The War Thunder Mechanic That NO ONE Asked For (And No One Likes)

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Source: Pilicast

Yeah that title doesn't really narrow it down, does it?

Realshatter is a physics mechanic in War Thunder that tries its hardest be realistic. But sometimes it's better not to strive for accuracy, lest you sacrifice what makes a fun to play in the first place.


  1. I would like to clarify that the graphic at 2:40 is supposed to be in GRAMS not KILOGRAMS… Somehow missed this while editing
    For comparison an AIM-54 Phoenix has 61kg TNT equivalent explosive mass, which according to the graphic is 2/3s as much as a single 30mm round (probably not accurate)

    ADEN = 90g (.09kg)
    AIM-54 = 61,000g (61kg)

    Edit: AND AS ANOTHER COMMENTER POINTED OUT at 2:16 those are in fact MG 131s, the machine gun, and not the MG 151 which is mounted in the prop hub (another classic pilicast blunder)

    • @Kamil Szadkowski yeah, I was wondering how you could fit 102 Kg of explosive mass into a single bullet. And then I thought you meant the whole mass of the loadout…wich would still be a lot

    • German 20mm are just on another level firing 30KG of TNT full auto

    • No no! To solve the Realshatter issues, we increased the quantity of explosive in the rounds so they are now in the kilogram range…

    • ahhh i like how all their “upgrades” fuck the player… nerf the guns, the jets, the tanks … the game and the fun….

    • Lmao classic blunder.
      Biggup admitting mistakes like this❤

  2. IwishIknewhowto

    Cool video one small problem the F4UB absolutely trashes the Ta 152 below 5km so you would have won that fight anyways.

  3. vortrekking boer

    Is just for cannons? I swear back in the day I would walk away with dozens of aircraft kills with my typhoon with the 12 7.7mm machine guns. Now I can’t kill anyone now.

  4. Clutchkicker392 Ison

    Tryin to fly console default !!Thats something to whinge about

  5. Ruthless Rubber Ducky

    So this is why my American planes quite rapidly started sucking and Germans were able to one shot me with stray rounds??

  6. this is probably why when i played with german planes it felt like my ammo was useless

  7. This guy should try World of Tanks, the game is basically a rigged casino thanks to the Patent of Viktor Kisly and Ivan Mikhnevich.

  8. About the intro, crit is almost just as good as crit hit. Hes not in a far inferior plane because a component is wrecked.

  9. Thomas Kositzki

    If that is your biggest gripe with Gaijin, I don’t see your problem, man.

  10. There are exceptions with FI belts being better as with shvaks, which actually has more explosive filler than its HE

  11. the P39 and P63 39mm are great, though I usually use the ground target belt because API-T’s are great against fuel tanks.

  12. I still think barrel collision would be funny, like that’s one of the reasons why fighting was more dangerous in urban environments and why you would turn your turret backwards when knocking down trees. They could even add in damage in a similar manner to tracks and wheels which can be damaged by collisions

  13. Hey, the MG 151 isn’t affected by RealShatter as guns firing minengeschoß have not been changed over to the new system yet. The MG 151 was nerfed from its former glory, but it still doesn’t have RealShatter.

  14. Also its a realistic mechanic because 20mm fucking shreds planes so it fails in both accounts.

  15. why not just… have minimum fragmentation amount? i highly doubt that a real bullet specifically designed to cause fragmentation just wouldnt sometimes.

  16. I remember the 30mm he on the mirage literally doing no damage to even soft AI targets after the update

  17. You argument boiling down to “RealShatter is tipping the scale too far towards realism, and sacrificing the fun aspect of the game” seems a bit odd when your argument for *why your rounds should’ve killed the enemy* was that frag shells, made for dealing with soft-skinned targets, *should’ve* killed the enemy is an appeal to realism.

    RealShatter is a poorly implemented system that detracts from the intuitiveness, realism and fun of the game. That’s the extent of it.

