The WORST Situation Possible in World of Tanks!

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Today I’m featuring the nightmare game in of Tanks; bottom tier, low hp, free-to-play – LET’S GO!



  1. Almost Free to Play

    QB pushed out the T49 from position though…

  2. Edoardo Tregattini

    quickybaby that ruins the rest of the video at 5:51 by telling the end… ok QB

  3. The worst situation to be in, is pressing the battle button

  4. Worst would be dying immediately.

  5. very good game QB, i love playing the british arty because i confuse some of my teammates when i go near the front lines due to only having about 490m shooting range lol, currently almost done with the crusader SP 🙂

  6. QuickyBaby when will you upload videos in 1440p60 on Youtube please?

  7. Thanks

  8. I remember 14 year old me commenting asking for a Panther II video (I know cringe) way back when. Dreams really do come true 😅

  9. If the enemy team acts like you don’t exist, Panther 2 can indeed work.


  11. 8 HP and a dream! xD

  12. Is this the worst situation? No, not. A Panther II in Tier X match born on south on Mines is not much of use outside the hill area.

    The worst situation is when you are in a stalemate and going to a draw. You question yourself why the fxxk I waste 15 minutes of my life playing this game.

  13. Luís Augusto Panadés

    And ask Wargaming about rebalancing Panther II. Forget, they will not fix the balancing of this game, never.

  14. If I remember correctly the Panther 2 has the common issue of having a massive grind to be playable and on average it will get out performed by other tanks.

  15. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Stop lying: sniping is not an effective activity on this game. All snipe vehicles are totally shit.

  16. I like it bmw 176 😂

  17. He scored half as many kills as HP he had left. Damn.

  18. I liked the panther II, had fun in it, in my grind to the E50M, that was before they buffed the panther II, but I did pretty good, lots of times by playing mid line in, or at the front when needed, hill down, using your gun depression when you can, it’s armor does really well actually. I liked it way more than the panther. Even though I got my E50M, I kept the panther II and E-50, and still occasionally play those two. They are fun. I trained my crew to the premium panther 8.8 so I can use them in all those tanks, with no detriment, haha.

  19. This video just shows what I be saying, Never leave a dead tank alive” to be absolutely true. Once the tank can deal damage? It’s a threat so make sure and finish off your enemies

  20. QB give us a Panther 8,8 game

  21. 1 splash from arty splat can’t believe not a single shot in your direction ….

  22. Thanks for video. Panther II lover here. Hope someday they sell Panther 8.8 again. Waiting for it two years.

  23. Not all heros wear capes…

  24. Dont ever say its over if im breathing

  25. Average result after what was a stupid gamble at the start, which only went well thanks to extreme luck and because the enemies were morons. (especially the arty, which didn’t splash a fking 8 HP Panther on the hill even once.)

    Before the game even began, someone with 3300+ wn8 should have realised that going on the hill would be a stupid idea based on the enemy’s tank line-up. I also want to briefly mention that this situation is far, far away from being “The WORST possible situation in World of Tanks”, as clearly 1. the own team has taken the hill and 2. most of the enemies apparently have shit for brains.

    Why even bother uploading this, when there are a lot better games on Wotreplays to be found? This is not even instructive or anything in any way!

    Also, I can’t wait for WG to finally start selling those BMW-176s, I heard those are some amazing tanks!


  26. Really like your battle interface that you’re using especially the battle damage and battle hits where can I download it?

  27. Complaints Department

    Wrong. The worst situation possible is just PLAYING this stupid game.

  28. Driving the Panther II has been rough

  29. how about phanter 8.8?? it is good??

  30. Don t try it at home, he is just lucky..

  31. Remember the Awful Panther?
    I call the Panther 2 the Painful Panther.

  32. The Panther 2 is, to me, the perfect tank to actually learn with. If you can make this thing dance and survive, you’ll just destroy everything in your path with the E50s that follow after.

  33. well that’s 7 more HP than he needs.

  34. cerra el orto vos y este juego de mierda lleno de cheaters

  35. i have this map blocked for 3 years never want to play it again, its a small tier 3 map with a losing spawn

  36. Haha epic yes good for you QB always push in and take the chance be aggressive and either win or die trying and help the teams chances in the process

  37. disclaimer, don’t push hill if you spawn on South

  38. Because watching quickybebe videos for years, this is my gaming in every round X)

  39. Day 3 of suggesting qb to comentate on a very old replay for some nostalgia

  40. Nine times out of ten you’d be tracked twice and obliterated trying to make it up the hill. So much for risk-reward ratio. But the game is all about taking out guns, a gun of a 8 hp tank do as much damage as a gun of a full health one.

  41. back to what qb was saying about thanking to his teammates…i do this very often especially when they take shots so i don’t get tracked really helps me a lot to have someone to take shots for me

  42. Nice game🤠 What equipment do you use on it? Turbo, vents, rammer?

  43. Thumb up for yet another free to play gameplay. Honestly it’s so much better I think 🙃. I don’t even watch the gold spammers videos anymore

  44. What I dont understand is that none of the enemy tanks focus him down. Yes they will take a few hits but they’d be able to progress further.

  45. Do you have any idea how fucked up this game actually is?

  46. the worst situation possible:
    proceeds to play mines on south spawn. GG

  47. Tommy Gun The last roadrunner

    Es un partidón Baby, pero no es la peor situacion posible, hay otra peor, el mismo caso con dos artillerias, lol. Un saludo desde España campeón.

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