The WORST META in World of Tanks EVER!

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Recent changes to the fundamentals of World of Tanks are starting to affect the vehicles the players use here’s why it’s the worst World of Tanks yet!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. the reason as to why nobody plays high-tier light tanks anymore (even in ranked), is because basically every tank can spot for themselves, even tier 8 heavy tanks. Like why are there tier 8 heavy tanks (e.g. Renegade) which have 400m base view range? There are tier X light tanks which don’t have that. The purpose of light tanks is to spot enemy vehicles. And when other classes can do this role 80-90% as well, it is no surprise that nobody plays light tanks anymore. Sure, light tanks still have the camo bonus while moving, but when it comes to passive spotting, some mediums are as good if not better (like the Bourrasque for example). Even the fact that already at tier 6 you can have medium tanks who can achieve maximum view range is retarded.
    No heavy should have 400m base view range, and especially not at tier 8. Because more often than not, when in a light tank, I dont get spotted by other light tanks, but by heavies cos their view range is so damn op. Takes all the fun out of playing high-tier light tanks.

  2. I started to play ranked this season. But I stopped because I dont have the correct vehicles to use. I only have 2 tier 10 vehicles and they are useless now with ranked.

  3. We must remember that wargaming removed most bots on wot by threatening the bot developers with legal actions. This directly causes that there are no longer stupid bots roaming around in random battles in tier 1-9. Thos stupid bots were usually easy targets to farm and kill. Its the bots that made most mistakes. Now its just tryhards peekabooing and hiding.

  4. Ranked should be just people running around with churchill GCs. Now that would be prolly similarly enjoyable

  5. I uninstalled when they pushed through the HE and Arty changes. I never had any interest in Ranked regardless, and I liked to play different kinds of tanks rather than just arty like some people might assume, but I’m tired of being abused by a community that can’t understand the benefits that having arty in the game. You want us gone? Well here you go, enjoy hull down meta. You deserve it.

  6. You guys are wrong about this being like the mobile version. Mobile has done ammo right. If you use premium ammo in blitz it does less damage than standard rounds. It disincentives using prammo. Blitz is small map constant brawling with next to no soft cover. It’s also a lot more likely to have walk overs

  7. I hated most if my battles in ranked.
    Its just my second season of ranked, and thisbis a nightmare. Mirrored matchamaking with kran and stb1 every game.
    I encounter 1 E100 in 300 games of ranked, which is sad.
    Winning 4 3-6 minutes gams in a row in a slower tank and not winning z single chevron was also very fun.
    And yet I manage to get finally get bronze, without the kran and without the stb1 beacuse it bored me last time, but with my Rinoceronte et my Grille 15 (and a bit of Vz55).
    But it was so frustrating, so, so much.

  8. The Matching making also is a disaster. Many games are one sided and over in under 4 minutes. They should restore HE by 50% of what they removed & limit SPG’s to 2 & wheeled vehicles to 1 per side to even the battles out. They should also try to equalize talent based on WTR/WNR.

  9. To stop playing this game is the best solution you can do,…

  10. I played two games at the start of this latest series, thinking I would enjoy it once again. How wrong I was, and that was it. Two EBRs on opposing side and Russian lights on our side. Two lights, two mediums, the rest heavies. I needn’t tel you the outcome, not to mention Gold ammo used all the time. NOPE, NOT FOR ME ANYMORE.

  11. Here’s my question, is Wargaming intentionally trying to destroy this game?

  12. Congrats to all the clowns crying about the artillery, now people can just stay hulldown in the open and dominate without caring about the arty. I stopped playing ~4 years ago after 15k battles, even if I’m still checking the patchnotes and youtubers, but God what a shitstorm. I only used to play a few games here and there with KV-2 but it’s not even funny anymore with HE nerf. This game is just full Pay To Win at this point.

  13. that look to the vz-55 at 1:45

  14. This is the result the continuous complaining about mechanics which were ok. Now we’ve a repetitive and boring game and of course only for the ones who expend a lot of money on it.

  15. I tried playing ranked but since I am a free to play I don’t have all the op tanks like the kranvagn or the vz55. I barely maneged to grind the first stage and it was horrible. Probably not going to play the next season of ranked it the meta is like this

  16. Right, but far worse than this, I caught WG pants down with manipulating the game this time. It always appeared to me what they sell as “random”, be it RNG in the game or the match making, was treating me as “ftp” unfair, while apparently favoring certain players. That tendency in ranked to always be on the losing team is just ludicrous and it feels like swimming against the stream. So what I did was to write down every single result over what turned out an unsuccessful marathon to finish Div 1.

