THE WORST TANK LINE IN THE GAME | ISU Tank Destroyers (Blyat Thunder)

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THE WORST TANK LINE IN THE GAME | ISU Tank Destroyers (Blyat Thunder)

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  1. it’s soo easy to kill just use the damn squeezy boi to do the job

  2. people's republic of liberland

    Niet that is FASCIST propaganda

  3. …Yeah…I love the killing power of the ISU tank destroyers, and I usually get a kill or 2 out in them simply because even a bad hit with those guns kills stuff. But its trash at that BR.

  4. oh it is a tank! *brain ralizes* SKABOOM!

  5. New game mode idea


    team A is stuck in an urban area surrounded by rural areas where team B is.

    Team B gets unlimited respawns and team a gets limited spawns

    in order to prevent camping if the capturing team has 3 tanks for every 1 defending tank inside the town the defenders will automatically be forced to surrender or have a timer and when the timer runs out the game ends

    the teams would play two games
    who ever holds the city/objective in said city the longest wins

    this game would be mixed with airforce ground and sea as the game could be played in a port town or have a river going through a city and the boats could gain positions where there team could respawn instead allowing the tanks to get back into battle faster.

    Attempt 22

  6. After 2 years of waiting and still no ISU-152-2 With the BL-10. Cmon gaijin give my fav TDs some love!!!

  7. PHLY you should revisit the Type-62, the Japanese-Russian tank, it’s been a while since you’ve even looked at it.


    Boi, SU-85 and SU-85M are better than them!

  9. TheDarkArtist Draws

    Feel the wrath of my extremely derpy gun

  10. TheDarkArtist Draws

    *I will dance TEAG-RAY*

  11. Phly take out the Reserve combo- M2A4, M3 Stuart & TBD-1. FOR THE MEMES!!

  12. lel lolololllololololol 1774

    phly took a L

    *_thats rare_*

  13. Hi Phly, can you help me play Leopard 1?

    it was hit one shot too much =((

    Srr my english is not good.

  14. Everytime that reverse speed saved Phlys ass

  15. the ISU line used to be good back in the day, i used to snipe for days in the 122

  16. please Phly the SU85 and SU85M are way worse than these lol

  17. Hey Phly, CoD WW2 added a new game mode which is like Battlefields Air Assault. Though you might enjoy it, even after your CoD “rant.” Love your content, and hope you see this!

  18. PHLYdaily not foocking tankdaily dude all you have been playing is tanks my dude

  19. 15:10 stalin always guide your shots


    PhlyDaily >>>>>>Is anyone wants to skip the AD? Here. 6:59<<<<<<<<

  21. Walrus_War_King 16

    Phly you are soooooo wrong. I get easy 4 kills per game in those ISU’s and SU’s

  22. Why is there no La-200 video on your channel? phly fix plz

  23. Alfredo Potato Gaming

    We go from “worst tank destroyer in-game” to “best tank destroyer in the world.”


  25. Holy plug there Phly haha

  26. Bartosz Baranowski

    Did they fix endless grind on mid-tiers where you need premium time+more kills than deaths to even repair vehicles you lost in battle?

  27. thumbsdown for such a short video..

  28. Have u done an e100 review ?


  30. dat boi T H I C C C

  31. SU-152 is the goods. ISU was such a disappointment…

  32. A Random Red Army Komrade

    i feel the isu line is there to punish players who don’t check their six and don’t look before crossing the street

  33. *plays urban maps the whole video*
    Phly: “its not a good tank.”

    Well of course it isn’t in an urban environment. You really should only use case TD’s in maps like Kursk or Maginot and maybe Ash River or Karelia. If you decide to play them on urban maps you really can only hold a street or angle. But then you have to rely on your team to guard your flank.

  34. game spirals out of control, phly’s team loses miserably

    phly: “complete success”

  35. Phly, I don’t think the ISU’s are not efficient, but rather T-34-85s and IS-2s being too much efficient. I’ve shot them so many times in areas I knew it should penetrate, should take some seeeerious damage, but they don’t….. And if they look at you: goodbye. Why bother with 120+ mm cannons when 85 mm NUKE LAUNCHERS can kill you?

  36. TrapcardProductions


  37. I’m not against adding advertisement to the videos, you need to make money somehow, but if you are okay with people skipping the advertisement, please add the advertiser bar on the bottom of the screen (like LinusTechTips WAN show) or a fullscreen advert footage so we don’t need to go forward, check if you are still talking about it, go forward again etc. Also if it takes this much time to explain, it would be good to make a short ’30 sec’ intro “brought to you by acorn, a company that lets you invest your change every time you make a purchase’ and make the extensive explanation at the end of video. That’s kind of how TodayIFoundOut makes advertisement and it kind of works, at least for me, before I get to the real content of the video before the advert annoys me forcing me to skip it.

    Btw love the videos, but I’d love to see some gamplay and thoughts on AB in those daily videos rather than few hour streams if you can – I’m not hardcore enough to play RB and often gameplay in your videos have completely different dynamic than what I experience in AB because of that.

  38. Stalinium is real bro 😀

  39. “not a sponsored video”, he said

  40. I remember those tanks… horrid grinding indeed.

  41. Tankdaily is back

  42. Hey Phly. Just wanted to ask you, how are you doing today?

  43. Russian bias is what makes war thunder not fun

  44. I like the ISU-152 with the HEAT round personally, since it got good penetration at any range and if the penetration itself does not do much the huge blast (depending on where you hit ofc) will do at least something like blowing off track(s), destroying the gun barrel etc.
    Plus side is that you dont have to be that precise with your HEAT shots, if you shoot to enemy side, that huge blast alone is more often that not enough to blow up fuel tanks or ammo.

  45. Top ten things you didn’t know about phly. Number one, when playing as an isu he revealed he was THICC.

  46. .50cal bias

  47. Play the Bf-109 F4 with canons, head on beast

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