The Worst Best Light Tank

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  1. Now, play the best light tank, the M41D. I swear it’s increidble.

  2. You killed my mates and I a few times in that nuke game. Can confirm there was some accompaniment of the “AMX13” and some choice swear words 😂

  3. Mihajlo Novakovic

    Yo can you do some suhoi videos plss all love frome serbia


  5. song at 8:00?

  6. Would like to see ARL-44 again

  7. day 4 of asking phlydaily to play the american T34

  8. The_Norwegian_Baguette

    this tank is op sf and i love it. its my first premium 😀
    killing obj.279’s no problem

  9. The best tactic for quick stopping this vehicle is to just let it roll to a stop. It mitigates a lot of the flopping around

  10. When you really think about it ; nuke = friendly fire


  12. i dont know why ppl do not love the amx13s i think it is LOVELY and i dont even have the premium, it is phantastic tbh, and also, day 22 of asking for a video on the strv m42DT bc i think it is criminally underrated or a combo video showing us YOUR favorite lineup in the game.

  13. What’s the song he was humming?

  14. 7:55 the melody <3

  15. Nuke!!!!!!

  16. Nah phlydaily really did a spookston💀

    Phly: tank bad *proceed to get nuke*

  17. Someone in my game a few hours ago was talking about how he got nuked lol, that might have been u phly

  18. My man called out that SU-9 like he wanted to personally slap its designer 🤣

  19. Day 492: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  20. does anyone remember this tank having a 100% fatality rate to arti, smh that was fun!

  21. Day 307 : Phly out the Arsenal VG33 and D520 to show em a little baguette trick you learned ❤👀

  22. What was that objective he got 91,000 SL from?

  23. Engineer Merasmus

    A ton of tanks that should be faster feels slow and sluggish

  24. Nah this vehicle is op. I still thing it out to 7.7 and it’s amazing too. Nobody expect a 4 missle spam at 6.7 tho

  25. You played it thank you

  26. This game is becoming sad. All issues of this game are the result of a money hungry developer who has no respect for its player base

  27. Please make a video with the ru-251, it’s been 3 years since you have made a video on it.

  28. AdmittedPizza65

    Phly in a light tank is not a good thing to fight against

  29. Phly: *Makes extraordinary shots*
    Also Phly: “That shot was short like my PENI-“

  30. Day-186 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

  31. collective boycott on 26th! we will not Bow down to the predatory Russian business model!

  32. Lukasz Goralski

    add Poland to Warthunder

  33. Day 14 of asking Phly to phly with the USSR reserve biplanes (in air arcade). They have absolutely bonkers turn rates and I consistently get 10-15 kills with them every game (my best is 21 kills).

  34. that SU-9 bit at the end had me dying xD 10/10 video Phlee

  35. Frère Jacques
    Frère Jacques
    Dormez vous?
    Dormez vous?

  36. Amx-13 gotta be my favorite light tank, ambush master and some of the highest high kill potential, bit of a shame its repair cost went up so much but i had my great times with it

  37. Thanos The Thicc Farmer

    Phly: This is *the worst* tank in all of existence!
    Phly, at the same time: *_proceeds to commit genocide in a 10 mile radius._*

  38. MY favorite tank grinned to the amx 40 with it this is amazing once you get used to the rocking

  39. Phly: *nukes Normandy*

    Me, as a Norman: HoW DaRe YoU !!

  40. Please do an f8 crusader video…

  41. Phly daily please respond to me o just watched ashes video on war thunder might be being removed from steam I want you as a partner to talk to wt about the subject

  42. Einar Eyþórsson

    day 1 of asking for a new (PHPH show) pleas sir may i have some more

  43. i wish i was half this good, i just get curbstomped at 7.0, so many no kill games

  44. Short like my penis? At least it creates a nuke effect.

  45. Justin Baughman

    this was how I felt about the Swedish Centurions until I got 2 nukes in one day, then a 3rd later that week in them.

    Statistically bad tanks are sometimes hidden OP

  46. Phly collect your rewards

  47. su 9 youre not real plane 😂😂😂

  48. SkullCannon5000

    First 30 seconds it’s sucks
    – also in the first 30 seconds gets a nuke

  49. Rolly Antonelli

    My god the ba ba ba ba was killing me I am listening to this on headphones at work lol

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