The War Thunder Player Base Is Being Milked Dry

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    But back to the still SL tight rate NOT GOOD ENOUGH

  2. I think it was fixed there were 2 uodates yesterday and the bad reviwes on steam are sinking

    • they never actually fixed it they said they will release a road map in a few months about when and how they will fix it and from what I heard they are hiding the reviews somehow or something like that.

  3. F2P SL and RP reward right now is so fucked up. 2-3 years ago when you carry the whole team doing 10+ kills and caps, you can get about 6k+ RP, 30K+ SL maybe even 50k in Ground RB. Now its half or even less than that and it’s so unrewarding like why even try. You get nuke and its like here’s 3k RP and 10K SL when that was normal 2-3 years ago when you do decent in your games getting 3-5 kills

  4. G O L D T E E F

    I have no idea why people are tripping. I honestly REALLY REALLLY love how the economy makes matches high stakes with valuable vehicles. I love this game because it has alwys been extremely challenging. ive only put 25 dollars yotal in this game, but to tell yoi the truth of i reallly wanted 1.5 mil sl i could grind that in a day and a half. i like saving up 1.7 mil just to spend it on one plane with 10k repair. cuz i feel like its fragile lol and if im smart i could make 30k a match or i could not. i like this game because it OWES ME NOTHING. If anything I OWE THE SNAIL EVERYTHING because this is HANDS DOWN THE GREATEST GAME THAT I HAVE EVER PLAYED IN 36 YEARS AND ITS COMPLETELY F-IN you guessed FREE (if you are poor like me) i love it so much that i hope i never have to stop researching and repairing and lawn mowing and base bombomg over and over

  5. I gotta say phly one the few YouTube I genuinely felt touched. when he told us about the wife and new baby on the way. I how the best to you and ya family fly high phly.

  6. They’re being milked dry because of the war they can’t afford.

  7. On lower to mid tiers it is alright. The grind is tiresome, yes, but it is actually manageable. On higher tiers it is basically impossible to make a profit and if you are even above average and have no premium vehicles. The SL prices for repairs vs. the SL you get for kills or useful actions is just unfair and ridiculous. At least for RB.
    Some time ago I bought the premium A-10 and it came with a premium account for 30 days or so. I used it to actually make some progress but after it ended I thought…why? Why should I play high-tier any longer? I’m not good enough to make cash, the grind without premium is awful and takes so long and in the end I unlock another plane I won’t be playing because I can’t really afford it and because high-tier stock vehicles are often lacking stuff like better weapons or countermeasures, they are in a huge disadvantage and thus make it even harder to do anything resembling progress. So I went back to the Me-109s and P-47s just to play for the fun. As much as I’d like to have the Yak-141 or the F-14…it just isn’t worth it.

  8. the economy is screwed up so bad right now on war thunder and not even from a greed stand point i mean it makes no f’ing sense, how can i go in a tier II battles, Kill 4 tanks and barley earn 10 K for it, yet if i fly a spitfire mark II in tank R.B and shoot down like 4 planes i get 40 k ? tailing sitting a target is alot easier than killing other tanks with a Cromwell mark V……its way harder.

    The days where silver lions were not a worry where a man could play an Air RB battle shoot down 2 or 3 planes and make like 60 K without a premium account, could work on multiple nations at once and now, when i unlock new vehicles i don’t even buy them cos i have to sit down and really think about which tank i…”invest in” ffs, if only war thunder was more like a community game like Arma.

  9. war thunder, I love the game Engine but hate the company and some of gameplay….W.T could be the best if its focus was not profit

  10. War needs money, if you know what I mean!!!

  11. Bombs away…

  12. Ironclad Researcher

    You should do a playlist showcasing every tank and plane in the game from rank 1 to 10. It’d be pretty fun and it’d keep you plenty busy. Just a thought lol.

