THE WORST MODERN MBT | M60A1 Fall –get it? (War Thunder Tanks)

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THE WORST MODERN MBT | M60A1 Fall –get it? (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. The US Army, during the cold war, was third in line after the Navy and Air Force in both funding and importance in fighting WWIII. The M-60 only had to be “good enough” to act as a speed bump to slow Soviet ground force from pushing across western Europe. Its a defensive / support tank. Needing the other NATO tanks to cover its weaknesses.

  2. Phly try to be a combat medic using small fast tank and try to repair friendly tanks as many as you can ! Thats a nice challenge r8?

  3. The “I love butt shooting too, it’s the best feeling in the world. Doing butt stuff with BIG GUNS” should definitely be a shirt on the merch store XD

  4. This shitty editing thought


  6. Really wish Gaijin would get rid of the moronic RNG 50% chance to detonate ammo. It makes absolutely no sense, especially when HEAT or explosive shells hit ammo.

  7. Only real pain is the leo1a1 stock.

    While the m60 is bad, at least you get some armor, and you are facing other useless leos.

    But in the leo, you have nothing, and are facing the perfect Abrams, IPM1, and XM1 with Apds.

    Leo1A1 Stock: how real men get their dose of pain.

  8. I am so confused at the end of the video it was just a black screen then Russian music kicked up and ended as it started.

  9. I was a crewman on the M60A1 in the 1980s. The M60 excels in the defense when compared to other tanks of its era. On the offense it isn’t as good. Its big, slow, loud and it’s armor is not as good.

  10. Phly: The mobility is bad- reversing

    T64: hold my bear

  11. ERA can somettime minimize your APFSDS damage……….

  12. Rush b in the berlin map with some russian stuff syart with b words attampt 24

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  14. Can you make mbt/kpz vid tho
    I dont think i have seen em in a vid for a long time and it would be nice to see those 20mm on top killing choppers

  15. whats with the extra 2 minutes at the end with nothing?

  16. I appreciate what your sponser did big that game did not look good.

  17. If that shell didn’t kill that Leo 2 you could of played one of the lines from the people in Skyrim when they look for you and then quit and say ” must of been my imagination”.


  19. Dammit phly don’t *YEET* us like this

  20. 22:29 For sikrit song komrades

  21. ” I love butt shooting too it’s the best feeling in the world doing butt stuff with big guns” – phlydaily 2018
    i want a t-shirt with your logo, quoting this.

  22. Play the t54 47 pls

  23. Take out the Leo 1 attempt #4

  24. RISE for 8.7

  25. Attempt #4
    Phly, take out the Panzer 3F, give hope to the panzer 3 beginners. If it fails, you can heal your wounds with the highly advances turret traverse of the Daimler AC

  26. 22:30 waaat? Товарищ, что за скрытое послание вы хотите передать?)

  27. Has someone been playing Skyrim?

  28. 0:02 fire in a fuel tank and destroy him
    0:12 firing in a fuel tank but don’t destroy him
    0:16 realise he destroy a fuel tank
    (0.000001% of chance to destroy a fuel tank)
    (Sorry for the fault, i am not english)

  29. Play the He-111 H-6 with the fritz x in a naval battle. Attempt #2

  30. So like in case you didnt know already, something i learned today is that the DO 335 B2 is the best bomber hunter at 5.7 i HIGHLY ADVISE YOU TRY

  31. Massive Warfare – What a pay to win game
    100% pay to win

  32. Leopard A1A1

  33. M24+P47D Combo +8

  34. Phlyy, play the Batignolles-Chatillon Char de 25 tonnes, a rank IV 6.7 BR French light tank. Its transmission has 6 gears forward and 6 gears backwards allowing it to reverse with the same speed as going forwards. VIVA LA FRANCE!
    Attempt #3

  35. That poor I-16. Never before has someone gotten it so hard.

  36. They buffed the Russian mbt ammo carousels. They don’t blow up nearly as much as they used to

  37. “Massive warfare” Oh obi, it sounds like a cheap ripoff of Armored warfare, which itself is a not-so-sbutle ripoff of World of tanks.

    Also, if there’s anyone that can use the M60A1 RISE Passive effectively, its the Marine Corps. They slaughtered 100 of the Soviet tin-can in one battle with only one M60A1 lost due to landmine in the Battle of Kuwait international Airport in February 1991 :v

  38. he has ERA out the ass on that tank

  39. Bring the american T25,it does everything almost perfect,it just has to be used the right way.You’re gonna love it! Attempt#19 (Is that in easter egg on the end of the video?)

  40. but hey man in the hell do people grind these tanks in warthunder..been stuck with my t4 gmc m10 for two yeaars 🙁

  41. What’s the deL with the blank space and music at end lol?

  42. Law Abiding Citizen

    This game is such shit at times. Lol. I liked the RISE.. but I dont get why the M735 on the M1 is amazing.. but the same damn round on the RISE is a bouncy trash of a round.

  43. Rafael Oliveira Silva

    Play the Russian T-50 !!

  44. DO A CHALLENGE. Kill an aircraft with smoke rounds.

  45. ” You see this thing?”
    … *stares at 2 pixels
    “Looks like a KPz”
    Playing on high rezz in a nutshell.

  46. Since when did they nurf the chief why the hell do they fuck over brittain again we have already such a good line up ofcourse 80 fcking mm gone ? That cant be right why dont you fuckers nerf some russians tanks like the obj120 to 8.0 ore something

  47. Now this is what i called QUALITY CONTENT

  48. russian bias confurmed11!!!

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