The WORST Tank in War Thunder Ground Forces?

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Tanks – Worst Tank in War Thunder Ground Forces
– T-60 Light Tank, Bad Tank?

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  1. hi :)

  2. So what do you guys think is the BEST Tier 1 Tank in War Thunder? The
    winning vote will be in the next episode of WT Tank Request.
    I’m going to be streaming today, follow twitter for announcements: and to
    get an email notification. We’ll be doing WT Custom battles and WoWS
    requests with the new Russian & German Cruisers today!

    We almost got 1,000 comments on the last tank request series but we fell
    just short at over 950. If we can get 1,000 comments this episode I’ll do
    something really awesome, like a giveaway.

    Oh, I got a Ping Pong table yesterday….HYPE!

  3. like literally the worst for it’s BR, that 20mm does jack shit

  4. Maybe worst tank, but among the most fun to derp around with :3

  5. JoJo Ja (SIGSAUER)

    overpenis ^^ ?

  6. 10th

  7. It is not it’s totally the m2 medium

  8. Every tank is great in hands of a good player

  9. I think the best tear 1 tank is T-35 land battleship

  10. Not So Serious Gaming

    i think the worst tank in the game is the M6. it’s crap

  11. Did you get a new Mic Baron?

  12. So people think the M2A2 is better than the T60? Strange…

  13. t-50 for stalin

  14. It’s adorable! Say sowwy, Baron

  15. t 35 best tier 1

  16. Mighty M1A2 Abrams (TUSK) for Uncle Sam????

  17. Major B's Italia Bricks

    You gotta do some reviews of the Italian planes. You gotta. You gotta do
    it. :333

  18. once again under 301 views for me, I was #96

  19. What about the m2a2

  20. I would say the best tier 1 either goes to the stug 3 a, the pzkpfw 4 c, or
    the t-50 with apcr

  21. It might not be a gepard, but it can get the job done if you handle it

  22. Best Tier 1 Tenk?! Look no further Comrade! Obvious choice is STRONK
    RUSSIEN LAEND BETTLESHIP, T-35. The glory of Stalin embodies dis
    maesterpiece of stronk russien engineering. The T-35 paves the road to
    glory! Ura comrade!

  23. the m3

  24. Stug III A is best tier 1 tank

  25. eyy Baron for god sake man give us a nice long game play with the high tier
    tanks or maybe a tiger on the new maps SPECIALLY THE NEW URBAN MAP pls dude

  26. Herman Johnsen Myge

    Stug III A is the best tier 1 tank!

  27. I ground for the T-60 for a while thinking it’d be like the sdkfz spaa for
    the Germans. Let’s just say I was a little bit disappointed


  29. But… T-60 is my favourite T1 tank

  30. wtf m am the view 666

  31. I dunno, I’ve always had reasonable games with the T-60. I think the M2A2
    is worse.

  32. Best Tier one Tank?Panzerkampfwagen 38 t!

  33. bt7 the russian cavalry

  34. BT-7

  35. StuG III A

  36. BT-7

  37. Martijn van Boeijen

    als the IS-2 mod 1944

  38. stug III aufs A

  39. I honestly think the best tier one tank is the Panzer 3 C with its 20mm
    cannon will wreck all other tier one tanks. It has the armor thick enough
    to stop shots from the t-60 and T-26.

  40. t-50

  41. Faelivrin Gamechannel

    I use this little piece of shit as AA cannon xD

  42. The M6A1 blows

  43. BTW or lee

  44. M8A1 mini hellcat is the best.

  45. Panther against IS-2? You realy dont know what is going on with the 6.7
    isnt it? its far worse conrad

  46. M3 Lee gets my vote for best T1

  47. 75mm M3 GMC

  48. Best tier 1? Is stronk T-35 land battleship, comrade. But if you do not
    want to drive a bus in the field, it’s the T-50

  49. SMK is still best Tier 2 tank

  50. Best tier 1 tank = T-50

  51. Baron best tank Panzer IV C/E with the 75 mm

  52. t-35 all day san!!!

  53. Try the Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.C

  54. Worst tank is the m2a2

  55. the best tier 1 tank is the T-50 ;)

  56. no worst tank is m2a2, doesn’t even have a cannon!

  57. Glorious wonder of the Mother Land! T35 Stronkest Land Battleship!

  58. Морда Билка

    Stug III A

  59. Mark Kennedy (MrMark123w)

    Baron, u sound different are u okay?

  60. M2A2?. . .

  61. Where did rust go? I loved it!

  62. T-50

  63. улиточка диктатор

    wait!! I often did a great job with that one… I like its speed

  64. WTF, people actually think its a bad tank? Try out the m2m2 and you will
    cry how bad it is. The m60 also is realy fun in arcade 1.0 BR. Shot ze
    planes Hanz!

