The WORST Tier 10 Tank in World of Tanks…

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In World of Tanks there is one vehicle that stoops lower than any other, ladies and gentleman, I give you the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a download.


  1. For my first tank grind, I went down the British line for the fv215b and immediately was stopped dead at the black prince. In my opinion that tank need a buff, it simply sucks.

  2. My first tier 10 is 60tp,and i get ammo racked soo much

  3. Ebr should have its own class. The way it is now we will never see other nations in the tech tree. Give them their own class and remove the bullet proof wheels and they will be more balanced.

  4. JackAttackplaysgames

    I love the 3 jagerus per team lol

  5. Sure. Glorious german Tiger stronk. Haha. Sherman bad höhö

  6. why has it to be “ofc german, has to be” thats rude

  7. I started russian then german

  8. Playing the same game and maps for years. Guys I would not play that even I get paid to play it.

  9. na i think its the best light tank in the game ..i love mine

  10. i started going to the s conquar becuse i am british

  11. Its is the same reason that everytime I encounter wheelies in the game, I stopped playing.

  12. I’m french and yeah i only played french tank at the begining the B1 just felt soo great when the game was just released

  13. Been playing for ca 6-7 years.
    I wanted the Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 so i started german tree at once.
    Since im Swede i was real happy when Swedish tech tree came.
    Im at Udes 03 and Udes 16 and Emil 2
    But im not bound to only them as i still play other tech trees.
    Id say that American tech tree is my favorite.
    Havent played alot for awhile though since i think that the game is so unbalanced right now.
    And EBR/Wheeled is the reason

  14. Can you do a video in the t-150 or the su-152 I think they are really unappreciated tanks

  15. dont forget the 7 or 8 skills on yr crew hahaha,, kinda helps a bit and like 95% of the playerbase doenst have such skilled crews!!!

  16. True, I’m German and the first tank line I went for was E 50. Later I went for russian heavies though, so I could actually have some fun lmao. I quit playing completely though about 2 years ago, because the game changed too much in a direction where I couldn’t enjoy it anymore.

  17. My first line of tanks was British spgs until I learned that they were vaporware after the Sexton. Then I went for the Russian meds – not because you recommend them – but because they actually saw action.

  18. The first tank i grinded for on xbox was the cheiftain, then i did the centurian ax and S.Conq

  19. Started sooner then the czech line apears. My first tier X was sadly T110E5 which is pretty useless and I love my tier X czech tank 😀

  20. Finally somebody said something about my lovely little RHM.
    Please buff this light in a way, EBRS would be scared of them when they see it in the enemy team.
    Make it a NINJA tank.

  21. Replace the PZW with the Wiesel!

  22. Im Czech And no

  23. It is a less than zero sum game. If one tank has a 51%, then another set of tanks has to make up that 1+%.

  24. I´m german so I started with germant tanks, since I mostly played racing games I went for a fast tank, so Pz.1c it is.
    The “lag-cannon” on the 1c was awesome, don´t have much memorys from the luchs. The VK16.01 Leopard was kinda bad cause the reload took like forever (reload timer wasn´t a thing back then.
    The tier 6 VK 26.01 was just bad (I was a very bad player back then so maybe it was actually not that bad), but the Aufplärpanzer Panther was a complete joke (I actually love this tank because memes), cause you could rammkill a amx 50 100(did that on highway). Then the Ru251 was added to the game and I decided to get this tank instead of the Indien Panzer. It was just beautiful, it was fast, had a nice gun with really good HE (102mm pen or something which was unique id say) and was hard to hit because of its size compared to the tier 7, the I went for the Leopard PtA and the Leopard 1 (which is my favourite tier 10, and I like it way more than my 430U). But in the and I ended up getting the IS-7 first because my cousin had the KV-1 and having armor felt so good.(Leo still best tho)

  25. No went German, then American Russian lol

  26. I picked the T110E5 first

  27. I play the game on and off for a few months, so I’d play for a month or two, then not play for half a year, so when I start grinding a line, it might take me years to complete it. I started grinding the American LT line, cause at the time tier 8 LTs were the top-tiers and the old bulldog was one of the best LTs, fast forward a few years, I have the Sheridan as my only tier 10 LT, and every game im just surrounded by EBRs and AMX105s that completely out-perform me in every aspect, sometimes I even feel that Light-Mediums like the Leopard, manage to outspot me and counter me, and it just gets really frustrating to play

  28. Matchmaker lol yesterday first 5 games 15/3 loses games finished in 4 mins.teams players matchmaker rubbish in randoms

  29. Why would you play this tank when the Leopard 1 exists?
    Leo 1 has:
    -Much better DPM
    -Much better penetration
    -Much better alpha
    -Much better shell velocity
    -Much more ammo capacity
    -Much better accuracy & dispersion
    -Better gun elevation
    -Better armor
    -Almost identical camo
    -More HP

    Only downsides:
    -0.1 second less aim time
    -1 degree less gun depression
    -A bit less mobility
    -10 meters less view range

  30. Ah yes WG, bad decisions and poor balancing since 2010, there are many reasons why I stopped with WoT, them shifting from World of Tanks to World of Racecars was one of them.

  31. Once again NO crew shown you never show your crew skills to tell the story so your toped out with them with a poor tank show

  32. Gian Franco Pangan

    i had great luck with the sheridan in test server, been firing nothing but HE. i managed to deal 5k damage, 6 kills, and a mastery ace badge. there were no arty in game, so i became the arty

  33. Russian R brrrrrrr

  34. I love this thing to be honest. I have a 62% win rate with this, 3 marks and a god crew. They key to using it is it’s a very mobile gun platform that has a lot of view range. ITS NOT A SCOUT!

  35. QB i go a battle whit cromwell and i got the top gun and i had 1500 damage ( i was whit tier 6 and 5 tanks so that was easy)

  36. Top speed needs to be 100 km/h and alfa buffed to 390

  37. I picked soviet line first, not my country but 🍺

  38. You still didn’t explain to people how win rate mechanic work on vehicles ( i am don’t think on player win rate ), 80% of players don’t know that.

  39. Sry, i´m german and pick the Brit´s 😉 <3 I love the Cromwell and the Firefly. 2nd Pick Frenchies

  40. Now I know why am I underperfoming – I do no “tryharding”, lol

  41. at the end of the day regardless of what tank you are in if you are out with clueless muppets you are going to lose!!

  42. I am Canadian and as such no nation tank in game so i decided to go Centurion AX as my first tier 10 tank..i liked it alot, but there are much better tanks in the game, but it plays well

  43. Picked the E5 as my first tank! I’m from the United States ☝🏻😎

  44. Not playing this game until they do something about those EBR’s.

  45. I’m ger an started with ru tanks.

  46. I went for the is-7. Then the turreted USA TD.

  47. I’m Russian and I had been playing WoT from Jan 2012 to 2017. My first tier 5 was Wolverine. My first tier 10 was E50M as well.

  48. Started playing WOT after French tanks got introduced, because I’m French lol , I then soon discovered the French tree is about the hardest to play in WOT. Well the harder the school the better you get right? But after having been schooled in French tanking I find the other easier trees to be rather boring, sluggish, slow and inacurate ! Hard difficulty makes the reward of success higher

  49. Wait- it’s not British!?

  50. Yep only tier ten tank ,the Canadian Centurion Mark 11 ( AX)

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