The War Thunder Experience

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Source: Squire

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  1. Thanks for the patience on this one chaps, it took us quite a while. What game do you fancy seeing a sketch on next?

  2. “Yes, well, unless you want to zip around in mini tanks with health-bars that look like they’re made by Tamiya you’re bloody well stuck with us.”


  3. My experience is 6 fps lol

  4. The 225677th Fragment of the Man-Emperor of Mankind

    This is too accurate

  5. Sir do you need air support?

  6. Kenneth André Hansen

    “This is a public service announcement to all new War Thunder players.”

  7. Why are you being crew locked after EVERY battle lol

  8. You’re really doing a lot to sell us on this. Not.

  9. the amount of effort u put into this is amazing squire loved it every second of it

  10. My pain: “Who’s that do you kill stealing bastard”
    Inner me: *bring back my effort

  11. If i try War Thunder one day, i will be like this professional right here.

  12. This is why I play world of tanks

  13. Please do everything wrong with China.

  14. That was amazing

  15. “0 targets destroyed. Assists: all of them”

    Story of my account in WT, right there.

  16. To be quite frank I’ve given it up

  17. If you reading this… I hope you be rich one day and all your dreams come true

    Can you guys support me?

  18. it be like that though

  19. Well I just added another reason to go to Texas

  20. Awesome! Great job guys. You have understood and shown the War Thunder essence perfectly. Very funny. ^^

  21. Just so you know, that a bad pilot can’t even handle the steering wheel.

  22. This is pure entertainment at it’s best.Fantastic.500k very soon.Huge congratulations.

  23. Meh, I needed 150 games to learn how to play

  24. When you recognize every single bit of the video in your own war thunder matches that you play……..?? # gotta love WT

  25. Squire is broke he has like 83k lions

  26. How do British people always sound gay and confused all of the time.

  27. From Canada. Go Flames Go lol! Awesome video!

  28. I always love your videos Squire

  29. таки шалом

    почему у меня это в рекомендациях?

  30. Infantry update when gaijin

  31. They let you rub bushes on the tank?

  32. Best descriptipn of this cursed ass game lol

  33. Sigh is my favorite number, but game sigh is extremely boring.

  34. Everytime i try to get into the game, i die on every game

  35. Deutsches Panzer-IV-Ausf.G

    6:14 – 6:41

    Me, when I used the T-34-85 for the 1st time in War Thunder.

  36. You should have gotten in a british tank, fired 15 rounds to take out one tank and then complained about the not having explosive filler.

  37. You deserve more subscribers. Your channel is extremely funny and it reaches out to the historically humored.

  38. Nobody in any Battlefield V server
    Me after being killed the fifth time by the same tank and not having any vehicle avaliable: 5:24

  39. milanga con queso chedar

    Panzer: *hits the sherman and dont destroy it *
    Me: nigga wtf

  40. Instant like just from the fire extinguisher joke

  41. the locked fire extinguisher is too accurate

  42. 6:14 what Russian song is that

  43. I uninstalled war thunder over 1000 hours playing it played it since 2015 was good but it’s a joke now.

  44. Undecided username Is my username

    Share this everywhere.

  45. 2:13 OY NIGEL, what the hell are that plastic water bottle in my tank ?

  46. It’s funny as hell, because its true. I’m still working through the Sherman’s, how said is that? There’s so many bad tanks, you have to work through to get a good one, then WT nerf’s it the day you finally get it. Recently I was in a one of my top tier Sherm’s and I got wasted by a Japaneses ATM 60 guided missile tank, ya up tiered 🙁 . It’s a sign you need a break from WT.

  47. “Shit Nigel been a good run.”

  48. 1:56 every fucking time

  49. than no pen on panther is my story in wt…

  50. A British crew in an Sherman? are you on Lend-Lease?

    jokes aside, what I want is less grind and more historical missions

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