  65. Dunno about worst tank, but its deffo one of the worst games

  66. comrade stalin orders you to take to battle our glourious t50 tank with its
    insane sloping armour you will shrug off hits from any tank.

  67. worst tank is the M4A3E2 75mm, what a piece of junk

  68. No, Baron, the reason this is considered the worst is because it is
    incapable of penetrating almost anything (And really nothing but some
    reserves frontally) until you have the final ammo belt, which makes it next
    to impossible to get said ammo belt.

    *Baron Von Gamez, I formally challenge you to take out this tank without
    it’s APCR, in RB* (I just prefer that over arcade).

  69. How, HOW DID THIS WIN?!? The M2A2 is MUCH worse than the T-60. The T-60 at
    least has a 20mm, ‘some’ angled armor, and rapid fire. The only thing the
    M2A2 is its

  70. its OP wtf are u all talking about

  71. M2a2 isn’t very bad cause i have most kills with it on american tier 1. I
    dunno can anybody say what is worst tank because all tanks have good and
    bad sides. Good player can beat other better tanks with “bad” tank if
    playstyle is correct.

  72. Best tier 1 definetly KV2 :p

  73. t-50 has been made in SSSR where was no place for cowards we drinked vodka
    and also put the vodka in gasoline so our tanks could run better

  74. The Call Of Duty Guys

    m2a2 for obama
    and it would also be nice if you could play world of tanks for a quick
    little vid

  75. the worst tank is the m4a3e2 76w because i fight with a battle rating (5.7)
    again tiger 2 and is2 mod44 (6.7)

  76. улиточка диктатор

    BARON the best tank is without any doubt the PZ IV C, the cannon is
    overpowered for its tier, the turret is great, the reload speed too.. when
    I want to kill a huge amount of enemy, I just play this tank for some time

  77. What is the button for that X-Ray mode in-game?

  78. fulgencio ruiz jaraba

    pz 35 le maibe the bt 5

  79. i like the t-60

  80. The best tier 1 tank in WT ground forces is Stalins baby the T-50 do it for
    the stavine (aka Stalins vine) JUST DO IT

  81. The Fullmetal Titan

    play the Tiger I H and debunk this Russian biased thing

  82. Best tier I tank is the Panzer IV C. I just mow people down with it…

  83. Baron are you going to continue your fallout series our what :/

  84. There’s always that one person who dislike’s a video because he does not
    like what he sees. If you don’t like this series deal with it you chose to
    watch it. Barons has been doing this series for quite a while and has been
    doing a great job at it.

  85. “Alright, ladies and gentlemans” -Baron

  86. you know your shit at ground forces when barron can get more kills in a t60
    than you can in a normal game

  87. Best Tier 1 tank? Gepard, because of RoF and pen (and the sick reload rate)

  88. Jacob “Cornhauler” Revelle


  89. t 26

  90. Best tier 1 is M3 Lee

  91. The best tier1 would definately be the stug1a, the armour is amazing and
    the gun ist really nice too!

  92. Baron I just went through a 1 min advertisement really???!!???

  93. Oh and the T60 isn’t even close to the worst tank, the worst tank is
    obviously the Mae West, only one gun that can even do damage and its
    trapped on one side controlled by the commander NOT the gunner so you can
    lose the commander you lose main gun for the entire game as no crewmember
    will move into the empty slot. It royally sucks.

    And the worst vehicle in the game? Russian Milk truck, no doubt, that thing
    is pretty much worthless except for airplanes and its not really good for
    that as its so easy for a fighter to just snipe your gunner.

    Oh and one final note, most pointless tank in WT…the German Sd:Kfz. Its
    got the exact same gun as the Panzer II DAK BUT it 1.- Has an open top,
    makes it trivial for fighters to snipe, 2.- Has an insanely long reload
    time compared to the DAK, I have my crews pretty much cranked and the Sd
    must have a twice as long reload compared to the DAK, and the worst part?
    Unlike the DAK it has NO MACHINE GUN so if a plane happens to come by while
    you are waiting on that long reload? You are just dogfood.

  94. T-26 – 4 mini one-shotting box tank or freinds and family and you sent to

  95. Hi baron! Do the Jagdpanzer IV/70! This tank has a very good armor and gun!
    Für das Vaterland!

  96. Just go and watch Krebs video about it :p

  97. Do you think they will add the Ratte

  98. The only problem with your live commentary Baron is that you stop in the
    middle of a sentence and forget to continue.

