The Unknown TD – WZ 131G FT – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Seriously, does anyone play this?


  1. Cool Circon !

  2. What do you call a bee with a with a rudder?


  3. What do you call a truck with a big engine and tires?


  4. I play this tank quite a lot and I like it quite a lot.
    It´s like the Chinese über version of the Stug III.

  5. Circonflexes i been grinding on that Chinese td line and i have to say it does not feel like its worth it, Im at the tier 6 td and that tank is not that great.

  6. Very informative but not boring, as usual. Good work Circon : only one thing, could you tell us in your yt videos what kind of crew you use at the time of recording? I think it’s as important as the gameplay you show us, esp for Camo and detect range. Just a couple of lines at the beginning of the video, nothing more. Thanks again Circ, and stay strong.

  7. Hey Circon we call those advertising signs billboards in the states

  8. Polish heavies soon?

  9. I was grinding it a few years ago and kept it, so it must have been pretty good. Can’t really remember though.

    • Fast, low silouhette, great gun. As far as casetanks go, this is one of the best. The Tier 7 is my babe though. God tier camo.

  10. Waat, that’s my second keeper TD (after the one all the hetzers hetz)…

  11. I love this video format 🙂

  12. I picked this up when it first came out. its better than the trashhorn or Ikea, but that is not hard to do. It’s not bad for sure. 250 alpha and a good RoF is hampered by its bad gun depression and arc.

  13. Love this tank… Don’t know why more people don’t play it.

  14. Luís Augusto Panadés

    This gun shoots much more in the center than any german one. With german guns you can’t shoot if you are not fully aimed or your shots goes anywhere except in the center o the aiming circle.

  15. Chinese td line is ignored cos’ tiers 10 and 8 are not very good. Tier 8 is also an unusually huge free xp sink.
    tiers 45679 are ok -> good
    To entice an average wot bob to grind a line you always need an easy mode tier 10, so he can wet dream about getting it and owning everyone.

  16. I played through this TD and found it surprisingly enjoyable. Couldn’t pinpoint what made it good but it worked.

    • Fast, mobile, smol, and a good gun to boot. At least that’s my take on it. Still working on that third mark though.

  17. Alunita Inghinala

    Maybe i suck at playing World of Tanks, but i found the Chinese TD line worthless after tier 8.

  18. On the na servers I see this tank all the time

  19. I love my WZ its amazing and very sneaky

  20. I hated the Chinese tech tree.
    I played this one, and it is probably the best one there.
    nice vid.

  21. I enjoy playing this tank, good speed for mopping up at the end of battle, but the .32 dispersion it claims to have is a lie… way too many fully aimed missed shots for .32 in my opinion.

    • Silly me it is .36, but I won some ‘improved combat rations’ so that pushed it up a bit… explains a lot.

  22. Just like the VK30.01P

  23. Totaly cool tank plus I love the solar panals on the back.

  24. Hey you have different voice

  25. So close to a yoshi oh ododo’s medal

  26. I’ve been playing World of Tanks for 6 years now and I never knew there was a tornado on this map.

  27. taras kreslavsky

    A good line of TDs but no one plays them because shitters like QB completely trash them

  28. Ive never seen the tornado. Jesus.. Shows you how much attention I have I guess :p

  29. I play this td it’s great especially against higher tiers the tier 4 and 7 are pretty decent too but after that it’s troll gun time. Gg dude

  30. The tier 4 td on that line is insane?

  31. I really like the Chinese TDs. I am in the tier 9 now, and it’s a beast. The armor is workable in a lot of cases, 750 alpha with 290 standard pen is awesome, and 395 HEAT pen can solve a lot of problems. The tier 8’s gun is much like the top gun on the Jagdtiger.

  32. Lol @ tornado, never noticed it before.
    As for WZ-131G-FT
    They aren’t so rare. According to wot-news the WZ-131G-FT placed 9 out of 14 in amount of games played with T6 TDs in last 4 weeks (EU):P

  33. Hey circon, do you think that WG needs to take a look at how food affects gameplay? I’ve recently been starting to use it and from low to mid tiers it dramatically changes how effective you can be in terms of view range and DPM. It also seems wg hasn’t really balanced the game around frequent food use and it leads to some tanks being absurdly strong.

  34. Unknown because it’s a Chinese fantasy tank version of a Russian fantasy tank.

  35. Well…the premium Chinese TD is so good that it’s the only one I play for the most part.

  36. the tier 7 is OP as fuck to 7.5 sec reload with 390 alpha at tier 7 nuff said 😛

  37. I seriously loved the mid-tier Chinese TDs, especially the 6 and 7.

  38. hahah I thought he said no one probably noticed but there are tomatoes on this map.

  39. You can tell they are completely made-up by silly devs in China.
    Soviet chassis with German gun mantlet/Super Structure design at mid-tier.
    It is the only tech tree line that do not deserve to be in the game.
    Btw good video, Circon.

  40. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Actually playing it now but I unlocked the tier 7 and I don’t like playing tier 6 so I’ll move on but I thought it was a pretty good tank.

  41. Katharina Bödecker

    Amazing, especially the Tornado. On “Steppen” is a beautifull waterfall ?

  42. At first I thought you said did anyone notice there are tomatoes on this map. All of the time mate 😉

  43. Yeah its the SU100 for Chinese TDs.

  44. thank you circ, after this video im already seeing quite a few more of these, and now knowing how squishy they are, my avg dmg is going up when i face them!

  45. I’ve been slowly going up this tech tree, at tier 7 now. T5 and T6 were quite nice tanks as long as you stay hidden, and with binocs and camonet they are good snipers IMHO. They were the easiest tank for me to 3-mark after T67… Just sit back, use bushes and kill everything. At tier 7 I’m now at 91% I think, it’s been good too.

  46. i loved this so much i kept it. same with the tier7. red line and you can go forwards. good fight.

  47. Agree with you exactly on the chinese tds. Seems all of their lines (except possibly the lights) are just inferior versions of the russian tanks. The tier 6, yeah was good but the lack of armour never won me over.

  48. Oh, that T6 is a gem but there’s literally next to no point in progressing beyond T7. At that point, the Chinese TD line is quite terrible….

  49. 9:28 actually noticed it earlier in the vid, still first time noticing it though XD

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