The Worst Tier 10 Right Now (Armored Warfare Sphinx Review)

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Source: Fiaura Tank Girl

I’m going to have to come in and re-review this one eventually but right now the Sphinx is the Worst of the Tier vehicles in Armored Warfare and here is why.


  1. Aw, I really wanted the SPHINX.. As usual a Great Review! U Rock!

  2. Hi Fiaura the T-15 pens the Challenger 2 ATDU frontally weakspot under the
    Did you send me a message I just woke up.

  3. And above the ERA on the side

  4. Great one Fiaura I didn’t expect that one. thnx bigtime!!!!

  5. Our battalion has dubbed the M8 as ISIS

  6. Song of the void (TimeSpentRunning)


  7. Jens Heika Simonsen (The Sniper)

    Wink, wink, I am not following your evil schemes, because I have to run to
    work now! Or bike, rather.

  8. Skullman Was here

    I want that truck….

  9. But..But it´s good for PVE at least no?

  10. Johnny Junior Rodriguez

    get sphinx just for its looks.

  11. So let me get this straight. You are saying that the fact that the sphinx
    does not have the same firepower as an MBT, and that it cannot kill
    anything in one clip, and the fact that it cannot penetrate MBT from the
    front or sides, means it’s underpowerd. What? You do realize that it has a
    40 mm auto-gun, not a 120 mm rail gun. Granted tier 10 is all over the
    place in terms of balance, but one can not make an AFV capable of fighting
    an MBT head on …The notion of DPM was fine in WOT, but in a game with
    actual amour on tanks I think it’s an outdated system to look at a
    vehicle’s firepower…hate to compare but, 2900 damage in one clip in 5
    seconds…. hmm armata does up to what, 1300 1400 per shot and then wait to
    reload, what do you expect 700 pen and 5000 damage per clip?…

  12. great video.

  13. Fiaura my internet is down when its up again I Will get Back to you

  14. u had like 87 supply crates a couple vids ago. how long did it take to open
    all of them?

  15. Honestly, the Sphinx would probably be good in a good platoon in which the
    Sphinx spots and the plat supports. It reminds me of Light tanks in WoT, in
    which, they have no armor and they have rather low pen for the most part
    and get tiered as a medium tank of a higher tier. Their main role is simply
    to keep the enemies lit for the team. It becomes incredibly difficult for a
    light tank to carry at the end of the game unless the go up against low
    view range tanks on an open map. This seems like the same thing with the

  16. So over the CRAB how is the turning on the Sphinx? Better or worse?
    Honestly not looking to get it, but i’ve found the crab to have kindly
    janky turning at times.

  17. the sphinx can have eye decals under the smoke lunchers. wink

  18. Oh, the lobby of the crybabies in their light vehicles again are saying
    again that the MBT are OP, but they keep their mouths shut when the LAV 300
    and the ECR 90 have a 4 second reload time and the alpha/pen of a 105mm gun
    (when both light OP things are armed with a 90mm gun), the BMP-3M has 3
    WEAPONS…a 100mm gun, a 30mm auto-cannon and ATGM, and the 100mm gun fires
    HE rounds, EFFECTIVE AGAINST ANY TYPE OF ARMOR!!!! they can do 1000 alpha
    in a matter of seconds; the Centauro 120…DOES 700 DMG WITH SABOTS and has
    less reload time than most MBT of his tier, the MGS 1128 is BROKEN with a
    4.92 standard reload time in TIER 8!!!! Most of the tanks reload in
    8.57-7.5 seconds and are doing barely 450-500 damage (except the Russian
    ones, those are INSANE unbalanced) but because they have in Tiers 3 to 6
    one quarter of their vehicles covered in amor, they are OP, right??? So eat
    shit and die, you bunch of hypocrites!!!

  19. AW has more bugs than function at this point. In PvE enemy tanks not even
    visible until they take a shot – even when you’re bumper to bumper with
    them. Light tanks at tier 8+ auto-penning while on the move, but if we’re
    moving we can’t hit a stationary target from point blank range.

    If ever they give the ability for AFVs to shred MBTs from the front at tier
    7+ the game is over. That’s the function of MBTs – to be rolling pillboxes,
    point front at enemy and take the hits. AFVs should never have the ability
    to reliably damage armor from the front or forward 2/3 of the hull because
    that’s not their role and would make their obscenely high DPM guns utterly
    insane. They’re role is to spot, relocate, spot, plink at vulnerabilities
    and relocate again just as you did effectively. Is it difficult for them to
    recover from a bad team? Certainly. But, honestly, would even a C2 ADTU be
    able to carry when it’s 3 vs 7? Or 1v3? Not likely.

    The PROBLEM is not AFV underperformance, but rather the fact that MBTs have
    hell trying to pen each other in the face. That’s why players who lack the
    skill and confidence to bomb around the battlefield in lightly armored
    speed machines bring MBTs, so they can face the enemy head on and sling

    Yet battles below tier 8 you’ll see a much more broad spectrum of vehicles
    deployed, because AFVs can pen pretty much anything from the side and rear,
    and TDs can punch gaping holes through the front of most heavy armor with
    the same alpha and almost identical pen as the armor, but half the reload

  20. Good thing I am just at tier 3! I hope Obsidian fixes tier 10 before I get
    to it!

  21. Considering that I just reinstalled the game in anticipation of “Lords of
    War” this doesn’t give one great encouragement. On the other hand, should
    an AFV really be that big of a threat to a top-tier MBT with it’s gun? Far
    be it from me to argue with someone who has more skill at this game in
    their little finger than I in my whole body but it would seem to me that a
    vehicle like this should realistically only be able to hurt an Armata by
    kicking it in the butt. However, the really damning thing here is that the
    missiles are a joke. Hopefully, by the time I get to this level (at this
    point my highest tier vehicle is a mostly stock Ariete) things are

  22. Gareth Fairclough

    So basically, it’s the panzer 2J of Armoured warfare?

  23. DiableXX avionics

    could you address the na population issue, just start a dialog.

  24. Curious… What does the shirt say? I HATE …?

  25. Is the T-15 review coming?
    I don’t think it’s better than the sphinx, they are both weak.

  26. This is a whine. I have seen this played effectively a few times. I have
    seen the T15 played and dominated the damage with numerous MBTs on the
    team.I won’t touch the T15 because all reloaded are easy mode to me. DRACO
    is ridiculousLearn to play the bloody tanks. MBTs are SUPPOSED to be tough
    to pen. Missile protection is not new but has a reset rate. Learn it.Wanna
    pen the front of an MBT, Play and MBT or TD. Otherwise stay away from that
    which you don’t understand.

  27. I appreciate you. Thank you.

  28. Down with the Pretender! Viva la Fox! And ;)

  29. seems to kick out a decent enough damage when I’ve seen it . and it’s
    pretty fast little sucker when trying to get my chally barrell to line up
    with it. and if it gets you in the arse its auto cannon leaves you a bit
    wet around the edges.

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