    If there were a line to boycott, wouldn’t it be this one…..plz no more UK light tank play. Bad publicity is still publicity.

  16. If you aren’t going to anything ALL game, please move your pale mug off the chat window so we may be entertained by some aspect of this WONDERFUL game.

  17. Boris: Hey Ivan, Players make our nerfed SP1C working with alpha and viewrange. Could we copy it for the brits but remove everything which make the tank even remotely useful?
    Ivan: Say no more.

  18. Nerf the Brit lights

  19. Stil worst then Mouse spoter.

  20. UK LT are best for winning battles if they are played as only a scout. Lets face it in war scouts don’t really engage enemies. These UK light tanks are a even more aggressive way to force players of other light tanks to push forward and attack.


  22. Legend says that if you sit in the bush long enough, you become so transparent that the enemy won’t even proximity spot you…

  23. Reminds me an old @SirFoch video: malinovka, same bush, parked his centurion(?) there and went to get his fucking cereals, watched the game while eating his lunch.
    you ask if he has won? obviously

    cannot find the video, anyone?

  24. I dunno Circon, the old Tortoise line of TDs will give these lights a run for their money in scouting.

  25. Drive slightly forward into a really safe bush
    Jerk off for 5 minutes
    Tank Mastery

  26. once got so much spotting from that bush WG gave me a free gift.

  27. moron

  28. thats the worst about passive spotting

    you rely way too much on your (mostly dumb) teammates to hit their shots


  29. Syahareen Sha Rani


    I actually laughing my ass off xD

  30. That’s it, the bush in that map is a gonner on next update….eheheheheheh

  31. Helps that the other team was full of muppets…that is not a secrect spotting bush. But whatever works.

  32. thats why the brits got so low ammo. thats not a drawback its a feature!

  33. British lights: The one hand arty experience without the damage and stun.

  34. Ilmārs Belēvičs

    In russian segment wg said that this shit would have the best penetration but in reality another unnecessary piece of crap

  35. Normally that bush gets always blind-fired , ..but I guess ..the enemy’s didn’t know…lol ..??

  36. I would play them only if there would be at least one of these buffs:
    Either more british accuracy,
    or higher alpha,
    or the best camo.

  37. They misspelled the tanks name wrong. Its called Sitter. (From sitting in the bush)

  38. Players – complaining about German lights being the worst in the game
    Wargaming – introduces Brit lights, so now German tanks are not the worst, problem solved, stop complaining!

  39. Seeing that reload…with that alpha.

  40. What the absolute hell was this game even?? I have never seen such ineptitude at shooting sitting duck enemies from a team…

  41. So wait I’m confused. Does camo work better when you’re IN the bush or BEHIND the bush?

  42. british lights are bloody garbage…yet i still see easy kills everywhere

  43. Should be tagged NSFW

  44. They are so bad that its unique

  45. So there’s this glitch that makes these tanks utter trash

  46. Vulgar, cursing, disrespectful language. 🙁

  47. Wg:Lets do lights that are good with skilled players so lets make them shit and see who can get ace tanker.
    Circonflexes: Hold my beer.

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