The Worst T10 Tank in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m looking at the worst T10 tank in World of Tanks!


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  1. I don’t have the rhm but I love how it looks so it gets a 8/10

  2. german td grille 15 is crap too. it says .27 dispersion but when you play it feels .80 dispersion. even an OI exp with derp gun sniping has more accuracy than that t10 “german” tank destroyer. i wouldnt mind awful dispersion if it had good penetration…or good camo…or armor…or speed…uhm…at least it has good alpha?

  3. Worst tank in WOT means that best tank in the real world.

  4. Nem kellett volna a 390 es alfa dmg ét elvenni..

  5. Another proof this fucking game is nothing more than a joke nowadays. 95% of my games I don’t see any tier lower than mine. Every single game in a tier 10 is all tier 10, the reste I’m systematically bottom tier. All the best tanks in the game are Russian so it’s all about bouncing and/or using premium ammo all the time. The best German TD’s are both premium ones you have to buy (Skorpion G, E25, yes I watched Klaus’s video but I though so long before). Skycancer does less dmg but stuns you all the time, making the game as annoying as possible. Then you have this RNG that I’m absolutely certain is varriable so you have certain games in which you will bounce or miss a lot more than “usual”, all this to keep you fireing this premium rounds you need to pen the biased Russian armor on the other side. I’m an above average player but the more I play the more I’m just fed up with this game. Absolutely EVERYTHING is made to force people into speding loads of money to just being competitve (unless you really don’t care about winning battles)… WOT has turned into a money pump. It has damaged itself to a level only paying unicums can reliably have fun. I was once rewarded with a Mutant by a WG member as a thank for my long time support of the game (aka the insane amount of money I’ve spent on premium stuff since the game came out). A few months later, this thing was released for sale in the advent fucking calendar. Even THAT they managed to disapont me with… so yeah Wargaming, FUCK YOU and your crooked economic model. it’s not about haveing different tanks that suits your playstyle better. I’t just about having Russian tanks and premium ammo loaded (or some of the rare OP premium tanks from other nations but it’s still PTW)… I used to play everyday… Now it’s maybe a couple of times every month and it still manages to piss me off and make me rage quit…

  6. And it costs 298,000XP to unlock for some god forsaken reason, the highest of any tank in the game.

  7. WoT-Life does not do the SEA server…

  8. A German tank that’s not good. What, that ca t be

  9. Quickybaby Please show the AMX 13 75

  10. QB..
    I suggested long ago, to 1/2 the view range.. At top tier use spotting range only.. There are to many that can see over 2/3 the field.
    Getting spotted by another tank, when you are a lite, tends toget attention from many tanks, and smart people look AT that lite tank and can tell which will cause problems.. OR are a quick kill.
    I run out in the Tier 7 TD, Great view range, IF I can find a place to hide. But you cant see anything unless they are in Spotting range 450m? Cant spot much, and even with over 50% camo…1 person see’s me…ALL the enemy see’s me. Even with no LINE OF SITE..

  11. my Leopard is always paired with retards and against the most OP meds

  12. No it’s the is4

  13. Come to think of it almost every German tanks are worst except maus.leopard 1,E100,giril,pz7 nd now v have object 430U which made e50 absolute.

  14. QB for the average player, light tanks are a pain in the butt since they can run circles around you while shooting the hell out of you. I bounce large caliber rounds off of them and it sucks. Light tanks should get their credits from scouting and not so much from slugging it out with what in real life would eat their lunch. Just my two dollars worth sir and as usual good video.

  15. Noctalia TheBatpony

    Yeah because Mediums can’t have high view range hein ?
    When the BC25t has +10m compared to the 13 105 ; same for the obj 140 and the T100LT ; 121 and M48 have the same vr than their Light counterparts ; and the Leopard has only 10m less vr than the Rhm pzw !
    But all those mediums have waaaaay better gun and armor …….. There’s NO POINT on playing light tanks in WoT.

  16. Say whatever you want, QB, but I will never stop playing my dear Germans. They are the true tanks, that can fight with honor, not relying on some bullcrap bias. Soviets are making me sick with their ,,craps on tracks” that use supernatural powers to hit every single shot and bounce anything fired back.


  17. While the tank still suffers some of the issues you touched on, the stats they saddled you with on PC are ridiculous. On console, this tank has better camo than the Sheridan, is outright more mobile than the T-100 with better rate of fire, accuracy, penetration, and it has the highest alpha damage of the lights (aside from the Test Bed Truck-Launcher). I was about to say it’s the best, but that’s more my bias. No armor and large profile makes it a poor choice for death circling, which seems to be what light tankers want to do anymore. But in the field, it’s a beast.

