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Source: DOLLARplays

Today I'm playing with PUMA IFV(everyone hated vehicle ) for the first time since it got moved to 9.0 BR. For backup we'll be playing with Begleitpanzer 57, Gepard.
War Thunder “Wind Of Change” update, German tech tree gameplay. Enjoy!



Intro: Mercury82 – Toxic

Background: Winnipeg Sneak – Arthur Benson
Naked Faces – Martin Klem
Becquerellah – OTE
Funky Flat – Martin Landstrom

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. Doggy good boy bone

    Hey dollar i played demon fall in alt account in Roblox

  2. Very nice channel

  3. before even watching the video i noticed something
    u have 312k sub and 302 videos u have to solve this problem add 10 videos asap ^_^
    missed you for mounths couldnt watch you coz of the war (Yemen)

  4. i wish i could play with such high graphics like you, long time ago my 1070 was playing it on ultra now it struggles at ulq, by the way try to increase sharpness from nvidia experiance turn on the developer stuff then in game press alt z or f3 to access filter menu search for sharpness and little bit it well make ur game look and feel more clear or from nvidia control panel advanced 3d settings look for scaling then adjuste it make it 25-75% sharpness, from geforce experiance u can do it on the fly from inside the game from control panel u have to restart game for the effect.
    tell me if you tried it or if didnt find it just replay here i well give you in details then

    really it well make ur life better ^^
    greetings from Yemen
    c u in battle’s betty ^^

  5. Where are u from 😀

  6. Dollar , in a point captured ot your team you recivevd amo in stop position

  7. Unholy Tendencies

    the other HE shell is better for AA, it has tracer and more tnt

  8. 12:17 You survived an ammo burnout. Cant imagine the pain of the enemy after that.

  9. waaaait a fucking moment….. YOU CAN HAVE MORE THAN 10 ROUND of VT in Bagelpanzer?????????????????????????

  10. There is two things puma i am afraid of

  11. Obj 279 club Puma real good kek

  12. TheRussian Boss1945

    Idk if u remember me, but I am that guy with the Tiger I, well I havent played Tiger I since Last Summer, but know that I have some uptier tanks, i started to play the Tiger I, and idk why but I feel like Michael Wittmann, a Pt-76-57 Bounced me while I was angling, and made around 7 kills yesterday, is pretty easy to angle the Tiger ngl

  13. brate odakle si pa znas za pesmu Helikopter 🙂

  14. I fought someone with your decal yesterday, unfortunately they did not angle and suffered a fatal accident by 90mm shell going right through them

  15. I know it is a bit out of context but why did almost all your Videos disappered on YOUR Main Channel

  16. Dude idk how ive been waiting three 3 days after yous ent this out man the intro is fire holy smokes

  17. Someone listening to retrowave cant be a bad person or have boring videos, so catch another sub.

  18. This thing should be at 9.3 and funny video as always.

  19. please t34-85 next

  20. Andrés Rodriguez

    please i need the music of the intro

  21. Great content as always Betty, maybe some Kongo footage soon?

  22. What about tsipras? He needs to be remembered 😛

  23. But everyoneh ates every vehicle that is new

  24. Super entertaining. Loved it!

  25. 1:43 unless the driver is not too stupid to drive…

  26. You are my fav wt youtuber and I use your code keep up the insanely good work that entertains all of us!!!!

  27. since gajin push puma on 9.0 is become usless AF ….

  28. The scenery look like a hot model came out from the water behind the evening sun.

  29. Easy way to murder a PUMA


  30. Yeah i think they need to actually make the nera blocks do something to apfsds

  31. Sergeant Johnson, Union Aerospace

    Can’t wait to one day unlock this. I’ll soon be starting on the Marder 1, and shall unlock the Leopard 1 soon

    This gunna be guud

  32. Nice to see WT is still as shit as when I left

  33. i dont hate it. never encoutered it….yet >:D

  34. Владислав Бадердинов

    Friend, I’m from Russia, I don’t want to talk about the war. Know that this intro with surfacing from the water is the best thing I’ve seen this year.

  35. itally in 1943 be like: 0:28

  36. just found the channel i fuckin love it

  37. if i were you id do this full time u definitly could easily

  38. and they say puma is op

  39. player of 15 ms ping can do this and more, me whit 180 just cant see the enemy in time.

  40. You forgot about kv 2 the starter destroyer

  41. You just said ya3ni that would be i mean ! So i think you are kurdish or arab dollar !?

  42. I love how the music sometimes matches with the gun shots

  43. I love this man

  44. love freedom and democracy

    Nothing like watching dollar plays while high and drunk and eating some pierogi’s and home marinated drumsticks some Frank’s buffallo hot sauce and some roasted garlic and some different types of herb all mixed into one marinade all at 10:30pm and I’ll probably be going on 2 or 3 am when i stop watching.

  45. I love the Marder 1A3, but when I PUMAs dakka APDFS….. yes. <3

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