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0:00​ INTRO
4:00​ First Game! (BUTT KILL)
10:10 Second Game
21:39 Outro


  1. Bruh it’s ‘Forsake’ not ‘Forsaken’

  2. Monday starts on Saturday!

  3. 17:27 you did miss that but your stupid ass is so lucky that you don’t even know it

  4. If you were the butt gunner you probably wouldn’t know you were about to die until you see the other crew members running in the jungle past you.

  5. day 2 of telling phly that we appreciate him and he should have a nice day

  6. somethinghas raptured

    If this not an anime what is this

  7. somethinghas raptured

    aand you are playing Japan…

  8. Watching phly a day keeps the sadness away

  9. Day 175: play the phrench Jaguar A with TBA Muti-dart rockets into ground RB
    (6.9k likes nice)

  10. Daniel Vedberg Sekulic

    He has about as good a job as the mg gunner in the back of the turret on the is/kv tanks.

  11. False the people with the most useless jobs are the two gunners on the b-57A

  12. Benjamin Boch Jeppesen

    Omg i grinded all rank 1 japan with that thing! Do the Chi-He next time, i have seldom played such a fun medium

  13. Are you from germany because you sad “scheiße” and that is a german word

  14. 9:03 PhlyDaddy while his wife is giving birth

  15. derpy tank that KILLS?

  16. Manuelito Noveda

    Happy monday but its tuesday

  17. Lol 😅😅😅

  18. Day 29: Lets get a throwback to the Crusader Mk III. It’s become my favorite tank in the game and I still bring it up to my 7.7 British lineup!

  19. asdfghjklpesgvmölşçxcfbmö

    machine gunner *dies*
    tank: alright im out

  20. Afro-svenska media kultur

    nooob war thunder phlydaily suks
    nooob war lover

  21. Yes, your pronunciation is right. We japanese call him Ji-ro(zi-ro). “Ji” is the initial of ”JISOUHOU” which means Self-propelled artillery and ”Ro” is the 2nd letter of japanese old alphabet which tell us he is the 2nd ”JISOUHOU”. It is almost same with Mk2. I’m not good at English, but i hope i can make myself understood in English. From japan. 😀

  22. *Italian AA gunner takes a 122mm HE round to the chest*
    Warthunder: “yeah that’ll be a concussion, maybe some minor CTE tops”

  23. A great phlyosaphy for Mondays

  24. 9:04 That’s what she said

  25. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 236 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome.

  26. Merryweather Fleet

    9:56 How life hits me.
    Day: idk, please play the B-25-j20 in ground or air RB, loving the unloved

  27. “I am a very weekly person” – PhlyDAILY 2021

  28. That gunner at the back must of drawn the short straw.

  29. Now thats a power bottom

  30. Lol great vid Phly!

  31. Fun Fact: That BT-7M is a PhlyDaily phan but he plays in console. Because of that he can’t use chat to describe himself and blocks Phly’s way

  32. Day 113: can you play the 75/34 M43?

  33. my friend is soo lucky he is in the video joniboi

  34. 12 kills !! You´r sooo blacklisted from me…..


    Ph-LY did my challenge!

  36. Play the me 262 a1u1

  37. El Duque Caradura

    You think that machine gunner has it hard? Check the Breda 501

  38. My video started buffering at 6:35 when he knocked the support beam over so it looked like one of the crew members manning the gun was about to have his skull crushed by the steel girders

  39. Hi guys can some one explane me the lore of how anime girls became a meme in war thunder? And please dont tell me shit like “japanese tech tree” or this lame show “girls und panzers” you wankers.

  40. I laughed so hard at the intro. It was awesome.

  41. Phly has so much more fun at low BR it’s great, I love it 🤣🤣

  42. Takashi is finally had a job, as a rear machine gunner!

  43. “I’m a very weekly person” A dude who has “daily” in his moniker. I love it!

  44. I remember you crying about how lame it is to die being shot in the engine, funny how it’s like fine for you to do it to someone

  45. Thats amazing

  46. Cruise missile for killstreaks sounds like something coming to the higher tier ground AB

  47. I like how he didn’t pen the panzer’s sprocket but he DESTROYS the American tank THROUGH THE SPROCKET

  48. The kittenthecool chanel

    Day 26:play the ju-288c

  49. Yosef Arfian Budiman

    I feel bad for the guy on the back on this back

  50. Yea probably

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