The Worst Tanks I’ve Ever Played

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Worst Tanks I’ve Ever Played


  1. this is what every one else feels like all the time but with ever tank

  2. Dosen’t it take so long to reload cause the commander is the loader? Its only a 2 man turret.

  3. Phly Hi, do you play on max settings. Like everything is the highest possible

  4. Intro: *shows french tanks*
    Me who is french: “Am i a joke to you Gaijin?”

  5. id love to see you play the ITP (M-1) in a vid

  6. Note they are all french😂😂

  7. i remember these boi’s they where added just before warthunder changed there formular for shells decided to go of there algorithm instead of historical documents, so they worked when added then about a month later warthunder made the switch and they became potato tier.

  8. I remember this lineup……I remember this too well
    Every kill is like winning a lottery.

  9. USS FCM.36 Zumwalt Class

  10. Stop saying that they are the worst tanks in the game France have the amd35 the lorraine 37 L etc you have good tanks to play the only problem is that the other nations are not balenced I play at 8.3 with theses tanks and I manage to make at least 1kill every 1/3 game

  11. Top line on 15:48 “You can’t pe…”

  12. This tank would have a double kill for knocking two crew

  13. Rubber bullets?

  14. Phly. Please take out the I-16 TYPE 10. 3 years of requesting.

  15. I remember that I decided to start playing warthuder for France, with 0 experience in 2018, that was my “experience” until 5.7, at the time when the tiger was really broken.

  16. There It is, Phly.

    We need to talk.

  17. Started playing war thunder 5 years ago, still in rank 1 with French tanks.

  18. Best War Thunder roast we have ever witnessed. Great tank roasting skills xD


  20. Gaijin should add a premium feature where you can fix your yellow/red components completely in captured zones 👍

  21. Ernst played his part as the distraction he was destined to be.

  22. bruh i know how hard it was for me to grind out france from reserve

  23. Dude rank 1 france tanks is bullshit

  24. You can’t even penetrate a barrel with the FCM 36. Lmao.

  25. “He judged me and then forsaken me, all in like two seconds.” – France IRL

  26. the italian m11/39 is way worse

  27. Remember, these tanks had more pen before the shell change.

  28. Hey Phly thanks for the video I still remember playing those things on realease on maginot line, such frustration. Anyway good video keep up the good work ^^

  29. The reason Rank 1 French tanks are awful is because when people complain to Gajin about how grinding them is pain, gajin thinks you mean “grinding them is bread” as bread in French is pain, and because bread is nice Gajin then nerf the rank 1 tanks back to the bakery because they don’t like nice things being free.

  30. ✠CorporalTinlee✠

    Hello phlydaily im pretty sure i saw you flying in a bf109 in carpathia can you confirm it was you?

  31. That is why i subscribe for these tipe of videos 😀 “dONT look at me dont judge me” 😀 Im dead

  32. I kinda expected to see the m2

  33. All I learned in This Video is the france are AMAZING

  34. Sad that he didn’t use the AMD.35, in my opinion one of the best reserve tanks in the game

  35. That’s a door knocker if I’ve ever seen one

  36. The only good thing is you have to unlock rank 2 before you can play them so not much of a suffer train at least nowadays

  37. Bruh why are you using nerf darts

  38. French tanks from rank 1 to first half of rank 2 are just depression materialize in war thunder

  39. FCM is the best tank in the game, change my mind

  40. day 98: can you play “Gunner, Heat, PC!!!”

  41. These are probably classified as “Female” tanks by WW1 standards do they can not penetrate!

  42. uh but H.35 is good

  43. I love phly for being excited for another player to get a multi kill only to phlop, rip. Love the vids

  44. Phly saying peep peep is soo wholesome

  45. Bruh the french low tiers are like the joke about useless french army in ww2 that gone too far

  46. A Michigan Boi Whose Real Lazy

    Here is how you play French low tier, run and gun. You are working for assists and survival time.

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