The Unique History Behind Different War Thunder Vehicles 🤔

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  1. Dawg, I swear I better not see anyone making fun of the name ‘Enola Gay’, it was the pilot (Paul Tibbet’s) mom’s name: Enola Gay Tibbets

  2. @Guygotphonecall-ec2el

    A bit bomb btw

  3. @pramodchawla2181

    Enola gay 💀

  4. civilian target❌
    enemy target✔

  5. @aidanmarshall8469

    I have seen the Enola gay on dc

  6. b29 was also the only plane to shoot down 5 planes and become an “ace”

    • Not quite, a lot of planes have shot down five or more aircraft. A B29 during the Korean War *is* the only heavy bomber to shoot down five jet fighters, though.

  7. the way that u had that casual music whilst talking about some hundreds of thousands of lives that were taken, RESPECT

  8. This aircraft is such a beautiful aircraft it is literally the best aircraft to have ever flown the sky’s

  9. The enola GAY??????

  10. F15 was planned before the Mig 25. The mig just sped up the program. And the Mig25 wasn’t a total flop.

  11. @ludovitbradovka5208

    The B-29 was also usually overloaded to such an extent, that even liftoff was a massive problem.

  12. Why you need to chat war of thunder bro you need call of duty mobile for once chill

  13. What the voice

  14. ANOLA (gay)

  15. I saw the Enola Gay and it was a lot smaller than I expected

  16. First and possibly last

  17. It wasn’t an “enemy target”, it was civilians. Don’t forget the incendiary bombings which killed even MORE civs.

  18. The Mig-25 wasnt a flop

  19. Gay Enola

  20. Calling the MiG 25 a flop has to be a joke..

  21. EnOlA GaY

  22. @syedayanather713

    Oh so the B-29 was gay

  23. @danielcooney5718

    Fun Fact Paul Tibbits Led the first daylight bombing raid

  24. Anola why did you become gay😅

  25. B-19’s Bombed Hiroshima Killing 80,000 People But More with Radiation and Bombing Nagasaki killing 40,000 But More With Radiation ._.

  26. “Omg a Fat man flying”

    Japanese grandpas: NANI?!?!?!

  27. Ah yes the us came up with random crap for a counter for MIG 25 thinking it’d be too strong just to see it get retired easily 😭 I mean probably the best MIG to even stand a chance against f 15 is MIg 31 and Def mig 35

  28. @Kayden_orveshremy

    “Enola Gay” 💀

  29. “space can’t save you”

  30. @Average_NZ_Brony

    The b29 is, I think, the worlds first pressurised aircraft

  31. b-29 is american version of Soviet tu 4

  32. Did he just forget about the Nuclear Bomb dropped on Nagasaki?

  33. @LesbianCroissant

    “The M120 was aimed towards middle Eastern nations” you mean Israel?

  34. @rhydencabael1293

    Should also mention that no F-15 has ever been defeated in Air to Air. Only two have ever been shot down from ground to air missiles

    • Yes, in Iraq

    • @rhydencabael1293

      @sooryan_1018  I assume you’re talking about Samurra. The one F-15 was hit by a Mig’s missile but no aircraft were shot down during that battle

    • @@rhydencabael1293 no, two F15s were lost to Iraqi air defenses. Check it out on Wikipedia page regarding F15’s losses

    • @@rhydencabael1293 nope, not that. Iraqi SAMs took it down twice in another incidents. Check out Wikipedia page

    • @rhydencabael1293

      @sooryan_1018  ah okay I thought you were saying my quote of never being shot down in air to air was wrong. But yes the two SAMs were the only 2 recorded times of the f-15 being shot down. Still holding their record of 104-0 air to air ratio

  35. You say it was the first to drop on enemy targets. Have there been others that I don’t know about?

  36. I’ve seen the plane in person, it’s hard to describe how it felt seeing the cause for so much death.

  37. @enterchannelname5953

    Here is another fun fact outside of the US. The Su-27 was meant to be a bomber and a replacement for the Su-24 but during testing it was a way better fighter than bomber. And when it was finally completed it was way better then the MiG-29 but didn’t replace the MiG-29 until late 1991.

  38. B29 that dropped nukes shouldnt have the top turrets as these where removed in silverplate b29s like enola gay and bockscar. So close but not quite…

  39. @Adamandhisfriends158

    “Enola gay”very wonderful name💀💀💀💀

  40. @ambush_akula5261

    The MiG-25 wasn’t necessarily a flop, it’s just not a fighter, it’s designed specifically as a bomber interceptor

  41. Fun fact: the f-15 was not a direct response to the mig-25, the us was actually worried the Russians knew about the f-15 because the mig-25 looked so similar

  42. “Enola GaYyYy”

  43. @jackiejoseph9900

    Enola Gay? Bro… what even is Enola gay

  44. @Countryhuman-A.H.E-

    And us Americans killed civilians in the nuking yay

  45. @TheFaithfulMuslim1

    New sub from uranus

  46. Mig-25: “Who are you?”
    F-15: “I’m you but better.”

  47. military Target= whole cities

  48. @yeetus77gaming95

    I literally just scrolled from part 1 to part 2💀💀💀

  49. @DionicioThomas-qd6ns

    Boc star was the 2nd b29 to drop a bomb on nagasaki

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