The WORST of both worlds..

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This tank is hilariously bad, combining the worst both a sherman(tall hull) and a T-34(bad gun dep.)




  2. Yooooo you still post?!

  3. I see a rabbit, a cat, a hamster and a fish. I’ve no words.

  4. What’s he playing?

  5. Only thing I don’t like about that tank is gun depression sucks.

  6. 2200 gold for a MAP

  7. Can’t have depression while playing this tank.

  8. Pure joy

  9. Pretty much all the Tier V vehicles have atrocious gun handling. It’s a characteristic of the tier.

  10. Here is an idea of another Frankenstein tank for WG. Take a turret from M103 and put in on chassis of BDR.

  11. The biggest meme in the video was the WG deal

  12. The T-28E is massive, so I think the M4-85 is only larger in the form of height.

  13. nice reload for 150dmg lol

  14. Major Borngus Fluunduch

    The guy who drew up this tank: “Lets transfer all of the M4’s trademark depression directly into the player.”

  15. I’m here for the post game stats.

  16. Someone thought it was a good idea to give an 85mm gun a 3-second aim time with 0.4 dispersion.

  17. the end meme is really great, hoped you left in …. xD

  18. Aleksandar Crnoglavac

    We missed you on YouTube uncle Circon.
    Where have ya been?

  19. The T-34 is one of the best tier 5 tanks with the 57mm. Only tank I 3-marked and it’s borderline broken with almost 3k dpm at tier 5 lmao.

    Sherman also used to be decent so well done to the employee who decided to craft this abomination.

  20. lol those deals for 2k gold, gotta love em

  21. Is this the new Pz. III K or the new M4 “Improved?”

  22. Also got this last year as Xmas Lootbox consolation prize… I sooooo want to make it work, cos once in awhile, I like drive these “what-if” frankentank. But the poor gun depression, long reload, & poor gun handling really drives me mad. Anyways, wondering what Equipment Loadouts would you recommend (for F2P)?

  23. Did the CircBunny find a CarpFriend?!

  24. I absolutely love the camo, looks kinda Star Wars.

  25. For that reload time I would expect about 200 damage.

  26. You meant to say “but it’s worse”?

  27. Commenting for the algorithm

  28. Welcome back Circonflexe!

  29. OMG this gif besides your head is so disturbing… it should be a tank camo!

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