The Vipera – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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The Vipera is the T8 premium Italian destroyer in World of Tanks. Here's why it might be the best T8 TD in the game!


0:00 Introduction
0:59 Stats Discussion
11:46 Equipment Recommendations
12:26 Field Mods
12:48 Crew Skills
13:50 Game 1
17:49 Game 2
25:06 Game 3
29:23 Conclusion


  1. I only played a few games and it’s ridiculously strong, but super slow.

  2. I think WG completely messed up the classes. Instead of making these “TD”s as heavy tanks and those so called Italian heavy tanks converted to TDs

  3. These things are going to get farmed by all the tier 8 medium tanks. They’ll hold their shots until you turn your turret and clap those big cheeks.

  4. These Italian tanks show how the Foch B would perform if it had armor.

  5. Great, another hull-down tank that is impossible to kill and takes 0 skill to play. Good job WG. Why do we even play this game? Honestly would be best to just uninstall, it won’t get any better.

  6. Sorry, but that Ferdi killing you was some hilarious F2P justice.

  7. The 24 second clip reload is now 32 seconds

  8. If this is to counter the hull down heavy meta then please roll back the HE nerf..

  9. How to promote gold rounds 101

  10. Looks bit like tier 9 Progetto 66

  11. waxfactor general

    So you need to fire gold at it and you need to fire gold from it ? Wp wg is this the Foch wagon 2.0?

  12. 16:16 low velocity 106.000 Pound shells seem quite uneffective against the vipera.

  13. Edoardo Tregattini

    wtf did i just see a 14 skill crew member?!

  14. gonna stop playin for a while now the whole game is full of these op tank

  15. Just a note, those shells the 50tp penetrated only worked because he shot into the front of the track. Angle a little more and the spaced armour that the track is will just absorb the shell with zero damage. People tend to shoot the visible part of the drive wheel when they can, even though because of the way the penetration mechanic works, shooting into the flat front is far better.

  16. honestly, it looks like a bad TS5

  17. How to ruin the game is what you should call this video

  18. Disgusting preferential MM what tier and value of the opponents concernes, back when i was playing this cheat and mockery many still call game, i couldn’t get rid of tier X MM whille playing tier 8… They select your opponents and tier MM almost by the hand, manualy, in order to fool people watching videos that they may actualy easily destroy tanks as you do in your manipulated MM and RNG, once WG catches new victims to invest money and time, as soon they get addicted playing over 5 hours a day the manipulated MM appear in their lifes, destroying their ego and nerves, anihilating them as human beings…
    Useless to still mention the sheer disballance among the so called tanks.
    Needless to say/write that you, the so called contributors (contributors thru and to the mockery and fraud), harbor a master teacher atitude, actualy your pretended super value being induced by the MM which select for you only less experienced players to execute so you’re happy..! That’s a plain and simple mockery and a fraud!
    Of course you won’t answer because you knowingly and willingly take part to that mockery and fraud WG is commiting, you’re aware of the MM and RNG manipulations.
    May God be praised for abandoning that mockery!

  19. I wonder If this will be a king in frontline?

  20. Shout out to that chad ELC

  21. This update hasnt been live for longer than a few hours and ive already ran into like 7 people on NA who are crying about how they nerfed the M44, yet its still rather strong, watched 2 m44s get 9 kills between the 2 of em… anyways so far ive gotten to the tier 7 and I find the line fun, tho I did play the tier 10 a lot on the test server and found it to be a huge disappointment, strictly cus the gun sucks.

  22. this might be the last nail in the coffin for this game

  23. I like my vipera, its quirk it is funny

  24. should of played smarter vs that 50tp would of been better to have repositioned.

  25. Lol ive seen this tank in frontline

  26. Seriously, this game is doomed. WG crossed the very last line.

  27. With how many idiots play the game this tank will just be average

  28. FSXNOOB - Masters In Gameplay 4ᴋ

    Comander with 14 skills, good job QB for us the ‘normal players’ :/

  29. i bet when qb streams he will skip the tier 5 and 6 tanks and jump either straight into the tier 7 or 8 and this will be a shame would rather see qb play from the tier 5 and work up the tech tree and talk about each tank along the way but i will say this has been a great video talking about the vipera and how strong it is and to all of us how to take them out when we come across them wich we all no we will see alot of them on the battlefield so from me take care on the battlefield and enjoy yourself

  30. Honestly this time WG simply crossed the line… BIG TIME. WTF is this

  31. In the hands of avg or worse players the tank is gunna be bad. Good players however will be a struggle

  32. Hmm, time to play my ferdi, and hunt them, lol.

  33. Thumbs up for the segmentation in video now

  34. Why cant they just add normal tanks?

  35. Metaphysical Retardation

    So, armor-wise, it’s essentially a 268 v4 with a turret and without the cupola.

  36. @QB: If you find the vehicle you reviewed too powerful/borderline op, I have a solution. Play it without premium consumables (like most players), without crew of 10 perks average per crewman (again – like most players) and as bottom tier in tier 10 game (like most battles for t8 tanks). That would simultaniously make the video more like a review, and less of an advertisment for WG to sell a tank, that doesn’t exist. What we buy isn’t what you reviewed. (Although playing in this setup sure looked like fun).

  37. Man this tank reminds me of some TD that being removed because it is OP

  38. I see, WG hasn’t let go of the V.I.P.-Era.

  39. It is I who Nuts to That

    WG doing the dont make a hull down tank challenge (impossible).

  40. Amount of gold, fired at tank, is the reason, why it is in game now. No matter where WG puts test server, RU, EU, NA or on the moon, there will be more and more OP tanks in game, so folks get their credit cards and pay.

  41. Right off the bat; Awesome premium tank that you need to shoot premium rounds. Wargaming’s std business plan these days.

  42. 6 second intraclip isn’t bad compared to Minotauro.

  43. WG ruined the game. That is all.

  44. Sebastián Horváth

    Italian destroyers are total bullshit. Who want this in game.

  45. Stop calling it the vheepera

  46. feel like a armored WTF E 100

  47. Arta will splat it……

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