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I BOUGHT a WIRBELWIND from…This is what came. (War Thunder)


  1. Phly ( attempt 26 ). We need a type 87 video! We saw half a second of it in the Anti-chopper ki-10 one but it died to an Abrams.


    Can you play the zut 34 again now that everything low tier is overly undertiered autocannons?

  3. Phly, revisit the HOTtest tank in War Thunder? Which also happens to have an auto loading 75mm?

  4. 6:12 i wasnt camping i just got there

  5. 6:30 aaalll the time

  6. So. My Mum just asked “Is that him?” meaning Phly, when the toothless Mexican man popped up in the intro. Apparently, Phly’s voice made her think that that’s what he looked like. Take that as you will…

  7. 6:54 every time I use a backup I get spawncamped or bombed

  8. You can add Brocken spots on maps to your advantage

  9. Your so cool

  10. french tanks are fucked by gaijin ! repair cost are terrible :/

  11. Anthomy James S. Gemao

    Hahahaha very funny

  12. I stopped my job with the help of, *e a s y j o b s o n l i n e .c l u b*

  13. If war thunder was a person i would punch him so hard sometimes.

  14. 2004 toyota corolla

    phlee: best MBT in the game, tons of armor, lets go!

    do 335: *allow me to introduce myself*

    caterpillar T70C automatic forklift transmission:

  15. magicman -Un4GV-

    Name a sicker attacker *cough cough A-6 intruder cough*

  16. Phly I’m having problems with silver lions What is a good American tank setup

  17. 7.3 is the BR at which you get 7 tank kills, 2 aircraft down and acture 2 points and just get 20k lions without a premium account while winning (repair cost is too damn high)

  18. Add this to your “how to play warthunder” 5. When playing Russian tanks, ask Stalin to help guide your shots.

  19. Rule 6: Attack the D point


    “I wanna get team killed”

    Simulator Battles: *dies*

  21. Phly add to your rules: spawn camping is the battle.

  22. TheRusskan Bushkan

    I miss this game a lot. Haven’t been touching it for a year and now it left me depressed

  23. Pierre, there are several weakspots on the armor of this vehicle you’ve designed.

    Don’t worry mon ami, we’ll reinforce those spots with ammunition.

  24. Him : trys to speek french
    Me : hold my baguette

  25. Where is your Only Phans Account????

  26. Phinally!

    But why, WHY, is the title “Foch” not “PHoch?” The Phuck, Phly?

  27. 2 is so true, got killed in air rb right after take off by a random russian

  28. I dont owe anybody anything now with the help of, *e a s y j o b s o n l i n e .c l u b*

  29. Phly’s quest for friendship is the cutest thing ever

  30. Video idea get a squad of players so big your squad is the whole team

  31. WarThunder feels sorry for the Germans……😂🤣😅💯

  32. Please do a a2d1 video for ground pound ground rb. Attempt no 2!

  33. Upon seeing the Thumbnail, I thought “Why does he have the french Flag behind the Jagdpanther?”

  34. Phly should make a beginner’s guide so that the poor chaps in reserves don’t get immediately murdered and spawn camped in the first 3 seconds of the game

  35. *Screetch* Ewwwwwwwwwwww

  36. 10:32 your girlfriend after nnn.

  37. Another rule: dont talk about the u know what!!

  38. Don’t forget to spam “attack the d point” for rule 5

  39. I found Phlys merch even in roblox damn boi.

  40. Know the game but don’t play the game so take this as you will. Only gained an interest in the game game watching Phly play and it was epic! Now it just become some kind of boring whine fest that I’m sure I’d giver a s*it about if I played but I don’t. So that being said Tally Ho! I’m out!

  41. I challenge you to perform well with the J29A ARB


  43. Rule #5 you must drop Artillery on your teammates. Rule #6 you must camp longer than your enemy. Rule #7 always suicide kill your enemy when flying an airplane

  44. How was your naval game?

  45. phly they fixed the typhooon mk Ia try it out its acsualy good now

  46. holy foch this video is good

  47. The auto subtitles are butchering the wirbelwind

  48. Rule 5: At the start of the match, it’s good manners to ding your teammates with machinegun fire for at least a minute

  49. “Low tier fun tier”

  50. Rule; Spray teammates in spawn.

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