  99. Kevin Ribeiro Welter

    No promises take the glorious Russian T-50

  100. land battle ship the T-35!!!! for mother Russia
    plz play the the T-35 its a real steel beast

  101. t50 or one of the pz2s


  103. The T-60 is great you scrub

  104. t26-4 with 76mm

  105. t-50 hands down

  106. The locusts

  107. I’ve personally found the M26 with new matchmaking pleasant. Ive had most
    of my 170ish games with the new MM and I have almost a 2.0 KDR (nearly all
    being players not AI)

  108. Baron I have had troubles trying to play Star Wars: Battlefront

  109. B-t-5

  110. T-35 Stalins vodka fueled land yacht

  111. BaronVonPornVirus

  112. That doesn’t look like a m2a2

  113. baron play the t-35!!

  114. I’d love to see what this “newb” people are talking about is about :D

  115. t50 is best tier 1 tank , it is fast

  116. The 1st german tank so the panzer 2 i think is the best tier 1 tank. With
    that fast firing gun you can wreck everything. 

  117. If you drive thật tank i will rek you

  118. T-50 for The motherland

  119. How did the GAZ 4M not win this? Milk trucks for the loss!

  120. t-34 1940 baron

  121. T-60 is actually fairly decent if you play it right… now the absolute
    WORST tank is the T-80, play it if you dare

  122. The T50 race car!!! Speed kills!

  123. I suppose the M26 Pershing could work…if it was not meeting only tier 5
    tanks. Maus and IS-4 are simply too much for it.

  124. Pz 2

  125. theodosis polytarxos

    best tank in tier 1? BT-7! or you will be fixing the tractors at the
    stalingrad tractor factory with ivan!!

  126. This the worst tank? no…. the M2A2 is only armed with a 50 cal that cant
    even traverste 360 degrees cause the secodn turret with an almost useless
    30 cal is in the way and has armr that can barely protect it from rifle
    caliber bullets..

  127. BestofShooterGames

    haha the “worst” tank in WT…. this thing isn’t even a bad tank lol, i
    already got a 10 killstreak with this beast its just op but slow reload
    like a baby KV-2 with a spray gun

  128. Van you do a review of the e-100 If its out ??

  129. Tier 1 T-35!!! Stalins Pride!!! Or you will be sent to gulag!!!

  130. The best tier 1 tank is oebviousleh the T35 land
    stronkshipbattleshiplandbattleship. whoever tells you otherwise is not a
    favourable comrade of the soviet union. club the seals! seal the clubs! the
    seal of clubs! Yus! vodka all round! T35 for all!

  131. Damián “Das Deutsche” Pinedo

    Try the T-50 or T-35 for best Tier 1 tank.

  132. play the m22 we dont see enough of it

  133. 4m gaz is the worst tanl

  134. +BaronVonGamez I think the Best is T50

  135. i only play USSR so my pick is the T-70 for some reason i just soak up

  136. +BaronVonGamez
    Pz 38 t, the Czech monster!

  137. T-35

  138. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group

    Baron please do longer videos like phly

  139. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group


  140. URNOW GINGER Gaming

    the t60 is an ok tank but is some times rubbish

  141. Panzer IV C

  142. So if it was a German tank would it be: “The Wurst Tank”?

  143. +Baronvongames t50 best t1

  144. Clearly the BT-7 is the best tier 1 tank.

  145. Any tank ! I just want to see ur videos 😉 Hello from France Baron !

  146. T-50 for dayzzz

  147. WHAT T-60 WORST!? It’s my fav. tank.

  148. Thi think the best T1 tank is the BT2

  149. Have Baba pick ze tenk.

  150. The worst is the M3 lee

  151. The t-60 is hard to do well with but it is not a bad tank

  152. the 1 and only bad soviet tank.

  153. No way, I have finished first on multiple occasions with the T-60. You just
    have to be crafty!

  154. bt5

  155. do baby derp the t-26-4

  156. Redneck Bushwookie

    i love the t60 tho….

  157. Stug III A / PZ. IV E

  158. Best Tier I is probably the T-126, but its battle rating of 2.7 means
    you’re still going to run into T-34s, so I think the overall best Tier I
    tank is the Panzer IV Ausf. E with a BR of 2.0. Tier Is are my favorite.