    Edit: Never mind! Apparently there was some patch I missed, and now we have the same cancer you guys do.

  18. The Rhm is just too fast for its own good. If you are going max speed and turn to “X” side because, well, dodging shoots or whatever, the tank will probably flip and start spinning on its sides like 2 or 3 times before it stops and you can (if lucky enough) keep going. Sold mine.

  19. …it also has a very high center of gravity, and poor track treverse speed, making it very easy to flip.

  20. Even all the good players say it is trash sooo I guess it is. Stopped playing German tanks a while ago since the Russian bias is kinda real in this game (IMO) so I started playing all the Russian tanks instead.

  21. Seriously? Dude next time you bring up a website during the replay at least have the brains to pause the replay. We couldn’t see shit with that up on the screen.

  22. Trọng Hưng Nguyễn

    the only thing that make the “sniping” work is the camo to be able to move around , which is a big drawback compare to the 251, it needs more camo,or at least the same as 251 for the love of god

  23. and thats why i still have the ru251, it is still the better light tank even in tier 10 matches, if they give the RhmPz the 390 alpha it deserves i would bother playing it

  24. Yeah, the 25% drop off on pen for a class as a class that are _Meant_ to be Snipers and Spotters with High Mobility and High Gun Stats…. to in contradiction to their class natures; yeah, WG kinda more than kinda fucked up with LTs being their opposites as a class.

  25. T H E Worst t10 will be t110e4, that stupid tank moving slow, no armor at all, stupid 90 degree turret, and gun not that good as well

  26. is a german tank what u expect???

  27. i got a 1390 base exp game in my IS-3A and it was only a 1st class

  28. I stopped grinding at the ru 251 a third of the way through because I couldn’t get above a 46% w/r.. There was nothing fun about non stop tier 10 mm and tier 10 meds out classing the ru at everything. And the exp to unlock tier 10 lights are way out of wack compared to their abilities…

  29. the tank is shit and it is played by incompetent idiots ???

  30. Great video! Sad to see the coolest-looking Tier X LT being labelled the worst Tier X period. 🙁

    Just curious, but would you be able to make a video and/or updated guide on how to play some of the worst LTs in the various tech trees? Such as the MT-25 in the Russian line, a post-derp nerf VK 28.01 on the German side, and maybe the Tier V alternate Amercian LT (I forget the name, but I have definitely struggled in its grind). These are mid-tier light tanks that seem just awful to play through, and I can’t imagine the struggle of FTP players trying to grind through them.

  31. none of the T10 lt are good performers

  32. I feel this is the problem for all the LTs. Mediums are just better at everything

  33. M for -2 MM.. wow , rly that tank is unplayable

  34. But buffing Obj279e is the priority

  35. Who else hates the entitled “unicum here” as if their opinion is more superior or important? (Not talking about QB but the people in WoT comments)

  36. The actual strength of this tank is how it can get to positions that no one else can

  37. WG logic, refuse to buff LT. Introduces french go-cart.

  38. Best tier 10 tank? – Russian
    Worst tier 10 tank? – Germen

  39. QB the minute you cover the screen with info graphics i have to leave

  40. BUFF pz wagen

  41. Nice review as always Quickybaby, I have this tanke since the beginning and I have made 3 games on it. I would like to add that Its non existent armor make it a favorite target from artillery, even if the arty doesn’t get you just the splash of a Conqueror GC can easily make you 800-1000 hp damage, as it happened to me twice

  42. Hah its gonna be my first T10…

  43. That T-100LT in the enemy team of the second game played like an idiot and lost the game for his team. He let Quicky win the West. And this happens all the time and you have to be polite and respect all tomatoes. You do not know the game? Stay at tier 1-4 and have fun there!

    Do a list plz ranking all the tier 10!!
    your opinion matters!!!

  45. Oh yeah yeah
    States that a particular Tier X tank is the worst – *Procedes to show him on probably a 100%+ crew, with possibly extra modifications and a crew buff (chocolate)*
    Yeah QuickyBaby, the day you lie to us, everyone will belive in you. That’s when we will trully fall down the well.

  46. is the german medium line worth grinding?

  47. Buff the RU 251.. make it T10 + keep the Rheinmetall pzw like it is (maybe nerf it a little bit) and make it T9

  48. RhmPzw truly is craptastic.

  49. There are way worst tier 10 tanks in the game not talking for competitive play. If we’re talking competitive play i can name of 10 tanks with out thinking lol. Maybe QB should play some CWs?

  50. one is the solution
    if the player needs to reach the next level of every tank ,he or she must take at least one star on the gun of the tank
    and no converting the experience with gold

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