The unique ability of the UK lights part 2 – LHMTV – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Malinovka.mp4, brilliant design.


  1. and they say arty is boring

  2. the scout passiv made to good use !

  3. Cannot wait for part 3 of the British lights unique gameplay.

  4. The british lights are extremely good at sitting in the garage.

  5. How tf did nobody just blindfire his bush

  6. For best light tank replays, watch Circons ELC project videos, ELC Project 4 is the best… and hilarious!

  7. I love people who play like: “i’m gonna sit here in the back, and if the tank i’m shooting is not spotted for 1 second, i start pinging at our light tank.”

  8. Lmao, World of Tanks…ROLL OUT!! …..and sit in a bush all game 😐

  9. My favorite ASMR channel

  10. almost have a heart attack from wacthing Uk LT gameplay

  11. Eric VonSpreckelsen

    Singing the Bond theme was such a nice touch lol.

  12. Gold noob not even using camo net

  13. 007 Circon with license to AFK strikes again!

  14. Danique Valkenburg

    Forgot about elc for a sec

  15. This is why I always lob an arty shell into those bushes at the beginning of the game.

  16. Yeah, totally didn’t do this in my AMX 13 90, never happened

  17. you gave my computer a virus

  18. What new tanks is he talking about?

  19. Petri Hämäläinen

    1:43 *chilling in recliner* “outplayed!” XD

  20. How many game did you need to play to get the “one” game with no artillery, I see this in nearly every game when using a light tank and taking the spotter role, no matter how far forward you go its not enough, you go left, they want the right, you go down the middle they want you in the cap circle, then they are happy as you die and begin the endless “L2P” “Un-install noob” “Report the spotter” It’s always the guy right at the back as far as possible who wants you to get killed while not bothering to shoot those already lit up.

  21. My sub feed said this video was 6 seconds long. Even Youtube knows about this “unique” gameplay.

  22. Why does my Youtube sub-box say that this video is only 6 seconds long?

  23. I’d like to say that mobile youtube says this video is 6 second long, and i would have the same experience if i just watched a 6 second video of a bush compares to what i got

  24. once upon a tiem there was a BouRAHSHHKK (spoke with cripsy reptillian accent)

  25. Sadly any money you made from this video will be claimed by the James Bond music company

  26. This seems like an obvious upgrade for arty players, now you have both hands free instead of just one 😛

  27. And you know if I tried this I would have been spotted at the start because they would have had an asshole that was sui-scouting my position.

  28. 6 second video clickbait? Thanks YouTube.

  29. Any time I try and do something like this and passive spot… Nobody seems to be able to hit anything lol I swear.. Never seen so much spotting damage in such a short amount of time lol.

  30. What an annoying chat. LoL DaE cOrOnA jOkE?

  31. Their unique ability is penetration and small size

  32. Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before..

  33. You drove almost two kilometers. Seriously, that’s way above walking distance not to mention “sitting”. You can do better…

  34. When I sit in a bush and spot the other team my team don’t shoot them and after 3 minutes I still have 0 spotting. The other point I would make is that I blind fire those bushes if I see my team getting spotted and shot. Either way games like this one are rare.

  35. Lol such a blobbed team

  36. Hope you don’t have Cofefe virus bro

  37. You sound pretty sick hope you’re ok man and get better soon

  38. Dead, Rotten ,Quickly Forgotten

    Razor’s a great band tho.

  39. Numbskull Numismatist

    ELC magnitude better at that

  40. What a bunch of completely retarded slugs. Jesus take the wheel, this physically hurts me.

  41. Agent 357, name is Flexes, Circon Flexes. 🔥🔫

  42. 6.8K spotting in 6 seconds. Gotta be a record my dude.

  43. Such skillz and patience like an old wise zen-master! And you even used the mighty battle ship gun at the end.

  44. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Ah yes the old let’s just sit here watching my team do all the work

  45. You over the China flu yet?

  46. Circon: *_sits in bush and does nothing_*
    Also Circon: *Still gets top of team with >1000 base XP*

  47. The true unique ability of British Light Tanks, absorbing shots meant for others. 8:16

  48. Krystian Olszański

    4:59 be circon kill them all 😀

  49. You got pinged Circon because you were a light tank alive for longer than 30 seconds after the game started lol

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