The War Thunder Rat Vehicle Tier List

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Word salad for the algorithm:
I really like the war thunder Realistic battles in rat vehicles almost as much as I like watching phly daily, smarfer, zetaris, pink, munitions, spookston, spit_flyer and Joob. But one thing I hate about this game is the constant russian bias. I see so many russian bias players getting nukes and earning loads of silver lions and rp super easily and it makes me really sad. One thing I am looking forward to a lot is the new updates coming to this game, I cannot wait for the F-15 and F/A-18 R73 to be announced for warthunder air realistic battles. .EXE Comically large 1 second burst mass toxic rats
The Ultimate War Thunder Rat Tank Tactic Tier List, The Most Toxic Mini Tank Destroyer tiny tank
Typing that out caused me physical pain.


  1. The Japanese RCV at 8.7 can still slap, alongside the M8 Greyhound for either the US or China. Same gun as the m22, but also has a 50 cal and is faster at an entire BR lower than the m22.

  2. Strong martincitopants energy 😂

  3. R3 t20/ T106 they are the same but rats nonetheless

  4. Fiat 6614
    Abul 74
    And the r3 with big cannons

  5. The type 93 isn’t able to kill shit but it sure as hell can rat

  6. I think BTR-80, ELC bis, EBR 1954 and M56 shuld be on the list

  7. Im shocked the puma wasnt on this list

  8. The most RAT when you slowly dying or suffer that’s a real Annoying.

  9. nice vid, i think the asu deserves a mention though. great video again, cheers!

  10. My favorite is the M56, i can get 10 kills in a game with it. Its not normal but it has happened a few times for me

  11. Then fiat

  12. What about panzer 2 SLC 50 mm ap 105pen qwick turns good 50mm of armour at 2.3 can ever sometimes get a speed of 60

  13. justanamericantanker

    Bro thinks hes the funny frog man with this much quality

  14. BTR-80a is a BIG rat. you cant kill anything at 7.3 to 8.3, but you can absolutely farm assists with spotting and barrel breaking and track destroying. Also m56 and m50 are some more obvious mid-tier american rats.

  15. The Daimler MkII. It’s a Rat with a kettle

  16. the martincitopants-like universe expands once more

  17. the m56 scorpion is a 90mm with tracks, it accelerates like a mf and the cannon’s recoil gives you a nice backward boost to retreat after you wretched deeds.

    The ontos has the comic effect of dumping 6 heatfs rounds on a single target in quick succession

    The type 60 sprg is a double barrel shotgun with tracks, what’s not to love?

    the aml 90 is ridiculously small and fast as well…

    All 4 deserve to be on the tier 3-4 version of this

  18. you forgot about wisel

  19. Daimler m2 is very fast has good pen and is very funny so the perfect rat

  20. Man I was expecting the Wiesel with the 20mm cannon. I take it up to 9.3 because it has gen 2 thermals and the apds belt shreds anything side on. Also it’s tiny and can hide in bushes. I spawn camped a whole team because they couldn’t find me

  21. Video quality and editing skills are top notch. Keep up the good work!!

  22. 25MM GAZ needs to be recognized as a silliness machine

  23. The Puma, it can handle any BR in any situation, BTR ZD can somewhat imitate R-3, SARC and Daimler.
    There’s also sky-r.a.t., small planes which are difficult to kill and drop small bombs to annoy you.

  24. this like martincitopants but wt

  25. people will disagree but the daimler mk 2 is kind of a rat and can one hit anything at its br. I have killed a panther in it before

  26. Glad to see more console players on YT

  27. AB43 is great tho. 41 might be crap but 43 is very good.

  28. B5-7 f32, has rhe gun of a T-34 but on the br-7 chasis

  29. Loving to see Martin’s brother doing WT tier lists 🙂

  30. What about my bois the 56 scorpion and the most american tank, the m50 ontos

  31. Bro forgot the U-SH and the ASU-57,
    Not to mention the semi rat tanks like the Spj-43/44 and the Sturmpanzer

  32. Suprised ush isn’t on here

  33. Actually you can destroy panthers with the M22 locust.

    Just try to be im their side (they cant aim at you if you are under them) and then thanks to your hobbit size aim your main gun to the 3rd wheel or the 4rd wheel counting from the front and shoot between the wheels and the side skirts.

    And then try to hear the muffled Nein Nein Nein Nein while you Ring the panther with your frodo.

    I call this tactic: The Trollkien

  34. The ush and rakenautomat. They are truly the rat gods. Not only are they fast, but they have the weapons to obliterate anything they see.

  35. Surprised no puma

  36. Steamlover /carlover434

    The M2A2 is kinda a Underrated 1.0 rat vehicle

  37. “The speed of a cockroach … tiny German murder wagon.” Humor and editing 🤌

  38. Hard disagree on the AB41, it’s an excellent light tank with good enough pen to be viable even in full uptiers. Also no one considers the AMR35 and the 47/32 L40 rats, they’re normal tank destroyers, very good ones too.

  39. wiesel? 🙁

  40. Not sure how the Sweedish L62 Anti-II didnt make the list. Rank 3 but only RBR 2.7 yet you can murder things all the way up to top tier with it…

  41. the premium 2C bis.

  42. American war thunder martincitopants isn’t real, he can’t hurt you

    American war thunder martincitopants:

  43. This vidoe wsa so funyn it mad me luagh.

  44. Me n my noob buds love the german Squeezy boi.
    Ez fun for noobs

  45. I wanna try to use the l333 more but every time I try a teammate either shoves me out of bounds or crushes me

  46. M50 ontos and m56 scorpion are crazy in forested areas if you camo them up
    Those heat rounds go crazy against heavy germans

  47. average romanian lego enjoyer

    dude has the marticiopants face on the locust🗿🍷

  48. I personally like the AB41 lol

  49. The Swedish Berliner

    Sad U-SH noises 😢

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