The Worst Tier X Medium Tank in World of Tanks | T-62A Gameplay

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The Worst in World of Tanks – The Medium Tank T-62A. World of Tanks T-62A, Tier 10 Soviet Gameplay. World of Bad Tier 10 Tanks. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Test Server Review.

00:00 | Introduction
03:07 | Giveaway Introduction
06:15 | T-62 Setup, Equipment
07:30 | Battle 1
11:40 | Battle 2
15:50 | Conclusion and Details


Today I am going to play with the performing tier 10 medium tank in the game, according to the -life statistics, The T-62A. Seems like people can not make it work in random battles…

What do you think?


  1. Have an absolutely fantastic day, my friends, never change!
    Good luck in life and in the giveaway! 😉 PS! Going to announce previous winners together with this video winners in couple days!
    Chapters in the video:
    00:00 | Introduction
    03:07 | Giveaway Introduction
    06:15 | T-62 Setup, Equipment
    07:30 | Battle 1
    11:40 | Battle 2
    15:50 | Conclusion and Details

  2. The shittest tier X in my opinion is 121.
    DozerMan EU

  3. IGN : The_Rainbow_One
    Server : EU

    I think worst T-10 by class are:
    -Heavy: Type 5 but don’t want to see it back, AMX M4 is hot garbage and T-57 needs more shells
    -Med: T-62a/bat/30B (totaly right)
    -Light: Totally Rhm and Sheridan, Wz need smth as well
    – TD: Grille and 268
    SPG: Bat chat is SO FCKEN BAD, it needs a buf, it’s soooo bad and underperforming…. for such a special tank it’s not relevant

  4. Kermit Youngblood

    Username: ElKermino
    Server: NA

    I only have 4 tier 10s to judge by, so of mine, I would say the worst is the TVP 50/51.

  5. User: SirWyx
    Server: EU
    Worst tier X = EBR, ruined the fun

  6. Server: Asia
    IGN: WillWonka
    I think EBR is the worst (to play against/with).

  7. Name: Vaarikas
    Server: EU

    The worst Tier 10 tank is i think the maticore but i didn’t play it

  8. worst tank at T10 for me is sheridan. love to play t62a and amx 30b. eu server sniper_cy

  9. Username: Jarheead2127
    Server: EU

    Can’t comment on the worst tier 10. I don’t have any in my garage as being FTP, i can’t afford to lose the credits fighting stock, with 75% crew being picked apart by APCR!!!!!

    Best of luck everyone.

  10. username: routavarvas server:EU worst tank: EBR only vehicle that can repair wheels while moving.

  11. Hey dude, my worst tier 10 is AMX 105, I just can’t play it, I’m fine with the 13-90 but this one really is not for me: deandude EU server

  12. aim71, eu server amx 30 b is the worst by far

  13. _Ilija__2016 Replays

    Username: _Ilija__2016 Server: EU worst tier 10 tank is 121

  14. I would say the worst tier 10 is the Type 5 Heavy because everyone just presses 2 and goes through you like a hot knife through butter. There is a reason nobody plays this piece of garbage anymore.

    Server: EU
    Name: General_Torag

  15. Username: Waffletrader
    Server: EU
    I can’t say anything about the worst tier 10… I don’t have any ☹️ my highest tier is tier 8..

  16. Server:EU
    I think the worst T10 tank is manticore

  17. Username: Balliballi server: EU. Worst t10: I think every t10 is good. It is depending on the player how well it performs

  18. Ohmaigawd i played blitz 5 years and rudy was my all time favourite tank 🙂 playing now F2P so let’s pray for some luck and let’s get this beauty! :))
    IGN: BrinSigr
    Server: EU

  19. Name: DonkieHodie
    Server: NA
    I only have one tier 10 which is the T100-LT and I know it wont be the worst.

  20. Eu Server: SamiKamiKaze the worst T10 is Type 5 Heavy

  21. Nice video, but it doesn’t really matter about the T62A & AMX30B, because if you don’t already have them you can’t get them. Wargaming removed both with the recent tech tree “upgrade”. As a result, I’ve stopped trying to grind the Russian & French medium lines, for me there’s no longer any point.