  18. Dude buy a joystick and play sim then make your video . People don’t take arcade mouse pilot’s seriously.

  19. But if the mechanic is working as you said then it doesnt even increase realism, in fact it does the opposite. If HE-F is doing less damage to soft skin vehicles than AP or AP-I then that is definitely not realistic.

  20. Before HE was borked I could get 5 kills with HE belts in a Ki-43 III Otsu, now I struggle getting 2.

  21. Im a simple man, i see a bf109 i rage and then go cry in a corner because bf109 haunts my nightmares

  22. I main japanese planes, and after a single dog fight where I’m constantly on the guys ass, blasting him, I would have gone through my entire belt. It feels terrible.

  23. I was wondering why my 20 mm in my tempest was doing absolutely nothing

  24. As A Japanese’s player… I thought that It was just the occasional skill issue

  25. Bro really said a ta 152 was better than a f4u

  26. For someone like me who has to deal with an old and rather low quality mouse, it can be much harder just to get a few rounds on target, at least now I know why so often shots that should have been good in theory ended up doing little if anything noticeable.

  27. Real shatter has definitely caused me a bunch of frustration recently

  28. So this is why I suck?

  29. Ohhh, Idk if thet updated the Swedish 13.2 bears yet with this but I always wonder why even 30mm’s don’t seem to compare with how lethal those HE beats are for the swedes lol

    • All MG calibers haven’t been screwed by realshatter yet, so enjoy MG HE rounds while you can before gaijin inevitably ruins the fun.

  30. With realshitter in play, machine guns are the go to weapon for planes, especially if the MGs get HE rounds. Japanese .50 cals are a beast with their HE rounds currently. Enjoy it before they cuck MGs with realshitter.

  31. Fun fact, MG-151’s dont even have realshitter applied to them, hence why the M round still does alot of damage

  32. Gayjin developers on their way to ruin the fun for no fucking reason

  33. top hat Thompson

    I feel like real shatter and those “meh realism” effects should really only be active in sim mode

  34. Laughs in API .50

  35. Meanwhile, every enemy aircraft magically knocks my pilot out in one hit, even from behind the tail…

    • Did you tell the police about the officer who you saw there? I hope your doing well, no one deserves to be put through trauma like that…

  36. Its one million percent a massive issue, especially with Japanese planes. Ive just stopped playing planes with cannons entirely at this rate, because .50 cal rounds feel like 155mm howitzer shells in comparison. Remember when 4 .50 cals was considered a generally unimpressive armament? Hispanos and the Japanese 20s especially, i stay far away from those thanks to this “feature.”

  37. With how bad computers are at RNG, it astounds me ppl still use it as a damage model

  38. People should just stop playing this game. It literally eats your soul in real time…

  39. Disgusting mechanics and unrealistic. A tungsten shell of the M41 Bulldog going faster than sound shatters on a flat surface wtf?

  40. Mechanic no one asked for :

    Inflation sim depression enhancer.

  41. Player always whine about everything, this, volumetric, overpressure, what else, should’ve left the game barebone as it was huh

  42. Seeing Matpat in this video was like a mental flashbang

  43. Andrey Tivonenko

    Well, them why enemies plane one shot me on ME 264 , from back?

  44. I prefer realism, if an ariplane’s ammo was crap then it’s no use to depict it as that powerful

  45. Realshitter

  46. 4:50 love the kelly’s heroes reference

  47. I love play on aerocobra and i hate this game so much for this REAL SHITTER

  48. This is why I stopped playing Gaijin games, the quality and balancing of the games is getting progressively worse and worse, and more and more pay to win will beating the absolute shit out of non play to win people. one example is crossout because unless you grind your ass out of oblivion you cant do shit.

  49. Wait, I thought more explosive and incendiary was the best for air and armor piercing was dog💩. I feel like I’m being gaslighted here lol. At least he still said incendiary is good.

  50. irakli Simongulashvili

    the problem doesnt only affect planes, it affects tanks too, i cannot even count how many times i shot a fat shell at an m18 only for it to go poof on the dirt that stuck to his tank, i can understand that it might be something of a skill issue but come on, no way an su152 can bounce or do no damage to an m18

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