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  1. dude you literally kill everything that move…if i was in your match i literally toasted ;-;

  2. Hello everyone, can someone tell me how phly doing for up and down his canon without moiving is mouse? Ty all and have a Nice game

  3. idk who’s saying .50s dont work, Ill shoot down cas all day in a sherman.
    i especially love a little long range pilot snipe

  4. american tanks getting the French treatment. Soon only those who are good enough will be able to play it, making it more “statistically unfair” and you’ll see it bumped to 6.7 or 7.0 or have it’s SL cost be doubled.

    I welcome my fellow americans into Balancing hell.

  5. 24:06
    H20 delirious and phly are the same person

  6. 19:33 when phlydoggy gets a tasty dog bone

  7. John Carlo Barnacia

    It still got it. Killing tiger2s is fun in this thing.

  8. I’ve just bought a baby tigor I couldn’t resist it.

  9. the sherman 105 is the only broken one now

  10. German suffer

  11. full patriotic lineup with all pershings #3

  12. Your old pal Raptor

    Remember when the 75 jumbo was 4.7? Me too

  13. Filthy act at a Reasonable price

    Gaijin when they see this video
    “Look like you not learn from your mistake jumbo, up to 7.0 you go”

  14. I’ve finally got to ask:
    HOW do you make your ingenious thumbnails? They all look so real, like straight out of War Thunder 4k and I can’t seem to find “editing spots”.

  15. And what also is important is the quality of those you face.

    Just played a Normandy and the enemy team had a total of 3 kills between them (Playing 5.7 Japan).

  16. Well, from my recent experience Jumbo still feels ok, but for the love of god… why did they move up the Super Pershing to a litearly god forsaken BR of 6.7…
    I hate them for this…

  17. I don’t get it Jumbo 76 gets moved to 6.3 and every single tank phly faces is like 6.3 and below, I play the 75 jumbo and every single enemy I face is using a Jagpanther or Tiger II P shooting through my front plate at 1000 yards.

  18. What would you say is your avgs of up tiers and down tiers phly? Cause shoot..any time i try and play on console, i get lets say a 6.3 tank out, and 80% of the time im in games with 7.7s and 8.0s..drives me bonkers!

  19. toaster microphone

    Jumbo at top tier show all these modern tanks the might of the jumbo

  20. That thing definitely deserves 6.3. So many times even the russian 122mm will bounce off like nothing. I love shooting the cocky mfs with the asu-85 tho

  21. Gary the Metrosexual Fruitcake

    23:10, that is why the Jumbo is 6.3 now, there is literally no other reason. It’s because the people who play Germany are flat out braindead and will scream as soon as they get killed by anything and don’t kill everything in 1 shot.

  22. Sergi Nebot cuenca

    I like how he was about to say GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE after killing that EBR but instead he says UBBUUFUUBUUUUUHUUU

  23. What is your fps

  24. Was in a jumbo yesterday and a IS-3 rolls in front of me less than 100m, I shot it in the side perfectly perpendicular and still no pen -_-

  25. “local panther committed suicide due to friendship request”

  26. The ooo… oof part at 6:50 reminds me of Rasco from dukes of hazard, lol

  27. When a gun is so good that it starts at 4.7 and goes to 6.3

  28. That PT-76 you were chasing at 7:55 – I rewound and listened with my headphones cranked and for the life of me that entire time I couldn’t hear it. What am I supposed to be listening for? How are WT Youtubers always saying “tank right here” with fucking bat ears while playing the game on vehicles I can’t hear with studio headphones on and replaying it 6x in a row? Someone please explain this to me. There is NO discernible noise much less perfect directionality of a noise unique enough to call out the TANK MODEL.

  29. 19:38 I played this to my dog and he started howling

  30. Still my 88mm tiiiiiiiiger still penetrated this jumbo

  31. Dearest Phlydaily, please play the Sherman jumbo at 11.0 just to see what happens

  32. Played Warthunder for the first time today, loved it until I got my Panzer III J, then all the matches afterwards my teams were literally braindead, so braindead that a friendly bomber dropped a bomb on me. Other than that i think I will play it tomorrow.

  33. Day 194: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  34. Alternative title: phily plays the ultimate freedom machine

  35. Mike's Mopar Scale Models

    Dont really care for all the up BR changes especially the American tanks and equipment, I used to enjoy playing RB with the Jumbos but in my opinion when WT upped the BRs it killed the Cobra King btw I paid for with cash it should have stayed at 4.7 but WT dont mind taking your money same scenerio as the T29 just cant play them anymore again they got my money so much for premium not Im religated to playing AB planes its fun and Im got at it (play mostly American) it may not be so bad if the match making was better but I digress deaf ears just a rant btw a PS4 player da boot nice video

  36. Phly : ” sherman best medium tank in the game”
    T34 driver hatch: ” am I a joke to you? ”


  38. German mains be crying at the forums now to move up the jumbo to 7.0

  39. Alberich the Eternal

    Gaijin should make the MM so you only get up with 0.7 not 1.0 ….there are pros there are cons…. they should at least try it for some weeks or month

  40. The worst part about playing 3.7-6.7 Germany is that the Americans become very efficient aa with every tank

  41. Go test stormworks
    It sandbox

  42. U prolly hacking

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