THE WORST GUN?!? QuickyBaby Best Moments #9

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks.


“Lively Lumpsucker”, “Heartbreaking”, “Barroom Ballet”, “The Builder”, “Hyperfun”, “Hard Boiled”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. JH3-SK Samuel Gani

    We want more best moments!

  2. These are the best!!! Way more of these please!

  3. I press the burgers down before they’re on the grill/skillet so I don’t squeeze out the juices.

  4. i do enjoy your video’s. they are pretty amusing. but people who play the shit barns and death stars, in my book. are little dick over compensating asshats. who need a good throat punch.

    as for your burgers. being that i am texan. watching you fix them just hurt my soul. dude just shakin my head.

  5. You didn’t season the Burgers

  6. I had to give you a thumbs down for the horrible way you treated that ground beef. Please, check “Good Eats” with Alton Brown for the proper way to make hamburgers and stop squeezing all the juices out of your meat.

  7. Da glizzy tog

  8. 14:14 You’re the next Gordon Ramsay 🤣🤣🤣

  9. RNG god helps QB lol

  10. Much Quicky, very baby. liked.


  12. So your burgers are named “quicky burgers”? I think u can open up a burgers bar

  13. So your not a daily plepb any more

  14. After 6 months I wanted to come back to play wot. But they blocked wargaming server in Turkmenistan.

  15. Can we have more of these quickybaby funny moments

  16. I have no idea how a game like wot have ghost shells. It is not like every tank is firing an automatic machine gun. But they still manage to have ghost shells. Wow

  17. 20 min. QB best moments video? Don’t mind if I do.

  18. @air conditioning moment – a bit of basic knowledge about physics would prevent this situation 🙂 We can’t “create cold” continously, we can only pump heat to other places,.
    If we could convert electricity into cold, global warming wouldn’t be an issue 🙂

  19. You QUICKYBABY really has a hilarious laugh that is so toxic I am laughing my ass out in front of my PC…With your solid reaction on those tank falling on a cliff, drowning, and killing those clown tanks are the best…:)

  20. Check the DPM of the Toldi, it’s not much better.

  21. Whoever taught you to make burgers needs to be shot

  22. Antonio Petrinsak

    Man, no salt&pepper on burger meat ? You just make burgers straight out of the package? 😀 salt that up a little bit man 🙂

  23. 17.30 Benny hill moment! Epic video QB.. Love it!

  24. qb slowly turning into 2016 Richard Hammond

  25. My American eyes can never unsee the way he made that burger.

  26. I hope he knows that the sound of the engine overpowers the horn

  27. 17:02 I’m not so sure about the autoloader theory. The gun is called SOLOthurn which sounds like it is supposed to fire single shots to me.

  28. Tanya looks so young. I want that secret.

  29. The sum of WoT 16:00

  30. Gordon ramsay? More like quickybaby

  31. Did have added a ship horn for that moment, maybe what Wargaming did with the Ryujo carrier

  32. 5:13 on chat game – thats my boi EZ

  33. Why C O O K I N G vid in the middle tho?

  34. QB’s face at 5:14 and then someone on chat says “autistic sucker pushed in the ass” XD
    Perfect combination.

  35. Albert Anthony Schneck

    YOU TOO GOOD — you will be in trouble with the Social Constructionists —- OMG!! dont be this GOOD or you get in TROUBLE!!!

  36. Albert Anthony Schneck

    everyone should be able to Target and Time as good as YOU !!! its NOT FAIR —- !!

  37. Albert Anthony Schneck


  38. 18:57 THE laugh😂😂

  39. TehButterflyEffect

    Sausage? It’s a hot dog. That’s why the skin is called the “Hot Tog” skin.

  40. Эдгар Тамбовцев

    5:13 some polish guy swearing in the chat
    Edit:it means autistic dude pushed him in ass

  41. had that happen alot in WOT to me. ghost shells alot in many of my games

  42. The Solothurn S18-1000 isn’t even a tank gun. It’s actually an anti tank rifle. Anti tank rifles were only sufficient against tanks like the Pz. I and Pz. II. Against things like the Pz. III and Pz. IV, you could maybe shoots the tracks off, or break a periscope. It weighed 50 kilos, it was carried by two guys.
    Hilarious how they put a gun into an armored vehicle that was so small that it could also be carried by two guys.. Like surely you can find something better to put in your tank. It was the biggest anti tank rifle ever produced, but it’s still just an anti tank rifle.

  43. QB please next time season the burgers. 😀

  44. Suprise mutherfuzze 😜

  45. Don’t you think the PZ 1 C current FR of its Mauser was the worst?


  46. 😂 😂 😂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. This update just ruins the game for me, not worth playing anymore.

  48. QB is actually Gordon Ramsey confirmed?!?!?!

  49. When you go to the lowest of lows and become a cooking youtuber…

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