    Over 407(!) games, these are the positions (1-10) I attained within my team. And although it is not great or something to boast with, the performance is above average. That is 5.23 average rank vs 5.5 obviously.
    1 46
    2 41
    3 42
    4 44
    5 47
    6 47
    7 34
    8 40
    9 34
    10 32

    This above average performance translated into a WR of 42.01%. Assuming my performance should secure me a 50% WR, allowing for standard deviation (=sqrt(407/4)), the chances of scoring such a low WR is 3.321 times the standard deviation, or 0.045%, or 1:2200. Even if you said my performance would only suffice for 49% WR, as there are 2-3% draws, the odds are still only 1:420. And of course it goes through the roof assuming a “should be WR” of 52% for instance, with odds well above 1:50.000.

    Yet it was even more striking in Div 1, where I played 175 games with a WR of only 36.57% and average rank of 5.36 (see table below). Again, assuming a should-be-WR of 50%, the chances for that are 1:5300. Combine that with similar “encounters” and endless losing streaks in previous ranked seasons and the chances for so much “bad luck” fall off the table.

    1 21
    2 18
    3 16
    4 13
    5 20
    6 24
    7 14
    8 18
    9 15
    10 16

    Regrettably this proves there is something profoundly rotten in WOT. What WG tries to sell us “random” is actually manipulation. Most certainly it is not just true for the match making with ranked, but also for RNG within the game.

  17. I played rank to get access to the bond shop. It was the most miserable world of tanks experience I’ve ever had and made me want to quit the game. Even in randoms I can no longer see a Kranvagn or VZ 55 without feeling a surge of misery. I did not have any OP tanks so trying to earn chevrons in the M48 was extremely difficult because I was just out classed by the two above mentioned tanks which I typically saw five of per team.

  18. I switched to Warthunder and play realistic battles and am loving this game. Much more fun and varied than WoT now (~40k WoT Vet.)

  19. Nobody asked them to nerf HE. And the fix for arty was to have only one per side.
    WG are terrible.

  20. I got into bronze and I can say there are 4 tanks seen every match.
    Kran, Super Conq, STB1, And Leo.
    Ranked can be stale because it’s a hull down fest.
    BUT I ran into a few non meta tank players and they did really well. So it’s possible to use “worse” tanks.. it’s just makes the mode much harder for yourself.

  21. ranked mode my ass should be renamed gold p2w mode, disgusting p2w game like world of tanks will never be competitive esport game

  22. Aleksandar Milivojevic

    All true. While I salute arty changes, HE changes are complete NUTS!

  23. Premium tanks with bullshits stats
    and never give a shit about f2p players.
    nerf Spg to totally useless(cuz heavy tanker gays saying shits Spg are game destroyer??).come on even. Spg can make u uncomfortable but all spgs get like a life long reload time. and go and cry about your premium tanks is useless with firing premium rounds sperming?? Fk it I gonna quit

  24. You do know that Wargaming’s response is a generic response that has no bearing on what was received.
    It is well known that most gaming companies only care if it will make the users of their game(‘s) spend more money in order to win.

  25. Stopped playing all of wargamings games, despite the money and time I invested since release, hasn’t been fun for me in a while. Superheavy/spg/td was my thing, not so glad to know its still a waste of my time going back.

  26. I played ranked because I wanted to get the Kpz 50t… to sum it up: I failed

    partly because I rushed through the Qualification with my tanks and only got 4 Bonus games; my Fault…
    Then I spent real Money to skip the grind to the Kranvagn and Tier VIII and IX for the VZ….

    I finished Rank 6 on Div 3 when I was on ribbon shy of rank VII when I bounced an obj. 140 which put me on 11th place with 23xp shy of Place 10.
    Then I dropped down to six and I stopped playing ranks as I did not have enough time as I spent time with my family.

    My pros and cons:
    + Interesting mode
    + 10 player mode
    + no arty

    – only „Gold“ ammo
    – only a couple of Meta Tanks
    – a MM that even seems to support quick games (Team A: lots of green and blue players Team B: orange and some yellow)
    – Shop only available after div. 2! 🤬
    – Also 10 player mode ( Bot Players have a higher impact on the result of a game)
    – It did cost a lot of credits

    I somehow feel that ranked really does not want the regular player, as it seem to start at Div. 2. In comparision to regular games it really has the ability to trigger me very hard. I had to learn “loosing” ribbons, after I regulary quit the game after loosing two ribbons in a row. Even though I feel like playing “better” after my experiences in ranked which surprised me. Owning now the Kranvagn, the Vz55 and the STB-1 (which I already had before) I will try to perform better on next ranked by…
    – Playing ONLY the META tanks,
    – try to perform better in the Qualification matches,
    – try to play more and not to be triggered so easily

  27. Well of course, when the maps are all designed to help one style of play (speed and mobility) then of course you get less and less TDs on the battlefield. Crew Skills, increased view range, less cover, more mobility, and less armor effectiveness have all killed this game. It’s harder and harder to play this game without having to be constantly moving. If you get spotted, you’re dead. We aren’t driving tanks, tanks can take some abuse without being damaged.

    The maps are too small for the view range and amount of cover available. We’ve lost realism and we’ve lost the arcade feel. We’ve got an esport game that no longer appeals to the masses. This was a game for dads, it fit that space wonderfully and had a loyal following. But it’s become a burden for them to play.