  13. WT players need to unionize. Also join the trike on 26th by not playin!

  14. Gaijin Entertainment are just majestic sausages.

  15. You make 10 kills and get 10k RP before for 5 kills you get 22k RP.
    Or play with ships and get 40k SL and before you get 150k if you make let say 5 kills.
    All of this with premium acc of course.
    Without premium acc is not playable anymore.

  16. This is why I don’t play quote-unquote “free to play” games. The monetization is just on the back end. In fact, that’s my problem with the whole live service model; they sell an unfinished game that so often is barely functional with the absolute minimum of content in it for the full sixty bucks, then dole out critical updates and add in content that should have been there on launch and act like they’re Mansa Musa. We need to all remember that capitalism goes both ways and stop giving these companies an incentive to keep this business model going.

  17. One of the worst things are vehicles that are totally unplayable because of the repair cost. No airplane should give you minus 60k for just getting shot down….

  18. the end is so funny

  19. One thing I don’t understand about all of these companies that they want to make as much money as possible so they create predatory features that reduce their player base till nobody’s playing their game and they have to abandon it like if they want money shouldn’t they be keeping their fan base happy making sure as many people is spending money on their thing as possible instead of making sure nobody wants to play their things because I’ve been feeling bad about games lately that most of them aren’t even worth playing anymore because all they want is my money

  20. The thing is if you don’t have a premium account you will have a hard time earning SL even if you play well you still have a mediocre SL earnings as well as RP, the only thing to compensate for that is you have to buy a premium vehicle to compensate for things. But after a while playing the same premium tank it gets really old and sometimes I get a loss of appetite playing the game.

  21. I tried WT multiple times and just cant get into it.. i guess im just not good enough to play it as i get rekt every round without being able to do anything

  22. plays for free, had a session last night on war thunder, i only have max 3.7 USA started off with 100k SL won some lost some not a top player by any means, but came out of the game with 22k SL thought this is not good and uninstalled it.


  24. Noooo u forgot the tuba sound at 13:30


  26. xStorm_8_Shadowx

    Been playing for roughly 8+ years on & off and 3.3 US & German are the br’s where I have the most fun.

    Bought 1 tank & had premium for a short time the entire time. Have 9+ br german, 9 br US, 8+ Russia, 6+ Brits and a few other Countries at misc br’s.
    I don’t enjoy high br’s above 8’s just because of the op jets and choppers.

  27. repair prices and lions payout needs to be improved so that i can buy the jets ive researched without pumping money into what is basically online gambling.

  28. I downloaded wt in early 2021, spent about 300 hours+ and all i am at is like tier 3 after a serious push in the German ground tech tree after messing around a bit, at one point the game started to feel ridiculous, i was putting 2 hours per day and playing against ridiculously pro players while being newbie myself, hell i don’t even care about the skill issue, i was putting two hours+ a day and all i was getting is like 7-8k rp on a good day at most. Honestly this game should be a legal punishment where you have to grind the game out without premiums

  29. Firstly, big congratulations dude, hope the birth goes all according to plan! Bless you and your whole family.

    Secondly, thanks for addressing this whole issue, personally I have been playing since… I can’t even remember but we only had planes at that point in time – I’m that old.. – I like some of the changes they have done, but many are far worse and the changes to SL/RP is one of those I hate the most. Its hard for non premium players to go + in SL in and reasonable time, I have a buddy that plays as Sweden and he has 3 tanks that he can’t use yet because he can’t buy and crew them, ofc he plays completely f2p but still its just sad..

  30. I play 1.3 tanks with my boys, full squad. we often get 10 kills for two of us each in the game, its 1.3 but 18 kill games net maybe 20-30k,
    its the only way to make any money, and still have tons of fun, zipping around in a bt-7, quickscoping and shooting on the move.
    we used to play 6.0 boats as well but it got too expensive and we got bored at shooting at people so far away.

