The Worst Super Heavy Tank (ft. @OddBawZ)

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Source: Spookston

British Tortoise is one the few monstrous tanks in War Thunder. It's also probably the . It has a decent top reverse speed, but its obvious and lackluster cannon make it a pain to use.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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The Worst Super Heavy Tank (ft. @OddBawZ)


  1. Make sure to check out Odd’s channel:

  2. Reverse is for retreating and the British don’t retreat 😎

  3. Day 27 of asking you to play the Rooikat MTTD

  4. Spookston mentioned HSTVL
    Take three shots

  5. BUT yOu GoT a NukE ThOuGh!

  6. This shit is ugly af

  7. Get the combo vid with oddboz and phly plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Day 11of asking spookston to play the JaPz K A-2

  9. Play T95 super heavy please? I know its the sameish as the T28 and this, but i think its better if you play it right

  10. “Theres a VIDAR on A” everyones favourite words

  11. Attempt no. idk anymore (counting is hard) at getting spookston to play air rb

  12. Okay, first off, I know you meant Panther II, not Leopard 2, but that’s not the thing.

    The thing is, I think they did something to the Panther II’s turret armor. I swear to god I used to be able to go clean through the turret face at all but the most extreme angles with any British tank with APDS.

    The last few times I’ve shot at the turret of one with the Centurion, it bounced. Hit it dead on, right in the lower corner, and nothing happened. I think they may have secretly buffed the turret armor on the Panther II. I know they slightly nerfed the normalization of APDS (and I think APCR too), but that shouldn’t have an effect on the almost completely flat face of the Panther.

  13. Damn you have 20 million silver lions

  14. Imagine spookston does a video where he plays the T 95 but he have to use apcr

  15. Smoke grenade hits are now a thing ever since a Leo 2 in Ukraine was recorded getting hit by a drone in the smoke canisters spewing smoke everywhere and the Russians incorrectly claimed it was a kill.

  16. Tortoise:dad tutel
    Hetzer:baby tutel

  17. AT THE START THE PORTAL MUSIC…. Is my ringtone. And my message notification- you scared me bud! XD

  18. Super heavy tanks are an inherently stupid idea.

  19. t o r t o i s e n u k e

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