  28. Not going to play ranked. No time and skill set to high!?! Or perhaps I have bad rng. Still enjoy the game in the random Que.

  29. we should go back to the esports days they were good

  30. Well I saw alot of LT’s, coz I mainly played LT 😂 Manticore too 😁

    Only in Silver though, maybe gold is massively diffrent.

  31. Thoroughly agree QB. Dont even bother playing ranked now, and getting very boring playingbrandoms too. Far too often, you come up against stacked teams with 2 or more EBR’s and Kranvagns/ other op reward tanks, whilst your team has a good mix of “normal” tanks and classes. Total mismatch, game after game, that rarely last longer than 3 mins.
    Getting very boring indeed!

  32. Respectfully I disagree. Ranked this time were much better, longer and more team play required then usual randoms. And I didn’t play in Kranvagn.

  33. As a skill-less, long term player, I am happy to see Arty nerfed and light tank play reduced. I could deal with the Arty, but light tanks have always been a game killer for me. The most skilled players almost always appear in battle in light tanks. When those skilled players abandon their light tanks for mediums and heavies, it helps to even out the playing field (and it has reduced the number of EBR’s)!

  34. Last week I used my 3 hour Personal Reserves for 3 days and played my elc even 90. And after playing many, many games, I had only 8 games where there was an arty on my team. Playing 9 games in a row without arty as an elc is no fun day after day. This was NOT Ranked Battle. Trying to get major credits without arty is not good.

  35. This video was spot on. I’ve never really been a big fan of ranked but for this season I actually tried to compete for the rewards. I found that it was just not a fun experience mostly due to what QB was talking about in this video. I didn’t do well my qual games so after I ran out of the 6 bonus battles I just ran into a very frustrating grind fest to climb. I just gave up on the 3rd to last day not worth my mental health.

  36. remember the days Spg could one shot you ? You asked for nerfs..they did them….Spg no more Ap rounds.WG listened. Still was not enough for you guyz..spg pigs hate them, destroying games. Wg listened again. Now they nefred them to the ground. And now you are complaining again. I think WG listens to much. And i am not an spg player. I just understand that spg is a necesary balanceing class that needs to be in game or like it is today lights and TD are useless.

  37. Stopped playing World of Tanks since January. Never been happier.

  38. Ranked is a losing proposition, and I know you can’t always be on the winning team, but every team win was followed by sometimes 6 or 7 losses in a row. It’s extremely frustrating, and a credit eater. I’m glad Frontline starts today, it’s loads more fun, with opportunity to bank tons of credits.

  39. What’s ranked you play at your own risk WOT wasted of time not tanks game

  40. That what QB said that you can t play maus, yes it is really sad because this is quite an iconic tank and hif function is to block damege and to be slow. But today when all tanks from t8 to t10 can pen you with APCR or HEAT straight in cupola is sad. I have maus and i dont reccomend you to waste TIME on it. There are yust better tanks.

  41. Everyone rushes to one spot in ranked all the meta tanks shoot it out and it usually ends in in a landslide victory for one team .

  42. Jireh Alexander Duran

    This is exactly why I don’t play ranked

  43. I always loved playing light tanks. (Not EBR bs)
    They just killed off the light tank playerbase like a tree soaking all the juice out of a leaf and then letting it drop dead.
    I’m happy I left after 8 or 9 years of playing

  44. QB cast your mind back, way back. Remember the first nerf, or rather set of nerfs on TDs? So TDs could no longer sit in a bush and remove your HP without being spotted. The other thing I noticed about then was that view range depended more on tier than type of vehicle or whether it was open or closed top.

  45. Played just enough to get to Div III…used LTs that I like…very very meh why bother.

  46. No. Wrong. Utter bullshit. Mate stop trying to defend SPGs. I used to be a big fan of yours but you seem to keep bringing up dumb unnecessary things. Yes, EBRs are a problem, artillery is a problem, rng is a problem and primarily MAPS are a problem. Not Hull down tanks. The 10v10 format is great, gives players more chances of getting chevrons. In 15v15 bots that watch this have no chance. Especially with the old mechanics where you could lose 2 chevrons. So stop complaining about the wrong things and instead of making a community full of bots that only know how to complain instead of improving themselves and blame themselves for bad results, help them grow. Teach them about wn8, its a good motivator. Game mechanics, map positioning, equipment and skills to use. Don’t deny their options, help them use everything. And don’t dare stop making them remove artillery, its a major problem we had since the start.

  47. Tried ranked this season & never again. Having to play on HK server with high ping & tons of cruddy teams just cost me millions in credits for no rewards. I’m in Australia so no events happen on our server. We don’t matter. Add to this ppl with field mods now means regular people are stuffed in competition type events. I agree with your assessment. Meta of whole game is about autoloaders & fast MTs. Rest are just HP meatballs.

  48. You have a very fair viewpoint of the game unlike those people who shout noob when you say the HE nerf was bad.

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