  31. Sir.mixalot the 3rd

    i have not been able to get my buddies to go to any BR over 6.3 even if they now have the option to buy tanks all the way up to 9.0 they just dont make the SL to be able to buy and use them

  32. Ive been stuck on 7.3 British tanks on 27k-50k, im not the best, averaging around 3 kills a game i only take 2 tanks to fight the economy is so bad 😢 i want to c9ntine but i find it impossible to to climb the tech tree now

  33. I am not a high tier player by any means, but tier 1 and 2 were some of the most fun I have ever had. By tier 3 it really started to feel different and I took a break, when I came back just this week tier 3 still felt the same (but with reduced rewards) and tier 2 was a blast again

  34. I ragequitted WT after getting killed over and over by Turret Desync

  35. Monstertrucker04 (Gabe)

    eh ive gotten the first tiger 1 and the M6A1 for free so im fine

  36. Monstertrucker04 (Gabe)

    they should just makes vehicles sellable

  37. Literally sitting here with my new born. Girl also 2nd child also. Congrats Phly.

  38. I’ve put a few hundred hours in with a premium account since I started playing and I’ve been grinding the German tech tree almost exclusively. So far, I’ve only made it as far as the Leopard 1 and I’ve had to buy SL twice to stay afloat.

  39. Herman the German Sherman back in action! YEAH!

  40. i have been away from WT for going on 2 years now and from what I’ve seen and heard I’m glad i left. my last year on WT i almost never went past 6.3 and it was slowly becoming less fun and more painful. it seems i made the right choice for me. and if any of you feel the same take it from me the content creators like phly and odd will gave you all the joy and fun you want from this game without any of the headache. today i still watch YouTube vids from my favorite creators and that is enough for me. i don’t need to come back and play. and if my predictions are correct ill never return because the game devs won’t give me a reason to.

  41. It boggles my mind that it took 10 years to get here but here we are. Burn it all down. Took the community long enough.

  42. im so sick of this company and this game, getting involved with this game was the worse choice i ever made. I always get murdered by some ass who can murder you by magic bullets why you get a deadly hit you get “tis a flesh wound” b/s toped with a terrible treatment of there players, no one i know who started with me plays this crappy game anymore, i tried begging and they are smart enouft to erase this game and walk away, i cant 10 damn years a god knows how much money….this is not fun anymore its torture and i joined WT because this the same company who made IL2, I worked on the abrams, even got to shot it at gunner once…..this game is so insulting, this game is so hollow they fun and joy is long gone.

  43. Congrats man!

  44. This is gonna make war thunder die.. Literally makes the game unplayable.

  45. Gość Wieczoru

    Gaijin needs to milk some more monies to fund the motherland and their cause.

  46. ARandomYoutuber

    Problem with low tier is that even so, I can’t enjoy some of my favourite vehicles. Especially in air. 11k repair costs are ridiculous for the SL you get from air

  47. Michael Rodgers

    Phly didn’t show the worst part. Think of that income then subtract restock/repair cost

  48. so as f2p, i got to around panther/tiger2 territory, and i can make sl’s at a rate of maybe 20k per game if i do really well, a bunch of kills plus a couple of captures plus a win. but to do that i need to be kind of agressive and then you get bombed and sniped and all kinds of things, and some games you just suck and lose 10k sl, so its a pain in the butt quite frankly. if they just made it so you could make sls very slowly even if you are not good or dont do particularly well, like 2-5k per game instead of loosing sl without being abysmal, then more people would stick around and play for longer and it might make more people pay for shit eventually anyway instead of quitting, and then have the developers try to make people play lower ranks by making f2p impossible for higher ranks. silly stuff imo

  49. I remember that at one point, my way to consistently make sl was arcade helli battles, each battles would be around 40 minutes to an hour and a half but I would get between 100k and 200k sl without premium or any boosters
    and its one way I got up to 7 million sl at some point
    but I never played with premium and the only premium tanks I have are from events and I did have a few ttop tier a few years ago, but still having to get 390k xp with the state of the game is just undoable, my mirage 3 which was top tier one of the best jet in the whole game is now garbage because of F-14 and mig-29 against them

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