The WORST PREMIUM to happen since the KA-50? – 2S38

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Source: OddBawZ

The 2S38 in one of the most powerful and versatile that's ever been added to the game. I can't express this enough, the 2S38 is awesome.

The 2S38 has an autoloaded 57mm with APFSDS, APHE, and even a HE-VT Proximity Fuse Shell. It even has a tracking radar for Helicopters and Planes, Thermals, Laser Range Finder and a Laser Warning Module. It's fast, it's highly mobile and it's also extremely survivable due to there being no crew in the turret.

The 2S38 is the very definition of ! So, let's see how the 2S38 gameplay is! 🙂

Let's go!


  1. Oddbawz can you or can someone help me at 11:07 how does he lock the aircraft and do that?

  2. Dude yes! BF:BC2 was the best. So much fun and shenanigans were had in that game. Shame Battlefield went straight down the toilet RIP

  3. People going to be buying this up for the next couple months, then a fat performance nerf and off to 11.0 it goes. This has been happening for years only diff is that it just keeps getting worse

    Casuals have been making this happen for years and nothing changes

  4. in real live this is just a MEME

  5. Anything that makes CAS a pain gets big likes in my book, and Im by far not the only one. Gaijin may be finally hearing us when it comes to CAS dominance.

  6. i love how all of the youtube WT channels just sigh and implicitly acknowledge Gaijin’s ridiculous bias scheme.

  7. Even the ammo storage reload is ridiculous

  8. this thing is what the zsu57-2 was back in the day … nothing culd match it

  9. Yeah I was thinking about going back to the game but after seeing this…. Nah I changed my mind, it’s just getting political at this point

  10. Professional Bandit

    gaijin on their way to create the most overpowered vehicles for one nation and proceed to be the scummiest company that has ever been conceived in gaming

  11. Your comment on bf bc2 got you a follow 😉

  12. Fleury Jean-François

    Given the weight of the vehicle (18,1t) and its dimension (7,2 x3,2×2,4), it has virtually no armour. In realilty, the vehicle could be slaughtered by 0.5 machine gun. But in the game, it can absorb kinetic hits from heavy tank without exploding (the carousel of ammunition!). The darts are powerfull and can kill easily when the darts of a VCC60/80 have more difficulties; But do not forget that warthunder is a Russia-based corporation.

  13. This is overlord Putin telling trying to persuade the Russian people that their army is better then they actually are. Trying to hide the proof of how bad Russia actually is. See look Russian people. Our tanks are way better.

  14. Why is this a topic even. I dont think theres a gamer left in the world who doesnt know that “free to play” usually employ the pay to win concept. Some scam the players differently but assuming pay to win means youre right more often than not. Id be surprised if new real money content for “free to play” games wasnt overpowered in one way or another.

  15. In their minds, they strongly believe that they have the best vehicles in the world.. but in reality they are wrecks in everything (engines, blocked boxes, blocked autoloaders), and these can be seen on the battlefield. on reality mountains of scrap metal.

  16. Kinda sucks that it isn’t on Discount, it’s cool and all but I’m not paying 50 bucks for it, when I can get the Turns in a week for 30

  17. Playing the Puma at 9.3 kinda sucks. The firepower is just bad. I find myself shooting multiple times at the gun barrel without disabling it. I agree that at 8.0 it was outrageous but at 9.3 it gets clubbed a lot of the times. They should just give it the fire and forget missiles, and maybe get it to 9.7. Lobbing missiles over hills is just hilarious.

  18. Founder of the Empire

    Russian bias go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  19. Such cancer honestly.

  20. an 8.7 vehicle can face this thing and the Maus at the same time… That is funny

  21. In my mind this is the ideal vehicle for War thunder one that can take care of ground but also air
    CAS can easily win games if you let it so more vehicles that can kill both ground and air reliably is a good thing in my mind

  22. Alessandro Mazzini

    Wonder why It Is russian aswell

  23. Alessandro Mazzini

    Btw this vehicle Is completely fake, the reload/autoloader Is All made up, there are no info about it

  24. Best WT Intros are those of ODDBawz period much love

  25. It is always nice and super satisfying to see ground vehicles dominating everything else especially air and helis like here’s my ground revenge on that dirty CAS lmfao :p

  26. We need the a generic Ukrainian tractor to counter it.

  27. Ah right, the most op tanks cant not be russian, so they had to add this one quickly to undo their mistake

  28. I’m glad I left this fucking game. Russians get all the OP vehicles (and keep them bugged). Russian bias is not real lmao

  29. I wish I was rich enough to enjoy War Thunder. Premium vehicles of higher tiers cost me 1/3 of my monthly income, they need to bring regional pricing.

    Half of something is better than half of nothing…

  30. Does anyone think they’ll add in the the newest plane in the US arsenal, the Sky Warden??

  31. premium obviusly

  32. God Bad Company 2 was such an amazing game.

  33. russian bias premium lets GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  34. The Video starts and it beginns with a Error, the 2S38 isnt a IFV so the Puma still is the best IFV.

  35. This thing could be 11.3 and still be op.

  36. how you can play with planes and tanks together?

  37. how can anybody udnerstand your language? Why can’t you talk normaly?

  38. also noteworthy, while the puma actually exists, this thing is a concept with like 1 built? so much for no paper tanks.
    it feels like they for some reason, actually added this to cope with irl deficencies

  39. Needs to go up to 10.3 with the HSTVL, maybe higher given its anti-air capability

  40. Jp/Swe player here really in pain.

  41. When is the discount?

  42. when germany gets puma, usa gets hsltv, italian get otomagic, you get crazy over russia

  43. me likey

  44. It should be 11.3, you can’t change my mind..

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