  159. ʜᴇ ʀᴇᴩᴛɪʟɪᴀɴ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀʜᴏᴏᴅஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜDon’t forget to leaf a like!ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬

  160. best tier one tank is zis-30

  161. best tier one tank is zis-30

  162. Either the Panzer IV c, or the t-50. Speed versus survivability amd

  163. baron I think you can take a turd on tracks and still get alot of kills
    with it

  164. T-50 is the best tank in tier 1.

  165. Stronk T50 is of most stronkest tier 1 not puny facist or capitalist pigdog
    tonk, only stronk T50

  166. Listen to the background at 5:29

  167. The T-60 is a very fun and good tank to play in arcade

  168. M8A1 Scott

  169. T-50 is of stronk adolescent tenk

  170. m3 for sure with the 75

  171. Best T1 tank is the Pz.Kpfw. 38(t) Ausf. F. Play that next!

  172. play some men of war please

  173. Panzer II H. The best tank in tier I.

  174. Ze German Stug 3 A

  175. you could maybe do 1. best tank 2. worst tank 3. most fun tank per tier

  176. best tank must be t50. minie t34

  177. “it’s just a secondary”. Someone’s been playing WoWSh too much recently…

  178. I think you need to recount the vote on the worst tank

  179. The T-35 land battleship or gulag.

  180. m3 Lee for flat out firepower, or the t-50 for speed/armor combo

  181. maus vs doom turtle

  182. bt-7 sports car tank

  183. omg i ******* made it in the vid ;)

  184. I actually love the T-60; it’s like a Pz. II with a better gun

  185. T-50 is the best tier 1 tank.

  186. For me, the worst tank is the m22 locust

  187. Best tier 1 eh? How about the stronk KV-2 best tier 1 10 gulag/10 gulag 10
    Stalin/10 Stalin

  188. Best tier 1 tank? Pz4C hands down. I am a tank ace almost every life in it.
    It’s also cheap to get an ace crew for at a cost of only 40 gold eagles. My
    service record in arcade with it is: 324 battles, 68.8% victory ratio, 299
    deaths, and 1535 ground targets destroyed. I average a 5/1 kill to death,
    and there are many games when I’ll get 10-15 kills on one life in it.

  189. Panzer IV C

  190. The best tier 1 tank is the Bt-7

  191. The IS-2s are very annoying, for me at least, i killed an IS-1 with my
    hetzer, never been happier in my warthunder life. I shot a KV-2 straight at
    the barrel 2 buildings away, it dies. Does that make sense?

  192. how about the ZUT-37 next time?

  193. The flak must be real do the op flak panzer

  194. Best T1 is the T-35

  195. p.z 4 h

  196. oboiusly the Gerard with that 20x speed 20 mill

  197. I had 19 kills in arcade

  198. Bt-5 Baron!!

  199. m2 a4 I ment the M2A2 for the worst

  200. T-35 4 mother Russia! !!

  201. RUSIAN T-50!!!!!

  202. t-35 land battleship made of pure stalinium

  203. I remember when I first unlocked this tank. The worse part? It has a
    two-man crew.
    I crashed into a tree 100 ft. away from the spawn and died.

  204. Das Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. A!

  205. I made my own video on this tank. I agree, it is TERRIBLE!

  206. Nice

  207. the t60 is good!!!

  208. is there a T29 American tanks in war thunder?

  209. russian t-50 overcheat

  210. THE BEST TIER 1 IS T-50

  211. t35 land battleship much glory with three guns

  212. M2A2

  213. the Stug 3 A is the best tier 1tank because the 7,5cm gun and the Amor??

  214. Baron you should play the tank YOU think is the worst at tier 1

  215. Geopard with Hvap rounds

  216. the worst tank?,I shot down planes with that little tank and was wanted by
    the enemy for doing so.Plus using HVAP.
    But then again a 50cal up close to a Pz.IV will pen it.

  217. the m1a1 abrams for mother russia

  218. Lol you cant be serious
    The T60 DEMOLISHES basically everything it touches, are you guys high?

  219. TheMMOpotato Rahtye

    T-50 ?

  220. T60 isnt the world.It’s the m2 since it likes to overpen alot on lower
    tiers while having bad armor.T60 has about just enough if you use the HVAP
    and just aim where their crew is.But then again the t60 doesnt have the
    best armor.

  221. still think M4 is the worst for where its supposed to be played at, M4a1 is
    fine though

  222. t34

  223. วีรภัทร ธานี

    Panzer IV C.

  224. Neacsiu Demostene (dEMMosTEnE)

    Let’s make it different: Play the best tank in War Thunder, the IS-4M

  225. the panzer 4 with the small turret

  226. M2A4 best tier 1

  227. BT5 is best tank* … *BT7 is also best tank.

  228. Pz 4 c is the best

  229. The best tier 1? T126 or PzIIH? Yep the T126

  230. Best Tier one tank = T 35 !!! for sure .. battleship on wheels

  231. stug lll.. fly like a butterfly sting like a bee

  232. hey baron would you upload another H&G video when the pps43 come out?

  233. Pz.II H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ok… it sucks. I just want to watch you play it LOL

  234. M8A1 please

  235. The best tier one tank i think it might be the t 35

  236. I just downloaded war thunder back to my pc and then I found your channel.
    It’s nice to see someone do good in that game and I hope that with your
    help, I can too.

  237. The might T-50

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