The worst tier 8 premium medium tank.

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  1. Play Panther M-10 Now

  2. #lastisfirstbackwards Panther 8.8>other tier 8 mediums

  3. “Big dick mode” is my favorite addition to any mod pack.

  4. So I have this, I sorta (kinda don’t really) like it but is the Panther/M10 a better buy? Are any buffs planned for the 8.8?

  5. Why is the Panther 88 even a thing? Doesn’t the normal Panther II have the same gun but on a better tank

  6. 3:53 fucking nice

  7. i love my pantsu-88 – as long as enemy is distracted you can dpm your way to credits…

  8. His autoaim is hacking….

  9. 2018, the year of the Panther 8,8

  10. I use the 32 pd gun on the Conway. It is quite a good damage dealer imo.

  11. There are no bad tanks…only bad tankers.

  12. You say big dick mode like you got a small dick. I thought you were always big dick mode. Now I can’t sleep at night thinking about a Circon with small dick.

  13. 5k combined in the Panther 8.8? Nah. You’re good, but you’re not that good.

  14. Talking mad shit about the tank and immediately hits a shot doing 45kph. Get told beyyoootch

  15. Please post link to big dick mode hack in description Circ, thanks.

  16. Only Circon could drive that piece of shyt tank that well. Also, nice hacks. ?

  17. Warpack confirmed.

  18. Who needs warpack when you have BIGDICK-MOD(E) v 6.9.420

  19. anotherrandomtexan25

    Personally I’m enjoying the wz120 although I always seem to get the WORST teams in any tank (and thats saying something!) Do like 2-3k avg dmg per game but still have 47 percent wr -_-*

  20. Based on WWII historical, Panther was 1 of the best tank ever builded. However, based on WOT? … Just sad… (No word afterwards)

  21. This thing has preferential mm on console and its actually really good because of it.

  22. i look at both all the panthers……panther, panther 88, panther 2…… as early game snipers (not so much the 88)
    and late game brawlers

    ive killed so many tanks with that 75mm L100……. they just dont expect its ROF

  23. Biggus Dickus warpack autoaim hax reported

  24. AUTOA– wait he kno— wtf man he kne— I give up…

  25. Big dick mode is the new improved war pack!!! Lol
    Great game!

  26. Your a Unicum of course you can make a shit tank look good

  27. condolanses for the pain for grinding 3marking this shit…nice autoaim meme…

  28. And i thought the KR46 patton was awful ^.~

  29. tank is not that bad i like it. makes a shitlot of money

  30. Can someone tell me how to get the pen indicator? I mean what mod does that?
    PD: Thanks

  31. haha big dick mod hack!!!! the best. another cracking video Sir-Con. 10/10

  32. It’s so obvious he’s using an aimbot at 8:01

  33. fucking cheater cancer warpack , downvote )))))))))))))))))))))))

  34. I do really well in my 88. I guess I just know how to hide its weaknesses. Meh. Gg.

  35. I really like the panther 8.8, or at least I liked it 2 years ago. No idea how it’s changed since then.

  36. Wished I was as good as you, man.

  37. You play better in a terrible tank than I do in great tanks.

  38. Ummmm big dick mode hacking 360 no scope is the mod he is using….

  39. seriously man// ? i mean sircon.. u did nothing to influence the resutl of this battle, just farmed some dmg .. and getting happy on 3 k dmg master? and even upload this? i idmired you.. i hope u wont do this shit again.. when i saw title was expecting something specacular.. beside those lucky snapshots .. i repeat lucky.. nothing was special about this vioe.. running out of content or waht? if u got nothing special then do not post craps “is better silence then talk and look stupid”

  40. Outstanding mastery, loved it!

  41. about time i see a streamer play a panther tank right everyone says its a sit back and snipe tank well they are very mobile for their size and get get in there they also have really nice shoot on the move and if all else fails THEY CAN RAM!!!!!

  42. Ya,, thought I’d like the panther 88…
    But I too sold it… Just not good

  43. I feel I have to correct all the people who have commented on the Aimbot/Warpack theories.

    This is obviously the free WarGamining tool that is available to Community Contributors on the EU server. The tool is called Corrections Over Community Contributor Knowledge. I believe it is simply called COCCK. The allows the user simply click auto aim and land the next shot, therefore bypassing their knowledge of where to shoot weak spots. There is also the “press the 2 Key” option.

    We also hear Circon quoting the use of the tool when he quotes the secret Community Contributors phrase “Big Dick Mode”. Therefore bypassing the more embaressing phrase, “I am playing with my COCCK” during youtube and live streams.

    I would think to thank The Wargaming Anti Tool Society for making me aware of the above information.

  44. Quickybaby makes a Top ten worst tanks list. *Circon plays all of the worst tanks and dominates anyway*

  45. One of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a while. Gameplay doesn’t even matter when you’ve got character.

  46. The reason he did so well was because of his Panther 8.8 camo. It looks like he’s in a Panther 8.8 when in reality he’s in a much better tank. So the enemy ignored him and paid for it.

  47. That Agility. Fastest you will see a German couch moving. Lmao.

  48. What a lovely 1337 base xp and 3rd mark. Also reported for aimbot and an oversized dick
    GG Circon

  49. Why you so goed greeting from netherlands

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