  22. Its NERFed too much… Now its collectors tank…

  23. EmpireOfCrafting

    Our lovely RHM Panzerwagen. The loviest lighttank in the game………

  24. grille 15
    ign: fistbang
    server: NA

  25. IGN: Danhvn_1
    Server: Asia
    For me the worst tank is the Type 5
    haizz I miss derping around with the godzilla

  26. Username: tomi0856
    Server: EU
    The worst tier X tank is Type 5 Heavy

  27. Imo Jagdpanzer E.100 is the worst, it’s just an oversized Fv 4005

  28. User: Sockz_
    Server N/A
    The worst tier ten tank is the Amx m4 mle 54. Whats even the purpose of this tank? It has no role other than dying.

  29. Keenyboy EU, definitely the t62a. I hit myself for choosing it over the 140

  30. Server: EU
    Nick: ivanako
    Worst tier X is Type 5, just free dmg for the enemy team (not in godly hands but mostly…)

  31. Name: Alex_loves_EDM_gamer
    Worse tank in tier 10 in my opinion is the Rhm.Pzw.

    Simply because that tank doesn’t fit ANY playstyle!

  32. Cressida: NA. The 430U is trash. After the nerfs it will be just absolutely unplayable 🙄😅

  33. Ferdinando Barone

    I never played a tier X tank but in my opinion it’s the Manticore.
    BleedInside_00 EU

  34. Eu: VuYaX89
    All tanks have there good and bad sides…every tank have something special, all good for me. Its like womens, there is no worst, all good 😀

  35. Server EU
    Username KILER_03

    I think there is no worst tier X tank cuz for some SHOVEL can work very well and Lancen C can be not working.

  36. server:eu
    worst tank @ t 10 is manticore cuz so low amo and u cant carrry any games with that tank.
    ty for vids ur great,keep it going

  37. Server: EU
    Username: Puternicu333

    The worse tier 10 tank was is4 before buff, but now i have to change my opinion. Centurion AX is a peace of poop in my opinion

  38. T0NN0 (EU server). Amx 30B probably 😀

  39. I haven’t played all tier Xs, not even the one I’m going to nominate, but it seems that the Type 5 is pretty out of meta with its slow speed and nerfed HE capability. Even at tier 6, I only take the O-I for a spin when I have platoon mates to back me up.
    Beoger – EU Server

  40. Server: EU
    Name: MrElkkuYT

    I think that type 5 heavy is the worst tier 10 tank because it’s big and don’t have that much armor in t10 battles

  41. Атанас Маргаритов

    Username: Ahteoronz
    Server: EU
    Apart from all T10 SPGs the tanks are playable and then there is the flipwagen 🙂

  42. Siddharth Uthayasankar

    Server : HK

    in my opinion i think the Rhm.Pzw is the worst tier 10 tank compared to others lts. Its so bad for a tier 10 and i wish wot buffs it. and HPPY BIRTHDAY WOT!!!! keep making cool content dez cuz i stay sexy as u say XD

  43. JohnDostal EU, certainly Type 5 Heavy

  44. Hi Dez, i my opinion, and acording to my game experience, the worst t10 tank i played with îs amx 30b, although i didnt played with t62a, i cant be that bad, with Russian turet, nice dpm, nice mobility, a slighty weaker obj 140

    Username: Wa_tA_Fu
    Server: Eu

  45. Nothing’s worse than the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen. Only researched it because I enjoyed RU 251 so much when it was in Tier 8, and had a bunch of leftover xp.
    Username: eceldridge
    Server: North America

  46. Username: _Nihilus
    Server: NA
    Worst t10 imo is the t92 arty, its the only vehicle ive sold 3 times amd rebought.. also not an arty player at all. Refuse to be that clicker.

  47. Username: wisk63
    Server: EU

    Even though I dont have it, the worst T10 medium tank for me is K-91. A medium tank without fully rotateble turret, with just 5° gun depresion over the front side is really bad idea IMHO.

  48. hybridwolf NA server: I don’t have very many 10s but the T62 is definitely on my shit list, but the T110E5/E4 come VERY CLOSE!

  49. User: Rufrky
    Server: USA

    I think that the worst tier ten tank would be the Type 5 Heavy. It comes of being basically a pale imitation of the E-100.

  50. Antony Barn Stormer

    In Game name: Stormer_01 NA server

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